Diuretics and alcohol: effects, compatible with tablets

There is a lot of conflicting information about alcoholic beverages and about the consequences resulting from diuretic effect of alcohol, as well as about the possibilities of combination with diuretics. To understand these questions it is vital therefore to know how things are in reality extremely important.

The effect of alcohol as diuretic

Due to the ingredient composition of alcoholic products definitly a diuretic effect, i.e., promote the excretion of large amounts of fluid through the kidneys. But such products are not drug, and cause a lot of damage. Excessive use of easily lead to dehydration and the loss of too many valuable substances to replenish the stock of which is difficult. That’s why it’s helpful to know about the effect of different alcoholic drinks. This will allow to draw correct conclusions about their use.

Beer as a diuretic

Beer gives specific healing properties. Some sources even mentioned that beer helps against kidney stone disease, that is able to help kidneys to get rid of stones and sand. Drinking large quantities of beer can really have a strong diuretic effect. But at the same time washed out in essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. And as a result heart problems, reduced immunity, nervous system suffers. It is worth noting that the beer used constantly, causing irreparable damage to the urinary system and causes serious diseases, but not in the way of their treatment.

Vodka and cognac

Such strong alcohol products like vodka and cognac, is endowed with diuretic properties. In folk medicine has long been known recipes of diuretics, decongestants tinctures, prepared on the basis of vodka. The therapeutic effect is achieved here only if the use of alcohol in small therapeutic doses. The same large amounts of spirits, on the contrary, leads to the destruction of the body. One of the first just fall under the impact of kidney and urinary system because these organs are exposed to constant intoxication and work in the strengthened mode, performing the task of cleansing the blood from toxic heavy substances.

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Wine as a diuretic

The wine also has diuretic properties. Know about using white wine varieties as a diuretic in some diseases of the kidneys. As this grape drink has a positive effect on the flow of urine, and thus prevent its stagnation. You should pay close attention to the naturalness of the selected product. It is important to remember that the allowable rate of drinking — one drink a day with a long break. Because here, as with any other alcoholic product, it is easy to lose control and get addicted.

Compatible with tablets drinking alcohol?

In principle, taking any drugs with alcohol is not valid, because alcoholic beverages contain toxic substances, which are able to distort the action of medicines in an unpredictable way. They can enhance the adverse reactions of drugs or block the healing properties. The result of careless medication and alcohol can become irreversible and lethal consequences. These rules are relevant when taking alcohol together with diuretic tablets. Such a combination is a serious test for the organism and threatens at least an upset stomach, low blood pressure, disorders of the heart.

As diuretics help the hangover?

There is a perception that when withdrawal syndrome (hangover), very good reception diuretic drug. One of these refers to «Furosemide», which is a powerful diuretic. It acts at the level of the kidneys, promotes the formation of a more concentrated secondary urine, and thus, rapid excretion from the body fluid, salts and other toxic substances. This drug is extensively helps to relieve the symptoms of a hangover. Due to the properties of «Furosemide» is used in medical practice when alcohol poisoning and for the removal of drunken States. The pills in combination with drinking large amounts of water helps eliminate swelling and restore blood supply. But «Furosemide» has serious side effects and contraindications. So its use alone in the treatment of hangover and alcohol poisoning is not recommended.

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The use of diuretic from hangover: benefit or harm?

But is it worth taking diuretic pills to treat hangover? Because in such States there is a desire to have any tool at hand, just became easier. Think diuretic will help to quickly deal with hard consequences for alcohol poisoning, is left to decide what to choose. In such cases, on the contrary, taking water pills can even more harm. After all, before the body already lost a lot of valuable minerals and fluid. And the intake of diuretics will only exacerbate the existing loss of minerals and violations of water-salt balance. That can lead to serious problems in the functioning of the heart, nervous system, digestive system. So taking a diuretic with a hangover brings only harm. Use at home to treat hangover and alcohol poisoning to use such tablets is contraindicated.

Based on the foregoing, it becomes apparent that alcohol, despite diuretic qualities, is not a drug, is not conducive to good health, is incompatible with diuretic tablets in terms of home use, and requires great care in use.