Diuretics ascites in the abdominal cavity: herbs, drugs

The causes of dropsy of the abdominal cavity can be:

  • liver disease (cirrhosis, cancer, hepatitis, thrombosis of hepatic veins);
  • oncological disease (lymphoma, sarcoidosis, leukemia, carcinomatosis);
  • heart disease (heart failure, pericarditis);
  • diseases of the peritoneum (mesothelioma, peritonitis, tumors and cysts);
  • renal failure.

Signs of the disease and its consequences

The disease can occur suddenly (e.g., due to thrombosis of the portal vein) or can be consistently, for months. With small ascites in the patient’s abdomen in a vertical position hanging down and in the horizontal position is flat, but protrudes laterally. When a large volume of ascites pronounced, the belly is hard and protruding, looks the same in the horizontal and vertical positions. The health of the patient greatly worsens, pain in the abdomen and a feeling of tautness in the abdomen, disturbance of motor function, swelling of the limbs. The accumulation of fluid creates pressure on the organs and leads to violation of their health. The consequences may be violations of the metabolic processes, digestive disorders, respiratory and heart failure. Dropsy is often complicated by a spontaneously occurring due to the infection of the fluid of bacterial peritonitis.

Ascites is a dangerous disease that can cause death in a relatively short time, only about 50% of patients live up to 2 years with this disease. Therefore at the slightest suspicion you must consult a doctor for diagnosis and to start therapy, timely treatment improves survival.

Methods of treatment

For the treatment of hydrocephalus can be assigned to diets with reduced intake of fluids and salt. In severe cases, a surgical intervention — laparocentesis (abdominal puncture to remove fluid), possible catheterization. More gentle treatment is diuretics using diuretics can bring about a liter of fluid a day. Since ascites in most cases is a consequence of another disease, then the applicable treatment depends on the disease that caused the ascites.

The use of diuretics on the background of various diseases

Ascites in heart failure

In the ascites caused by heart failure, frequent swelling of the lower extremities. A good choice of diuretics will help to reduce the workload on the heart and lower intra-abdominal pressure. Experts suggest to prescribe diuretics to patients with heart failure 2-4-th degree. In mild heart failure effective thiazide diuretics («gidrokhlorisiazit», «Chloritized», «Indapamid», «Chlorthalidone»), but with the deterioration of blood circulation it is necessary to use a loop diuretic («Furosemide,» «Torasemid», «Bumetanide», ethacrynic acid). Side effects of diuretics may be the excretion of potassium from the body and may need correction — simultaneous reception of preparations of potassium or use of potassium sparing diuretics («Spironolactone», «Triamterene»).

Ascites in liver cirrhosis

In dropsy with cirrhosis of the liver is assigned to a salt-free diet, drink is limited to 1 liter per day. For the regulation of water-salt metabolism are used diuretics. One of the commonly used drugs considered «Verospiron», but it only takes effect on the 3rd day after admission, therefore, in severe form of ascites appropriate combination of «Furosemide». Less effective «Amiloride». «Bumetanide» can replace «Furosemide», because it has a similar action and effect.

Ascites in renal failure

It is recommended to treat diuretics of plant origin, since they have a more mild effect on the kidneys. It can be as diuretics («Neuropil», «Kanefron»), and having a diuretic effect of the herb in the form of infusions and decoctions (nettle, chamomile, oregano, horsetail, flax, St. John’s wort, milk Thistle). When inflammation of the kidneys, the edema provoked, is «Furosemide». If you use it once a day output function of sodium is not inhibited.

Ascites in cancer

When the cancer ascites the most popular destination is a diuretic drug «Spironolactone», often use it together with «Furosemide». Can be used «Lasix», «Diacarb» and other similar means. In this case, doctors recommend the use of diuretics, regardless of whether or not they pronounced the result.

Recommendations for use of diuretics in ascites the abdominal cavity

In the treatment of dropsy of the abdominal cavity diuretics requires monitoring of therapy effectiveness by counting the urine and weighing the patient. Therapy is effective if allocated liquid exceeds consumption. A valid indicator is that the difference is not more than 500 ml ― for patients having peripheral edema, and up to 1000 ml in patients suffering from peripheral edema. Most of the described medications, except those of vegetable origin, contraindicated to receive during pregnancy and lactation. They can be used only on prescription.

Grass from ascites

To get rid of the ascites, it is important to cure the disease that caused it. But to ease the current condition of the patient alternative methods of folk medicine are able to give a positive result. Important to use herbal diuretics for patients with problems in the functioning kidney or with hypersensitivity to synthetic diuretics.

In dropsy on the basis of cancer with liver metastases is well established parsley with milk. You will need 0.5 liters of milk and a big bunch of parsley. Milk to boil, coarsely chop the parsley and pour in milk. The mixture simmer on low heat for about 2.5 hours, then cool and strain. Hourly for 2 tbsp. Store in a cool place. Parsley can be cooked on water. For that big bunch of parsley, pour a liter of water and boil for 30 minutes each hour Take 0.5 cups in the morning.

Patients with malignant ascites should be avoided tools that enhance the body’s production of platelets, as it encourages the growth of cancer. This applies to milk Thistle, species of Polygonum, nettle, corn stigmas, shepherd’s bag and other diuretic herbs that contain vitamin K.

Useful apricots not only do they have a diuretic effect and contain potassium, which the body, it is important to fill in the use of diuretics. Apricots is fresh or to prepare a decoction of dried fruits. Helps with swelling and infusion of rose hips, which is used during the day instead of tea.

Diuretic effect have the green beans. Horsetail and birch leaves in equal combination enhance each other’s action. Strong diuretic herb UVA URSI (bear ear) — per Cup of boiling water is used not more than 2 g. In pharmacies there is a wide choice of diuretics and labour fees, made up of the suitable components and packaged in tea bags which are convenient to use instead of tea.

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