Diuretics in pregnancy: herbs, pills

The question is, how are people’s diuretics during pregnancy and medicines is important because a common problem of the future mother — swelling of the body. The causes of this condition, many. Correction of the problem occurs with diuretic drugs. Conventional diuretics (diuretics) with the chemical composition, slows to reverse kidney channels the absorption of fluid and salt, and increase their output during urination by make more urine during gestation of the fetus is prohibited. Women are in the position shown means with natural composition.

Diuretic herbs during pregnancy

Diuretics can be natural (folk remedies) and synthetic (artificial).

Folk diuretics during pregnancy is considered harmless to both mom and unborn child. The use of folk remedies is justified in the 1st trimester of waiting for a baby, as in the early stages it is advisable not to use artificial drugs medications. Natural diuretic, good for pregnant women, such as:

  • Diuretic foods during pregnancy. These include different vegetables and fruits, which have obvious diuretic qualities. Eating carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, radishes, pumpkins, spinach, apples, grapes, pineapple, cranberries, cranberry, melons, black currants, cranberries, blackberries and a green salad to have on the body pregnant diuretic effect. But it is worth remembering that excessive intake of fruit and vegetables cause allergic reactions. Such as an unwanted consequence for a woman awaiting the birth of a baby.
  • Diuretic herbs during pregnancy. To achieve the diuretic effect is to drink a decoction of birch leaves, field horsetail, mint leaves, grain oats, Linden flowers, viburnum berries, buds of birch.
  • Diuretic drink. There are drinks (fruit drinks, fruit drinks, dairy products, teas) with diuretic effect. The most common of these are renal and diuretic teas collection during pregnancy. You should drink only the recommended dosages, then the tea is harmless, both in the early and late periods of pregnancy. A good diuretic effect has the adoption of cranberry, pumpkin, beet and citrus juice (juice) for safe swelling.
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Banned diuretic

Folk diuretics for edema during pregnancy is known to many, but it is worth considering that diuretics good for one organism, the second may not be appropriate or harm, especially when the expectations of the appearance of the baby born. When you assign or the type of treatment folk remedies do not forget about the position of women. There is a list of foods that can harm pregnancy. The list includes: strawberries, juniper (causes uterine contractions), parsley (to provoke the tone of the uterus). In identifying such problems as the swelling in any case it is impossible to lose sight of that and to self-medicate only with the help of a doctor should find the cause of edema and to choose the right diuretics for pregnant women, which are well studied and passed the test negative impact on the fetus, and using them to fix the problem.

Artificial diuretics

In certain cases, the doctor enlists the aid of treatment of drug drugs, and is appointed to take the pill. What to assign to take the pill the doctor examines each case separately, but the best quality synthetic remedies during pregnancy is it plant based. Among these tools is the adoption of «Eufillin», «Kanefron», vitalizing paste («Vitalizing»), «Furosemide», «Gipotiazid», «Spironolactone».

Banned pills

Among pharmaceutical remedies, there are pills, tests which showed that to take them is strictly prohibited in the kid’s waiting time. Of the drugs in the list of strictly prohibited the adoption of «Theophylline», «Tsiklometiazid», «Triamterene», «Bumetanide», «Klopamida», «Diacarb», «Oxazoline», «Spironolactone», «Gipotiazid». In case of urgent necessity due to the General state of the expectant mom in the later periods (2nd and 3rd trimester) the doctor can prevent the intake of these pills.

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To the question: «can a diuretic pregnant?» the unequivocal answer is no. Each case should be considered by the doctor, a leading pregnancy. To abuse the discretion in any case impossible. In the appointment of any agent, no matter what it is in composition — natural or synthetic — in the first place estimated risk or benefit provided to them by the unborn child and the pregnant woman’s body. It is better not to carry out tests on your body and future child, resorting to self-medication, it can bring irreversible consequences.