Diuretics for edema: tablet, natural food

Swelling is a symptom of many diseases. For the withdrawal of excess fluid from the tissues of the body using diuretics. Safe diuretics edema will also help to maintain the balance of chemicals in normal. Along with the disease, the cause of edema may be overload or high temperature. To determine the root cause have doctor. Therefore, before the use of means is necessary to consult a specialist, who will prescribe modern and effective means.

Causes of swelling

Causes of edema include age characteristics of the organism and disease. To diseases, which are among the symptoms are swelling, treat kidney ailments, and unstable blood pressure. The temporary nature of the swelling associated with wearing uncomfortable shoes for a long period of time, fad foods high in salt content, pregnancy and premenstrual period. Violation of the withdrawal of fluid from the body — a common symptom of allergies.

Types and mechanism of

The operation of diuretics is to increase the amount of liquid which is excreted in the urine. This happens due to the reduced absorption of salts. As a result, the amount of urine increases and the swelling passes. Water pills for edema klassificeret according to several criteria. Thus, the origin of diuretics are:

  • Natural. The effect of their ingestion is less pronounced than synthetic, but the probability of adverse symptoms to a minimum. Natural diuretics — it is the tomatoes, watermelon and fresh cranberry juice and beets.
  • Synthetic. Give a visible result within 1-2 hours after application. In addition to relieving the swelling, help normalize blood pressure.

Synthetic diuretic drugs are also divided into thiazide, loop and potassium-sparing. They differ according to time and place of action. So, loop decongestant agents have an effect an hour after ingestion, whereas kaliysberegayuschimi need at least 1 day to provide visible results. Power relieve swelling distinguish strong, medium and weak diuretic. Before you take a diuretic, it is important to determine the root cause of the formation of edema.

The pros and cons of the use of diuretics for edema

Loop diuretics

This type of diuretics faster than the other beginning to work. So if you need in a matter of hours to withdraw some of the fluid from the body, doctors prescribe them. Names of loop diuretics which are showing the most effective action: «Furosemide», «Torasemid» and «Ethacrynic acid». Use diuretics in heart and renal failure in acute and chronic phases, high blood pressure, edema of the brain and at elevated levels of calcium in the blood.

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The advantage of using these diuretics is that they do not affect the blood sugar levels and cholesterol. They also had the ability to lower blood pressure and relieve vascular spasm. The disadvantages include possible dehydration, impaired hearing and tinnitus. It is also possible sharp drop in the level of calcium, magnesium and sodium in the blood.


The main advantage of thiazide diuretics is considered to be the duration of their action. Thus, the effect occurs within 2-3 hours after ingestion and is maintained for 12-14 hours. In addition, the use of thiazide diuretics has no restrictions on the use of patient salt. Therefore they can be used in heart failure. Improper taking diuretics this group shows a sharp decline in the level of potassium in the blood, and nausea, vomiting and prolonged diarrhea. It is dangerous to prescribe thiazide diuretics to people with diabetes. Thus patients taking drugs of this group, received an increase in the level of glucose in the blood.


This group of diuretics is considered to be the least effective. The result of their use comes only a few days of use. Therefore, potassium-sparing diuretics prescribed concurrently with loop or thiazide. The main objective of these diuretics do not give out potassium with urine from the body. Assign them, as a rule, in the treatment of high blood pressure. Sparing drugs have several disadvantages. First of all, this is a high risk to increase potassium levels in the blood, which is dangerous for people with diabetes and heart failure. In addition, women may experience disruptions in the menstrual cycle and in men — impotence.

How to choose pills for edema?

Select and appoint diuretics should physician after conducting the necessary diagnostic tests. To self-medicate and spontaneously to accept diuretic preparations dangerous to health. Depending on the underlying cause of the swelling, the doctor will prescribe the appointment and course of treatment. So, if you have allergies, stroke or cerebral edema, the best choice will be loop diuretics, because of the need to obtain a quick result. The agent is administered by injection, after the stabilization of patient’s condition he was prescribed a course of diuretics in tablet form. In chronic stages of the disease and, as prevention is often prescribe potassium-sparing diuretics. The effect of their use is later, but it eliminates the adverse symptoms. If the swelling is caused by problems the kidneys or the cardiovascular system, the doctor prescribes a diuretic for edema of plant origin.

