Diuretics: when to drink, how to apply, how does

Natural and pharmaceutical remedies tend to withdraw excess fluid from the body diuretics. These drugs reduce the absorption of renal tubules. The main part of the incoming fluid is eliminated during urination. Diuretics provide rapid production of urine and increase its content, collecting fluid from the cells. They help to alleviate the condition of the patient with edema, abnormalities in the kidneys, high blood pressure. A large selection of these drugs allows to choose an individual remedy.


Classification of diuretics is a new generation of diverse pharmacology. Analyzing their function, it is easy to find a proper and fast cure for individual solutions. By origin they are divided into natural foods, teas, tinctures and decoctions and medicated drops, solutions, tablets for internal intake, you can find them in pharmacies. In strength they are strong, medium and light intensity. The duration of long use, short-term and «ceiling».

What is prescribed diuretics?

If the choice of drugs is made on the advice of the attending physician, the course and the active substance is chosen separately for each case. It helps in the shortest possible time to solve the problems with deviations in health. This applies to a clinical classification:

  • Potent and powerful diuretics — perfect for relieving transudate formations and hypotension. Most often they are used for one-time withdrawal symptoms. Examples can be «Furosemide,» «Torsemide», «Bumetanide», «Puritania», etc.
  • Diuretics of medium intensity designed to be used course. They are used to treat glaucoma, hypertension, heart failure, and kidney, myxedema, diabetes. For example: «Clopamide», «Hypatius», «Indapamide», «Dichlorvos», «Khataldon», etc.
  • Urinary drug he that saves the contents of potassium, has insufficient diuretic effect. However, they are the most safe and gentle for its properties. They do not wash away beneficial magnesium and potassium. Examples: «Amiloride», «Spironolactone», «Triamterene».
  • Good diuretic inhibitor is a kind of light medication. Their circle of influence is determined by the lowering of the eye and pressure inside the skull. Tools such as «Dichlorphenamide» and «Diacarb».
  • Diuretics with osmotic effect — are a group of strong action and necessary for the treatment of pulmonary and cerebral edema, shocks, sepsis, glaucoma, long-term violation of urine formation, etc «Monitor», «Glycerin», «Urea».

How to use diuretics?

When you drink potent?

These medications known as loop or ceiling. They are fast. This includes «Bumetanide», «Furosemide», «Torsemide», ethacrynic acid, «Puritania». They begin to act within hours. Diuretic effect goes on for days. In other situations, diuretics are administered in tablet form. Powerful diuretics have an effect in the presence of edema syndrome, which causes — diseases of the heart and kidneys, nephrotic syndrome, edema, liver cirrhosis.

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Regular intake of powerful drugs is addictive, weakens their effect. Pharmacology says that the medication was good to use them have small courses, sometimes to take breaks. Potent diuretics are often useful in the treatment of acute forms of diseases such as pulmonary edema, intoxication, renal failure acute, drug overdose, hypercalcemia.

How does the drug medium intensity?

Products of medium impact belong to the group of thiazides. Examples are: «Hydrochlorothiazide», «Dihlotiazid», «Indapamide», «Chlorthalidone», «Clopamide». This means that are valid for 60 minutes, greatest effect is seen after several hours. These drugs work well when the intensity of filtration in the glomeruli, not less than 30 ml/min. Recommendations — swelling of the chronic hypertension of the arteries, cardiac disease, nephrotic syndrome, liver inflammation, diabetes, the formation of kidney stones. The most common use of thiazide products group the blood pressure. These drugs are prescribed in small doses — such a volume enough to allow the effect of antihypertensive. Normalization of blood pressure occurs during the month. Most suitable for such deviations is considered «Impared». These diuretics have a number of side effects:

  • the violation of electro-water equilibrium;
  • hypotension;
  • headaches can present weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • loose stools or constipation;
  • cholecystitis;
  • sexual deviance (especially for men);
  • pancreatitis;
  • low platelet count;
  • skin rashes.

Mild diuretics

To diuretic means easy category medications «Triamterene», «Spironolactone», «Diacarb», «Verospiron», «Mannitol», and «Amiloride». They have a soft and natural effect on the body, more safe. Due to the light effect, it is better to use in complex therapy or prophylactic purposes. Besides, the body is very important potassium. This trace element is output while receiving diuretics. But mild diuretics are potassium-sparing.

Indications for men and women

Diuretic products can be a subsidiary for a large spectrum of diseases:

  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • varicose;
  • hypertension diseases of small pelvis organs;
  • hepatic abnormalities;
  • of renal disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • allergic reactions;
  • swelling, obesity, etc.


