Enuresis in adolescents girls and boys: treatment

Many parents are concerned about the problem of child bedwetting. Faced with it, they don’t know what to do. How to treat sudden manifested nocturnal enuresis in children 11 years of age and adolescents older in this article the most common questions that arise from parents. The causative factors of the disease is varied, so the treatment is chosen depending on defining.

Why teen bedwetting?

The primary factor

This type of enuresis is due to hereditary predisposition. If in the family there are people with this disorder, should carefully observe the child. The disease may manifest with epilepsy or psychopathy. In adults, the cause of enuresis is often alcoholism. Women have the same primary enuresis often provoke childbirth or severe pregnancy. This fact affects the health of the young teenage girl.

Acquired factor in boys and girls

This type of enuresis is not associated with hereditary factors. Its manifestation can trigger:

  • Stress. This can be a difficult situation at school, the constant pressure of parents, quarrels, scandals in the family, strained relations with peers.
  • Psychological reasons. For example, the manifestations of nocturnal enuresis in the adolescent perceived it as something shameful, which further exacerbates the disease. Often bedwetting at the psychological reasons is accompanied by nervous tics and stuttering.
  • Urological diseases and diseases of the reproductive system.
  • Some pathology, for example, hyperactivity of the bladder.
  • Diseases of the spinal cord in the form of violations involving the areas responsible for the activity of the bladder.

Another factor that causes enuresis in Teens is caffeine, or rather, its excessive consumption. Besides coffee and tea, don’t forget to consider other products that contain caffeine, such as chocolate ice cream. Interesting statistics:

  • most often this disease appears in boys, but girls are not immune from it;
  • from enuresis at night mostly affects boys, girls are more peculiar form of daytime enuresis;
  • sick of daytime enuresis is only 5% of the total number of patients.

Symptoms: when to worry?

Parents should not worry if the baby is under the age of 5 years does not control urination, this is due to the immature activity of the genitourinary system. But if it happened later, should see a specialist. If your child 6-11 years is easier to cure bedwetting, in children 12 years of age treatment complicated. To 15 years it is necessary to take measures for the relief of disease, or in the future is possible, poor social adaptation. Enuresis in adolescents is of two types — day and night. Day differs from night time symptoms. The problem of nocturnal enuresis is bedwetting, and that is arbitrary urination takes place when a teenager is sleeping. Day also manifests itself during wakefulness.

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What to expect at the doctor?

The Clinician should interview the parent about the frequency of urination, whether there were accompanying symptoms, and results heard. After inspection of the teenager doctor will determine the further course of treatment. The expert drew attention to the appearance of the child according to the criteria of well-groomed or unkempt, the smell of urine and other visible manifestations. Identify behavioral changes, and if they are, then they are directed in the direction of hyperactivity or, conversely, withdrawal or fearfulness. Draws attention to memory, confusion, poor school performance, assesses the social life of the teenager (the atmosphere in the family, school), looking at a map of diseases, including interviewing parents about the possible hereditary diseases.

Why is all this necessary?

An important factor is determining the cause of enuresis is psychological or physiological. Depending on the reasons assigned any type of treatment. Allocate neurotic and neurosis-like enuresis. How to distinguish between them? Neurotic enuresis occurs in the background of the experiences, psychological trauma and is accompanied by a child feeling of shame and guilt for uncontrolled urination. Neurosis-like enuresis occurs due to CNS lesions and is not accompanied by anxiety and shame.

When neurotic variant of the disease the sleep surface, alarming, teen wakes up after urination, neurosis-like, the opposite of sleep — deep, teen after urinating not waking up. Both options require vascular disorders, but in the first case they are present initially in the second — are manifested as they grow older, which increases the level of neuroticism.

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Treatment: how to get rid of enuresis?

The medical method

From night enuresis doctors successfully use the drug «Desmopressin», also known as «Adiuretinom», «Adiuretinom SD, APO-Desmopressin», «Waterin», «Desmopressin acetate», «Minirin», «native», «Noram», «Precinct», «Amount». Pharmacological group — the hormones of hypothalamus, pituitary, gonadotropins and their antagonists. The action is similar to oxytocin and possess antidiuretic properties. It is given to children before sleep, reducing the frequency of urination at night, or they cease altogether. The drug is harmless. However, it is worth remembering that it is not a panacea and is discontinued possible resumption of the disease.

«Desmopressin» is available in various dosage forms, but children frequently prescribed tablets or nasal spray enuresis. In the application of «Desmopressin» should observe the precautions need to avoid giving the teenager plenty of fluids in the evening to avoid the risk of water intoxication. The drug must appoint a physician as there are some contraindications.

Some doctors prescribe tricyclic antidepressants in small doses, or «Oxybutynin». In neurosis, enuresis used nootropics, vitamins of B group, «Cortexin». Neurogenic used for anticholinergics, vitamins and antioxidants, «Glycine». Justified the use of sedation, such as «Novopassit», «Persen». In difficult cases, the use of small doses of neuroleptics, for example, «Solopaca».

Physiotherapy method

The method includes:

  • electrophoresis with various drugs;
  • thermal procedures;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • galvanization;
  • laser therapy.

A psychotherapeutic method

In children and adolescents using play therapy, aimed at diverting attention from the problem and shift it. Neurotic enuresis is the correction of sentiment — such as increased tearfulness, irritability, increased anxiety, various fears, dissatisfaction with yourself, your life, environment.

Massage method

Often this method shows surprising results along with the use of medication and physical therapy. Don’t underestimate the visible benefits of manual therapy, the main thing is to find a competent health care practitioner. It includes:

  • acupressure;
  • segmental massage;
  • acupuncture;
  • reflexology.


Your doctor is assigned a set of exercises such as restorative exercise, exercise to develop the abdominal muscles and pelvis. Increased physical training, improving the health of the patient and smoothed out the emotional background. When neuropathic bedwetting physical exercise may well affect the course of recovery.

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Modal method

An important factor is the going to sleep at designated times, unchanging every day. Psychosomat in the family should be warm, inviting. A soft bed is not suitable, it is better to use a hard mattress. To use the method of reward when the youngster coped with the urge of urination, to mark the calendar days when the night passed without incident. As they grow, teenagers need to spend with him training with retention of urine during the urge.

Special diet

Dinner no later than 3 hours prior to sleep, in order to avoid bedwetting. Diuretic foods should be excluded as well as dairy. No caffeine. Recommended boiled eggs, sweet crisp cereal, a sandwich with a small slice of cheese, tea with a minimum of welding. Half an hour before bedtime — a piece of bread with salt or a small slice of salted fish, e.g. salted herring.

How to treat enuresis folk remedies? Is it possible?

When you visit a doctor should be consulted about methods of getting rid of the disease.

Dill decoction: pour a tablespoon of fennel seeds Cup of boiling water and allow to steep for 50-60 minutes. Kids up to 10 years to drink half a Cup. The decoction to drink for 10 days, in case of advanced disease make a break of 10 days and then again repeat 10-day course. A decoction of the dried leaves of cowberry: half a Cup of leaves pour half a liter of water, boil for seven minutes, to insist 40 minutes, drain, give a teaspoon before meals 3 times a day for a month. A mixture of herbs — St. John’s wort and centaury: take half the proportions, brewed as tea. To exclude watermelon, asparagus and celery, not to give grapes. You can give a teaspoon of honey at night.