Diuretics: the harm and benefit than dangerous application

Using diuretics doctors have the opportunity to overcome the swelling in patients, and, moreover, to warn them. But in addition to use it is important to know what harmful diuretics? Diuretics are indicated for blood circulation problems in connection with heart diseases, with swelling caused by abnormalities of the kidney and liver. Diuretic pill is flushed out of the body of excess sodium and water, toxins and poisons. But these funds are not selective, and therefore useful in the removal of harmful substances is accompanied by leaching of valuable minerals (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, ferrum, copper, amino acids, vitamins C and b group).

How dangerous the use of diuretics?

Despite the positive aspects of treatment is diuretics, drugs have a negative effect on the body, have contraindications and side effects. Therefore, before using, it is important to consult a doctor and study the manual.

Diuretics are able to:

  • to excrete potassium, which leads to frequent prealablement;
  • to provoke the deposition of salts, which could lead to osteoporosis;
  • increase the risk of developing diabetes against the background of increasing «bad» cholesterol;
  • cause addiction to frequent urination, causing insomnia develops;
  • provoke hormonal changes, causing in men, there is impotence, for women — the failure of a monthly cycle.

There is a misconception that modern diuretics do not affect metabolism, but it is not. Improper and frequent use is harmful in the same way as drugs old modification, but the deleterious effect is not immediately noticeable. No modification of diuretic tablets without eliminating the cause of edema, and only helps to eliminate excess water and sodium, so they’re useful only in conjunction with the main therapeutic means. The pros and cons of diuretics knows a doctor who will suggest the right choice.

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Imbalance of potassium and sodium

One of the major «cons» of the use of diuretics for a short period along with sodium is washed out from the body and potassium, which is needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates, the synthesis of glycogen (the energy component), production of the protein. At infringement of balance of potassium and sodium have problems with the strength of heart muscle contractions, broken nervous communication between receptors. When muscle weakness is reduced intestinal motility and majevica, why there is a delay of urine and feces. Along with a drop in blood pressure causes migraines, nausea and dizziness.

Washing away the nutrients, the drugs give such a negative result, as the development of:

  • extrasystoles — alternating acceleration and deceleration of the heartbeat, until the heart stops;
  • muscle weakness;
  • sudden spasms;
  • drowsiness and apathy.

Harm diuretics for hormonal balance

Some diuretics affect the balance of hormones in men and women. Prolonged and uncontrolled intake of males provokes an increase of the breast, impotence, falling libido. The females are the disruptions in the menstrual cycle, the hair on the front part.


Continuous administration of diuretics in both sexes develops persistent addictive. The kidneys stop the withdrawal of water from the body, and develops persistent urinary retention with stagnation and its consequences in the form of inflammation and stones. In this state, to restore the balance of minerals in the body is difficult and diuretics have to be taken continuously.


When uncontrolled and chronic administration of diuretics is displayed, the main volume of water, which leads to a drop in the number of circulating blood thickening. In case of insufficient circulation of blood is dangerous slow down vital processes, gets out of order the internal organs and systems. How dangerous diuretics in such a state? Diuretics provoke:

  • the fall in blood pressure;
  • oxygen starvation of the brain;
  • frequent loss of consciousness;
  • the weakening of the metabolism and of the metabolism;
  • hormonal imbalance.
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Benefit from treatment diuretic

With proper intake after consulting your doctor and choosing the optimal a diuretic achieved good results in different problems in the body.

Water pills help get rid of the accumulated fluid, and drying to produce muscle athletes, lose weight in obesity. It is useful to drink for the removal of toxins while cleaning the body, removing stagnant processes in the hematopoietic system, kidneys and mocevic. A useful tool in case of poisoning and for adjusting blood pressure. But in view of the availability and diversity of diuretics, it is important to understand that these medicines have clear indications for use, and therefore are assigned exclusively by the physician, confident in the benefits of the selected option.