Diuretic Taurine: properties, side effects

In the treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, doctors often prescribe diuretics for the excretion of excess fluids from the body. Most of the diuretics rather aggressive affect the body, disrupting the balance of potassium and strengthening the kidneys. But in the last time there was an alternative to the traditional diureticum — «Taurine». It’s a milder diuretic does not have such strong side effects.

What is «Taurine»?

«Taurine» is an amino acid naturally present in the human body. The name of the substance derived from Latin word «bull», as was first revealed in the body of this animal. Often it can be found as a component of eye drops, but also in the ancillary drugs for diabetics. To date, this Supplement is widely used for various purposes, including as a diuretic, i.e. diuretic. The advantage of this tool is its organic origin, while, as synthetic diuretics more aggressive effect on the kidneys. Taurine» is assigned when diabetes mellitus, asthma, macular degeneration, in violation of fat metabolism, weakening of the immune system. In recent years, many people began to take «Taurine» to improve the health, mental health, increasing concentration and efficiency.

Properties of the drug

  • Lipid metabolism, metabolism.
  • The restoration of the retina.
  • The coagulability of the blood.
  • The regulation of the heart rate, strengthening the heart muscles.
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Strengthening the lungs.

Diuretic effect of Taurine

In addition to the above functions, the «Taurine» is often used as a diuretic. Due to its organic origin, this drug is safer than the analogs and does not cause side effects. It is a diuretic used successfully in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This substance lowers blood pressure by eliminating excess fluid from the body. Its mechanism is that active formula affect the operation of the cell membrane: removes excess sodium out, while holding in cells of magnesium and potassium. In this «Taurine» is far superior to other diuretics, as it does not violate the functioning of the heart by lack of potassium. Do not forget that the abuse of diuretic can cause dehydration.

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«Taurine», as a diuretic, can prevent the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, thus reduce swelling. Thanks to its mild effects, this drug is an excellent option for getting rid of visible swelling. This tool is suitable to remove swelling from a large amount of fluid you drink after a trip or before the critical days (women). For visual effect, not a mandatory long-term use of the drug. To reduce puffiness, should take 5-10 mg «Taurine» 3 times a day.

Side effects

Despite the many useful properties of the additive, this drug can cause harm to the body. People suffering from pathologies of the liver, should not take this substance as it affects the process of formation of bile. Cholelithiasis reception must be agreed with the doctor. Patients with diseases of the digestive system should take into account that «Taurine» raises the acidity of the stomach, which can have a very negative impact on their health.

Any medicine can hurt people, if you do not follow the dosage.

An overdose can cause indigestion and diarrhea. Because of the ability to «Taurine» to lower blood pressure, hypotensive patients should avoid taking it. Often the substance use healthy people to improve performance, which also can badly affect the condition of the body, as it starts to wear. People with increased nervous excitability should not aggravate the state «Taurine». The same effect brings the drug in combination with alcohol. In addition, women during pregnancy should refrain from taking this Supplement.