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List of drugs

The strongest diuretic

Today, there are many different diuretics. Prescribe them depending on the causes of edema. Therefore, the best generic medication that will help to get rid of all types of edema, no. So, if the reason for the delay fluid in the body — swelling of the brain, the most powerful diuretic which will help, has the name «Mannitol». High blood pressure doctors prescribe good medicine «Ethacrynic acid». The effectiveness of tools depends on the desired result of its use. To understand in what situations you need to use a tool that will help instructions for use and consult a doctor.

Safe diuretics

Diuretics, which give a soft and light effects — is, first and foremost, people diuretics for edema. These include tea, collecting medicinal herbs or natural remedies preformed. Gentle pill «Piconera» is one of the most popular drugs. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect on the kidneys and the urinary system. Pills «Riflery» in the bearberry leaves, which are used during infection of the urinary tract. Safe there are diuretics and synthetic origin. These include «Furosemide» and «Torasemid». This drug group loop diuretics. Among thiazide diuretics there are several lungs. The best among them — «Chlorothiazide and Metolazone». Potassium-sparing diuretic «Spironolactone» and «Amiloride» also have a slight soft effect on the body.

How to drink diuretics?

For pregnant women

During pregnancy swellings appear toward the end of the term. The reasons for this are the health problems or a hefty fatigue and high temperatures. Diuretics chemical origin are assigned in rare instances when there is a threat to the life of the mother or child. In other cases, prescribed to pregnant women to drink a harmless natural remedy that outputs the excess fluid. It is primarily fruits and vegetables that have a diuretic effect and fresh juices from these products. Also to reduce fluid in the body is necessary to observe a drinking mode, that is to drink less but more often.

Swelling of the face

Swelling of the face removed with diuretics. The effect occurs almost immediately, but the result does not last long. Excess liquid will again accumulate in the face, until it has addressed the cause of the disease. Synthetic drugs use «Furosemide» (the best remedy in severe cases, as with the liquid it brings nutrients) and «Verospiron» (the effect is seen only after a few days, but the risk of adverse symptoms minimum). You can also reduce facial swelling with the help of traditional methods. These include the use of cucumber, potato and coffee masks. Also visible is the result of the tea compresses and infusions of herbs.

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Swollen feet

Swelling of the legs occurs as a consequence of the delay in the withdrawal of the liquid. The reasons for this are diseases (varicose veins, flat feet, heart or kidney failure), excessive load on the lower extremities, or a lack of movement. In the presence of the disease, your doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment. If swelling associated with physical activity, swelling will provide relaxation and massage.

Swelling eyes

Swelling of the eyelids indicates problems in the kidneys. Effective as synthetic drugs, and herbal. A diuretic for edema of the first type is the «Verospiron» and «Furosemide» However, before using them you must consult with your doctor and carefully study the instructions for use. Otherwise, the disruption to the functioning of the body. With a small swelling visible results will give a decoction of horsetail, bearberry and rose hips cooked in the home. To prevent swelling of the eyes in the diet administered oranges, bananas and dairy products in large amounts.

Natural foods

Natural decongestant and gives quick results, while not harming the health. Side effects occur only if an individual allergies to components. The foods that have a diuretic effect, includes tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, parsley, celery and watermelon. Besides the products are widely used fees herbs. These include burdock, knotweed, birch leaves and forest copyr. To prepare them at home should be according to the recommendations of the doctor.

Possible harm

Side effects from taking diuretics come with prolonged use, with the incorrect determination of the causes of edema and presence of the contraindications. Potent diuretics most frequently cause harm. The most common side effects include imbalance of substances in the body, increase the level of cholesterol in the blood and sleep disorders. Some diuretics lead to potency in men and menstrual disorders in women. To minimize the side effects better to consult a doctor in the future to comply with all its recommendations.