Diuretics for prevention: drugs, herbs

Kidney disease is a common problem that requires serious treatment. To avoid renal ailments, doctors recommend prevention diuretics (diuretics). Today there are many different diuretics, which promote urine excretion increased, and with it the excess salts and fluids, and a large number of folk remedies that have on the body sparing action, but it does not lose its effectiveness.

Diuretics herbs for prevention of diseases of the urinary system


Pharmaceutical preparation, which are components of plant origin. It is a great diuretic, which acts against swelling, spasms of the urinary tract and microbes in the urogenital system. Produced «Kanefron» in the form of tablets and drops. It is recommended to take the medicine according to the appointment of specialized professionals to prevent kidney stones three times a day an hour before or after meals 2 tablets or 50 drops. This diuretic is contraindicated in individual intolerance of the components in its composition.


A drug used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the urinary tract. In the composition of the medications are solely natural components which have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is often recommended to drink the described medication as prevention before the appearance of stones. The dosage is determined by the doctor individually for each patient, but in most cases it is 20-30 drops, which should be diluted in a tablespoon of water. You should not use the medication if you are hypersensitive components «Euroholod», as well as when blockage of the urinary tract stones, and any inflammation of the urethra.

Medication Tsiston

To prevent diseases of the urinary system, which are accompanied by swelling and pain, it is recommended to take diuretics. One of the most effective medications is Tsiston. It enhances excretion of urine, which out the excess salt and water, and also relieves the inflammatory processes that are associated with an increased blood flow to the kidneys. In order to prevent kamneobrazovaniu assigned to adults according to the 1st table. three times a day for 4-5 months. It is not recommended to drink Tsiston with allergic reactions to components of the medication.

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Biologically active food Supplement «Afrolatin» has bactericidal, antispasmodic, diuretic, antioxidant. Thanks to the elements in the composition of the described drug, «Afrolatin» is used to improve the health of the kidneys and the urinary system. Assigned Supplement specialists for therapy and prophylaxis of the following diseases:

  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • urethritis;
  • prostatitis.

As a prophylactic agent is assigned to courses of 2 times a year — in March and in September. Contraindicated use BAD «Afrolatin» during pregnancy, breastfeeding and people with individual intolerance of the drug components. In most cases, is well tolerated and has no side effects.


To prevent swelling, you can use pharmaceutical product «Olimetin». It acts against spasm, inflammation and has choleretic and diuretic action. Is prescribed by a doctor for the treatment and prevention of kidney and gallstones. To take the drug prophylactically after a meal 1 capsule 1-2 times a day. It is not recommended to use the drug to people diagnosed with such diseases:

  • hepatitis;
  • glomerulonephritis;
  • renal dysfunction;
  • ulcerative lesions of the stomach;
  • ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • violation of urination.


The combined antispasmodic, which are components of plant origin. Used medication for treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

  • cystitis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • gallstones;
  • uric acid diathesis.

Medicine should be on an empty stomach for 8 to 12 drops three times per day at the same time. Contraindicated «Urolesan» little patients up to 7 years, patients with hypersensitivity to components of the medication, patients with such pathologies as:

  • diarrhea;
  • burning sensation in the esophagus;
  • gastritis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • stones larger than 3 mm.


The drug is designed to relieve pain, kill germs and excretion, along with urine the excess fluid from the body. «Vitalizing» applies to prevent a recurrence of kidney stones. Medicine follows 1 small spoon 3-4 times daily after a meal. Since the «Vitalising» is available in the form of paste, before using it you must dissolve in warm water according to instructions. Not assigned to the medication acute nephritis, nephrosis, renal dysfunction, and heart, and, if hypersensitivity to the drug components.

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To normalize the functioning of the urinary system and prevent the development of illness, experts prescribe patients to take capsules «Shanklin». Described the pharmaceutical preparation has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antimicrobial and bactericidal action. «Shanklin» prevents stone formation, delay in the body fluid, accumulation of which is manifested in the swelling. The duration of prophylactic and the exact dosage determined by the physician, but in most cases, taking a drug 1 capsule twice a day before the main meal, with 1 tbsp. water.

Herbs as diuretics

Traditional medicine offers the following diuretic herbs, which are used as prevention of diseases of the urinary system:

  • Erwa woolly. Effectively dissolves and removes stones from kidneys, relieves inflammation and normalizes the body’s water and salt balance.
  • The orthosiphon staminate. Used as a diuretic in renal diseases and urinary retention.
  • Highlander bird. This plant is a storehouse of medicinal properties and therefore it is widely used in traditional medicine as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and cholagogue.
  • Bearberry. Grass has found its application in the therapy of inflammatory processes in the urogenital system and is used for the removal of kidney sand and stones.

On the basis of medicinal herbs of the folk healers recommend the following charges, with a diuretic effect:

  • the leaves of nettle, bilberry, lemon balm, parsley seeds, and horsetail;
  • inflorescences of chamomile and calendula;
  • juniper fruit and flax seeds;
  • dandelion root, birch buds, juniper berries.

Diuretics to prevent edema

Many diseases of different etiology accompanied by edema, to prevent which can help pharmaceutical and natural remedies:

  • Pharmacy means — «Indapamide», «Triamterene», «Amiloride», «Spironolactone».
  • Herb — orthosiphon, dill, parsley, bearberry and burdock.
  • Diuretic fee. To remove the swelling and to prevent its further occurrence, there are numerous fees, which are diuretic plants. One of the most popular is the collection, made from equal parts of leaves of Hypericum, plantain, rose hips, nettle and bearberry, which pour 600 ml of boiling water and infuse for 60 minutes.
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Diuretics for prevention of hypertension

For AD normalization used:

  • Pharmacy means — «Furosemide,» «Torsemide», «Bumetanide», «Verospiron», «Mannitol», «Diacarb».
  • Grass. To diuretic herbs, which are able to normalize blood pressure include: dandelion, bearberry, yarrow, motherwort, hops, lemon balm and Magnolia.
  • Diuretic fee. One of the most effective diuretic charges for lowering high blood pressure is a mixture of bearberry leaves, cornflower blossoms, licorice root in a ratio of 3:1:1, filled a glass of boiling water.

Prevention of varicose veins diuretics

To prevent varicose veins and swelling of use the pharmacy tools «Detralex», «Venosan», «Aescusan and «Venza». Folk medicine is not left behind and encourages the use of diuretic herbs (Polygonum, Hypericum, marjoram, clover, yarrow), on the basis of which serves different fees. Effective prevention Assembly with a diuretic effect is like this: 5 tbsp lingonberry flowers, corn stigma, nettle leaf and mint chop, take 1 tablespoon and pour a glass of water for 6 hours.