Diuretics for elderly: drugs, impact

Often use a diuretic for the elderly as a means to normalize the pressure. In old age hypertensive heart disease is a fairly common phenomenon, which is accompanied by a delay in the body of excess fluid. In this regard, therapy with diuretic drugs in clinical trials is considered to be quite effective, but this does not mean that it has no contraindications and is not dangerous complications. Take diuretic drugs must follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Impact of diuretics in elderly

Most old people suffer from high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and edema. Experts prescribe diuretic drugs to reduce related symptoms and facilitate the patient’s condition. However, improper use of diuretics tablets elderly there is a danger in the form of an imbalance of water and salt in the body, which threatening dehydration and significant loss of potassium. Especially pronounced these pathologies in the use of diuretic drugs with strong effect. Therefore, in order to protect themselves from negative consequences, consuming water pills, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • between therapeutic courses need to increase the rest time;
  • diuretic drugs are taken one-time or over a short period;
  • in the use of diuretic pills are recommended medications that contain potassium;
  • for proper absorption of potassium in the body taking vitamins and glucose.

Use for the elderly

A diuretic recommended for use in elderly people with high blood pressure, as with proper use normalizes water-salt metabolism, often disturbed in people with hypertension. The balance of salt and water maintains the level of pressure and not allow him to rise. To diuretics to obtain the desired results, it is necessary to strictly adhere to these requirements and to consider other recommendations of doctors.

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Safe diuretics

Despite the use of potent diuretic drugs for the treatment of hypertension, to take them to the elderly with a «bouquet» of ailments is not recommended. Therefore, there are more sparing medications without serious consequences, which can be used by elderly people. Such medicines include:

  • «Diacarb»;
  • «Eufillin»;
  • «Clopamide»;
  • «Verospiron»;
  • «Diuretin»;
  • «Oksodolin»;
  • «Theophylline»;
  • «Indapamide»;
  • «Spironolactone».

Diuretics at high pressure

If high blood pressure the opportunity to consult the doctors is missing, you can use a diuretic pharmaceuticals. The desired result from them comes pretty quickly. However, it is worth considering that drastically reduce the pressure dangerous, so you need to start with small doses that is not created at the same time a strong load on the internal organs. The most common medications pressure is «gidrokhlorisiazit», «Indep», «Liver», «Hydrochlorothiazide», «Arifon», «Indapamide», «Britomar», «Lasix», «Ravel», «Furosemide». It is worth considering that certain types of drugs can excrete a liquid that is dangerous rapid dehydration and loss of potassium.