When the patient is prone to swelling in the extremities, face, abdomen, etc., you can have a strong diuretic effect. «Furosemide,» «Torasemid», «Piratenet», «Xipamide», «Bumetanide». These medications should be used to regime and to make pauses from time to time. Intermittent doesn’t get used to the medication, i.e., their impact continues to be effective. According to the rules of pharmacology, the use of diuretics are shown once a day until the edema of the extremities. It is further recommended to take a break.

In addition to the above medications, you can take a diuretic average power actions such as «Hydrochlorothiazide», «Chlorthalidone», «Politized», «Motosalon», «Clopamide», «Indapamide». They are prescribed to drink 1 times a day. However, the result they give in the course of therapy for a long period of time, the pause is not needed here.

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In a small swelling, which is caused by diseases of mild or slight disorders of functions, suitable potassium-sparing means — «Amiloride», «Spironolactone», or «Triamterene». The dose of such more diuretic than thiazide diuretics and powerful, so it is divided into several stages, the period of their usage is 14-20 days. If the problem is not resolved, the course can be made again.

For pregnant women

During gestation to use diuretic pills, drops and solutions is not recommended. This contradiction occurs because these drugs are eluted with water and salt. And it may badly affect the health of not only the expectant mother but also the newborn. A diuretic removes water from the blood vessels, however the swelling did not subside, it may cause excessive thickening of the blood. This situation provokes a placental abruption, thrombosis, miscarriage, etc.

To solve the problem with swelling in pregnant women is impossible by the use of diuretics. To alleviate the condition, you must consult your doctor, who will help in developing a comprehensive therapy. For example, the patient first prescribe «Furosemide» — it is necessary to drink not more than 2 days. He expels the liquid from the organic tissue. Then, to bring the water throughout the week can make «Triampur» or «Spironolactone».

In renal failure

Effective diuretic is indispensable for kidney conditions: in the formation of stones, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis. To output fluid in the event the kidneys using different groups of medicines: potassium-sparing, ethacrynic acid, «Furosemide», osmotic means. Contraindicated in patients with abnormalities in the kidneys of ammonium chloride, mercury diuretics, «Theophylline», «Tsiklometiazid», «gidrokhlorisiazit». They reduce the production of calcium, increase output potassium stimulate the excretion of uric acid. It is better to drink «Furosemide,» «Alkatron», «Verospiron».


At elevated pressure using two types of target treatment: lowering hypertension and supportive care. In the first case, drugs used in emergency operation, these include «Torasemid», ethacrynic acid, «Bumetanide», «Furosemide», «Piratenet», «Xipamide». In this case, an important role is played by the speed of obtaining results. Emergency funds it is possible to drink not more than 3 days in a row. When the exacerbation takes place, you need drugs more loyal and slow actions that support the patient’s condition is normal. For such purposes, is well suited thiazides — «gidrokhlorisiazit», «Chlorthalidone», «Politized», «Indapamide», «Clopamide», «Motosalon». At low pressure these drugs are not prescribed.

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What drugs are best?

There is no panacea, and each case will need its diuretic medicines. Best diuretic for everyone. When choosing a product, it is necessary to consider the individual tolerance of its components, to proceed from particular cases, to draw attention to the General condition of the patient, to make the analysis of the intensity of the impact of drugs on the body, etc. Best medicine would be appropriate to pick up with a specialist as soon as possible and safer to cope with illness.

Cheap diuretic without prescription

The most inexpensive diuretic «Furosemide». In addition, will not damage the wallet tablet «Indapamide», «Verospiron», «gidrokhlorisiazit». We must understand that price is not an indicator of quality, it assigns a pharmacy. It is not necessary to make a decision about buying a product based only on the price policy. Suitable for a certain type of disease the drug to choose wisely can only be a doctor — he qualified to select a drug that will be effective and affordable.

Non-drug means

Plant ingredients diuretic functions include tinctures, teas, herbal teas, food products that increase the flow of water. Popular herbs with medicinal effects. Natural diuretics have little effect. For control of serious deviations in health, they will not fit. But to buy them don’t need recipes and they have no side deviation. They are suitable for applications with complex or as a prophylactic. Before use, medicinal infusions, you need to consult a specialist to pick the most effective a diuretic.


The contraindications urinary complexes are of a General, absolute and relative. A list of such cases is relatively small. The greatest number of restrictions causes hepatic and renal disease — for these patients the most safe medication is considered «Amiloride». Other drugs are mostly not prescribed. Dangerous diuretics, and when carrying children. There are restrictions on «Hydrochlorothiazide» with the presence of diabetes. «Uregyt and Furosemid» not suitable for patients with anemia and hypovolemia. Banned the use of thiazides in hyperkalemia and atrioventricular block. In addition, you cannot use multiple diuretics, if at least one of them keeps potassium and magnesium in the body.