Diuretics for athletes on drying: risks of using

Athletes who pay a lot of attention to my muscles, used diuretics in bodybuilding for the most rapid fluid removal from the tissues. This enables efficient drying of the muscles and get beautiful body with clear embossed and muscular frame. Diuretic pills plant based not impact athletic performance and reduced physical endurance required in the sport. With moderate use of diuretics to achieve good results in drying without using doping. Abuse of diuretics can give the opposite effect and lead to health problems.

What athletes on the drying diuretic?

Diuretics in sport due to the need to quickly remove excess weight caused by excess fluid in the subcutaneous tissue. Take diuretic tablets easier than to buy an expensive sports nutrition, to use doping and to sweat in the gym. Many athletes achieve a quick drying of the muscles, inserting intravenous diuretics before competition, but more safe method is taking them in pill form 2 days before the race. The use of this method allows to tighten the body, make it visually supple and textured, beautifully emphasize the muscles and the veins. Combined with intense muscular exertion in sport, artificially caused by the removal of fluid has no negative impact on the level of physical endurance.

Bodybuilders and diuretic

In athletes, professional bodybuilders, the most popular «soft» and «hard» diuretics. Soft do not cause perceptible health damage and give a small effect, so bodybuilders, whom need quick and visible drying, use dope and hard diuretics. They are for a short period to outline muscle definition, but lead to metabolic disorders, dehydration, disorder of the Central nervous system and dizziness.

When receiving diuretics in sports need to replenish potassium, calcium, and electrolytes in the body because they are washed out with the urine.

Specific sports diuretics

Modern bodybuilders prefer to drink loop diuretics, with a «hard» effect. These include «Lasix» to «Furosemide», «Chlorthalidone», «Torasemid», «Triamterene» and «Acetazolamide». Many manufacturers offer a special athletes sports nutrition, consisting of plant herb with diuretic properties. They effectively eliminate the excess fluid in the tissues, improve the relief of the muscles without a decrease in physical endurance muscle and do not lead to hypokalemia.

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Risks of using diuretics in sport

Drying with the use of diuretics in sport is banned by many sports federations — including the use of herbal teas with diuretic effect. This is due to their harmful impact on health in constant use and the use of diuretics as a «screen» when taking of banned stimulants (doping).