Diuretics for edema of legs: drugs, herbs, fees

With legs swelling experienced by many people. Diuretics for the leg swelling helping to lower blood pressure and rid the body of excess fluid. Given the degree of swelling and the reasons for its occurrence are assigned to diuretics, which have a strong or weak effect on the body. If swollen feet should not be neglected in the survey and to self-medicate. The diuretics is conducted under the supervision of the attending doctor, in order not to worsen the situation.

Act as diuretics and swelling of legs?

Diuretic (diuretic) helps to remove the body from the accumulation of excess water. This happens due to the ability of drugs to withdraw salt and fluid accumulated in the tissues. Swelling become smaller or disappear altogether. The detection of serious disease should undergo a comprehensive therapy. A separate appointment diuretics life-threatening.

Synthetic pills swollen feet

What are diuretic drugs? What means the most popular? Not all diuretics the same actions. Specifics of pills in their effects on the body helps better expert to prescribe effective treatment. Distinguish 4 types of diuretics:

  1. Loop. Have the strongest action, affect the part of the renal tubule (loop of Henle). Apply in urgent cases (injections) because of large side effects. The period of the short funds («Furosemide, Lasix»). The name «Furosemide» know any doctor working in the er. This drug has the best effect in an emergency.
  2. Thiazide. This group is characteristic of the ability to accelerate absorption in the walls of the gastrointestinal system. These drugs are characterized by a long duration of effect («Esidrix», «Hydrochlorothiazide», «gidrokhlorisiazit»).
  3. Tiazidopodobnye. Not able to greatly affect the reverse absorption of sodium, which contributes to a smaller loss of potassium from the body elements («Clopamide», «Aquax»).
  4. Potassium-sparing. Have an effect on the cells of the kidneys, promoting excretion of sodium chloride (salt) from the body, decreases the secretion of potassium salts. Are considered means of providing light effects on the body («Aldactone», «Verospiron»).
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Water pills for edema from diabetes and varicose veins

Causes of edema in diabetes and varicose veins is considered to be the relaxation of the transmittance of the blood vessels and decrease their flexibility. In such situations, diuretic drugs bring only temporary effectiveness stronger and can make the problem worse. It is accepted to appoint special preparations for the normalization of the venous circulation and strengthening blood vessels. Some names of such drugs «Detralex», «Duoplan», «Normogen», «Indovazin», «Natalex», «Jenolan», «Askorutin», «Phlebodia», «Ginkor», «Pentagonal», ointment «Troxevasin». These medication — specific angioprotective and venotonic. At their regular use increases the tonus of the capillaries and veins, and the flexibility and strength of their walls strengthened.

Drugs in the fight against edema in heart failure

In heart failure, delayed fluid in the body — provoking factor in the progression of edema of the lower extremities. This entails a simple blood in the lungs, as a result, shortness of breath, wheezing, heart, blue leather. Increases the likelihood of escalating into pulmonary edema. Effective therapy will return the status to normal, contributing to the improvement of the disease. At the beginning of the disease with swelling of the deal with not strong drugs, namely and tiazidopodobnye thiazide group of diuretics. The deterioration of the disease resort to strong loop diureticum, their effectiveness is proven even under developing kidney failure. To avoid habituation recommended to change diuretic medications every 1-2 months.

Diuretics in the lymphedema of the limbs

Lymphedema — a violation of the outflow of lymph of different degrees. The maximum possible resumption of outflow of fluid from the tissues of diseased feet — the goal of treatment of lymphostasis of the lower extremities. Used drugs to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation in the tissues. These include ointments and pills «Venoruton», «Venastat», «Lymphomyosot». The effectiveness of these medicines is celebrated on 1-St and 2-nd stages of the disease. A strong diuretics in the treatment of lymphedema specialists use carefully («Furosemide»), especially in elderly patients, — accumulated in the tissue fluid swelling of lymph capable of rapid set lost volume.

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Folk remedies for swelling feet in pregnant women?

Swelling feet in pregnant women is common. This period is not recommended to use medication. If after inspection and thorough examination of the diuretics is justified, then the best diuretics during pregnancy of vegetable origin. Most often recommend the use of «Kanefron» and «Vitalizing».

Recommend to use folk remedies. Their application in the waiting period, the baby should be under the supervision of a specialist, because the herbal ingredients have a number of restrictions. When taking foods with diuretic properties the body loses potassium and magnesium, for the resumption of these trace elements in the menu is entered: apricots, figs, raisins, nuts, whole grains, bran, bananas. The popular treatment can be dangerous, do not neglect the advice of experts.

To contraindicated herbs and infusions during pregnancy include:

  • juniper fruit;
  • strawberry berries;
  • the roots of parsley.

Allowed herbal diuretics in pregnancy.

  • cranberry leaves;
  • bearberry leaves;
  • lovage;
  • green tea;
  • cranberry and cowberry berry juices;
  • cucumber, carrot, beet juice;
  • watermelons, melons, pumpkins.

Diuretics charges from the pharmacy.

Swelling in the extremities efficient use of diuretics charges purchased at a pharmacy. For full therapeutic effect is recommended in the preparation of pharmaceutical drink to abide by the rules listed on the packaging. It is better to take warm. But you can prepare at home. In the manufacture of home diuretics should involve fresh herbs, brewed every morning.

Herbal preparations, herbs with swelling

Active use among young and elderly patients who have swollen lower extremities, use of diuretic fees. Diuretic herbs with the leg edema is prescribed for disturbed renal function, as a consequence, the output of the fluid slows down. Effective diuretic indicators has a collection of birch buds, bearberry, cowberry leaf and fruit of the juniper. Ingredients to take in the same amount and mix. 1 tsp per 200 ml of boiling water, insist 15 minutes, take 5 tablespoons before eating.

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Good performance in the removal of swelling of the legs congestive heart failure show a decoction of parsley tinctures of calendula, tea of podmarenkova grass. Good diuretic property shows the juice of the red Rowan. Edema of the lower extremities, it is recommended to people who are long throughout the day. Squeezed juice of ripe mountain ash berries and drinking fresh before meals. In the winter, you can prepare the berries with the sugar, and then make them tea.