Diuretics for edema of the face: pills, drugs, herbs

If facial tissues are accumulated in the intercellular fluid, prescribed diuretics for edema of the face. Diuretics eliminate swelling caused by the kidney disease, hangover, pregnancy, heart failure, insomnia or allergies. A diuretic for edema of the face most effectively in renal and cardiac edema, which occurs in the morning and amplified without the use of diuretics. Tablets or folk remedies get rid of excess fluid in the tissues and will help to temporarily remove the symptoms of the disease.

When the desired diuretic swelling face?

The accumulation of excess fluid compresses the capillaries and small vessels, disrupting blood circulation, so you need to find out the cause of edema and eliminate them with the help of diuretics. To take a diuretic at home need the advice of a doctor and if swelling is permanent. If the cause is kidney disease or heart failure, edema alone will subside in a few hours. If he persists or becomes more pronounced, you should take the diuretic pill, which is safe for kidney (particularly renal failure).


Diuretic «Furosemide» provides a fast and powerful action that allows you to get rid of the strong swelling of the face and bring the excess fluid naturally. It is allowed to drink only in emergency situations, as this diuretic flushes the body of potassium, calcium and other useful minerals, and its uncontrolled use of threatening dehydration. At a moderate facial swelling can be taken «Diacarb» — these tablets are easy action and begin to act through 2 hours after administration.

In chronic renal failure prohibited osmotic and potassium-containing diuretics, which can cause serious complications.

Slight swelling of the face relieves diuretic «Verospiron», which has a sparing effect with respect to the potassium in the body. Drugs kalisberegauschee action to gently remove excess fluid for 5 days, without burdening the kidneys and retaining all the useful minerals.

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Herbal drugs

To eliminate swelling of the face at home will help harmless diuretics plant-based, which is safer and more effective. A diuretic in the form of diuretic teas or herbs or herbal withdraw fluid from the tissues without harming the body and having a natural healing effect. Great help tea with birch leaves, which you can drink in the presence of renal failure. Of herbal approach the herbal remedies containing herbs such as sage, dill, mint, bearberry, orthosiphon, rosehip, horsetail, yarrow leaves and centaury.

Popular recipes against edema of the face

Popular recipes in case of correct application and strict adherence to dosage harmless to the body. Diuretic decoctions and infusions eliminate swelling of the face and have a positive effect on the kidneys and urinary tract, exerting anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. As a result you not only to cope with the swelling, but also to remove the cause of their appearance, if they are associated with the urinary system.

A decoction of field horsetail

Finely chop the washed horsetail and pour 4 tsp chopped herbs 0.5 liters of boiling water. Steep for 20 minutes, then strain and drink 3 tablespoons of the decoction 4 times a day. It will quickly eliminate the swelling of the face, displays the excess fluid from the tissues and relieve minor inflammation, without causing habituation of the organism. Do not exceed the recommended dose so as not to cause dehydration.

Infusion of parsley

Take 0.5 teaspoon parsley seeds and rinse them under running water. Pour seeds in a glass jar with cold boiled water and leave for infusion 8 hours. Finished medicine drink 3 tablespoons per day, making between-meal break of 2 hours. Parsley diuretic effectively relieve the swelling caused by inflammatory diseases of the urogenital or fluid retention in the body.

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