Diuretics gout: General guidelines

Gout is a chronic disease characterized by the occurrence of excess uric acid in the blood serum. Diuretics gout can aggravate the condition. But first you should know the causes of this disease. Most often it is a disorder of human metabolism. The disease manifests itself in damage to joints and internal organs. Acid crystals are deposited in joints of the hands and feet, in those cases when the limb insufficient blood circulation.

The effect of diuretics in gout

The use of a diuretic can have a detrimental impact on the body because then gradually washed out nutrients. The goal of treatment of the disease is considered to be getting rid of excess uric acid, but not excessive urine. Gout is diuretics, so called, diuretics, better not to drink, since they provoke the formation of excess uric acid. If you use heavier course of disease. If you do not stop taking the drug, the disease becomes chronic, which leads to a disorder of the kidneys and failure of the joints.

It is important to know that diuretics lead to the accumulation of excess uric acid.

What to do if you want to take diuretics?

With the appearance of edema in different places (legs, face, arms, lower back) is the only method of treatment is a diuretic. But, as I said, its use is unsafe in gout. Phototherapy can help with gout if you find the right herbal remedies that will improve metabolism. Therapy includes drugs, including diuretics, which should be taken only from extreme necessity, along with a range of other medicines. Yourself diuretics of gout are rarely used, but in combination with other medications may benefit some patients.

General recommendations for patient with gout

The basic rules except the use of diuretics, are:

  • following a special diet (to limit in your diet eating meat, fish);
  • the use of liquid (green tea, mineral water);
  • to take medication that will help to get rid of excess uric acid;
  • to avoid diseases, colds, hypothermia;
  • abstinence from alcohol.

Diuretics facilitate the outflow of fluid by increasing the amount of urine passed. Diuretics and gout incompatible, if the treatment does not include other ancillary drugs. With the complex application of herbal medicine and proper diet for the illness easier.

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