Enuresis and dill treatment, medicinal properties, recipes

Congenital anomalies in the bladder — common causes of enuresis. Offers a lot of recipes in the solution of this problem. Dill incontinence is commonly used and shows favourable effects on the urinary system. With regular manifestation of enuresis should seek assistance from a doctor to avoid serious pathologies and to assign effective treatment.

The healing properties of dill

Fennel in its composition rich in vitamin C, carotene, vitamins, nicotinic and folic acids, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and other valuable minerals. With such a composition of dill herb is able to regulate the gastrointestinal system, reduce blood pressure, have a positive effect on the heart function, to ease pain and help with insomnia. Thanks to the useful properties of dill water:

  • eases the symptoms of cystitis and kidney ailments;
  • stimulates diuretic and choleretic effect in the human body;
  • allowed to eat to increase lactation lactating women.

The dill treatment for enuresis

Today dill in medicine is used to solve many problems and use any kind of herbs (fresh or tincture). From enuresis may be cured with the help of gripe water. Such a treatment is effective and applicable to all people, regardless of age indicators. To get rid of enuresis in children helps long complex treatment in which a special place is reserved for the popular recipes. Herbal medicine fennel reduces involuntary urination and has a beneficial effect on the General condition of the patient.

Popular recipes

Dill seeds (1 tablespoon) brew boiled water (200 ml) and infuse for several hours. The resulting infusion is recommended drain. Taken in the morning after sleeping on an empty stomach without sugar, but you can add a little honey. Children adolescence and older people to drink 200 ml of gripe water at a time, younger children — 100 ml After the ten-day duration of the course is a ten-day break and treatment is repeated. In organic lesions of the genitourinary system method is not effective.

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The following recipe has helped many patients in the favorable outcome with enuresis. Fennel seeds (1 tablespoon), it is recommended to brew in 200 ml of water on low heat. After cooling, the resulting broth drain. This infusion to drink in small SIPS, in the evening or before the night’s rest. The treatment course lasts for 7 days.

Urinary incontinence can be treated many different methods of folk medicine. Dill weed and dill seeds for urinary incontinence — common components in the treatment of this disease. However, manifestations of any form of enuresis should not self-medicate, and immediately contact qualified technician for purpose of effective treatment of the particular case. Because incontinence is a symptom of many serious diseases.