Diuretic tea: how to drink, types, how does

For once in my life we drank tea a diuretic for the swelling. An unbalanced diet with lots of carbohydrates, disorders of the heart and kidneys are the main causes of swelling. And this will come with a beverage with a diuretic effect. Can you buy diuretic teas in a drugstore or in a specialized store. Of course, we all want to be beautiful and therefore to quickly get rid of extra pounds also use diuretic herbal infusions. They have not only healing properties but also taste good. But not all herb has diuretic properties.

Types of diuretic tea

Green tea

The most effective means that do not have side effects. These qualities he has due to tanning agents, Tanin, essential oils, alkaloids, vitamins and minerals. Need to drink only freshly brewed beverage and no more than 2-3 cups per day. Also, this drink burns calories, speeding up metabolism, so it is actively used in the fight against obesity.

Black tea

Black, like green tea with milk, gives a diuretic effect. But it is more gentle in its action. And the reason for this is the presence of caffeine. But since caffeine stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular system and constricts blood vessels, to mitigate his actions, you need to add milk. Better low fat. This drink can be consumed by pregnant women and people with impaired cardiovascular system. Also, it perfectly cleans the kidneys.

Herbal infusions

The problem of edema can be solved by using herbal tea. It gives a good diuretic effect. But most of us are not very versed in herbs, so they are worth to buy over the counter in the form of fees, such as kidney or monastic herbal tea. Their composition is not a single component, providing a complete action — anti-inflammatory, diuretic and helps remove stones. You can even use herbs grown in your garden plot. Chamomile is calming and anti-inflammatory agent. With regular use, it restores normal metabolism in the body and thereby reduces swelling. A very large number of herbs have diuretic properties. The most famous is considered as fireweed. Due to the content of caffeine it has a diuretic effect. Drink it in the kidney disease.

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Drinks for weight loss

If you want to lose weight by removing fluids from the body, choose ginger tea. It perfectly removes toxins. And besides, its taste will hardly leave anyone indifferent. Alternatively, you can drink monastic tea. It consists of rose hips, St. John’s wort, marjoram, elecampane, and black tea. Monastic tea is able to cure diabetes, prostatitis, hypertension, hepatitis, get rid of Smoking and alcohol, lead to normal heart function.

Hibiscus tea

But the most popular among herbal tea uses Roselle. It consists of Sudanese rose petals or also called hibiscus. Has a bright color, sour-sweet taste. Its curative properties karkade tea is because it contained organic acids, flavonoids, trace elements and fruit acids. These products not only regulates metabolism, and and put in order the work of the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. It helps in diseases of the kidneys and liver. Well, to lose weight, it has no equal. Increases metabolism with the help of fruit acids and thereby burns fat. Drink you need to drink for three weeks and after a short break again undergo a 10-day course. It is only prolonged use of hibiscus will help to achieve a permanent effect in the fight against excess weight.

Tea from flowers, roots and fruits of plants

And, of course, teas. The infusion of burdock root, leaf St. John’s wort, the flowers of red clover with the addition of turmeric is also often used with the aim of diuretic effect. But the decoction of flowers of a dandelion not only removes excess fluid from the body, but also eliminates the inflammatory processes of the urinary tract.

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How does it work?

Fluid is very important for our body. But not always, the kidneys are unable to cope with its output. Come to the aid of the renal tea a diuretic action. It will not only help the kidneys to do their job, but will have a preventive effect on the entire urogenital system. Eliminates swelling in the legs and under the eyes, reduces weight, removes toxins from the body. But drinking diuretic teas to be careful, as it can be harmful to the body, a strong diuretic effect harmful to health. Eating diuretic teas for edema and not only that, we washed from the body necessary for normal functioning of the heart potassium. Also the lack of water in the body worsens the skin condition. It becomes more dry, appear irritation, inflammation and wrinkles.

How to drink?

Milk tea gives a diuretic effect, and drinking diuretic teas started from the ancient times by our ancestors. But how to drink them to use for the body? We know that together with the liquid from the body away to unhealthy foods toxins. But we forget that at the same time deprived of minerals and vitamins. Black or green milk tea as a diuretic you need to drink 2-3 cups a day. Teas for weight loss consist of herbs that can cause allergic reactions, from rashes to swelling or even suffocation. So a few days take them in small quantity to test the reaction of your body. In order to drink any diuretic tea was not harmful to the body, it is always necessary to sensibly approach the issue of quantity not forgetting that a lot — not so good.

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