Diuretic in cystitis: teas, fees, herbs and pills

Cystitis is a widespread disease, especially among women. Diuretic in cystitis prescribed in combination with antibiotics. Diuretics (diuretic) used to flush out the infection from the affected organ. In the acute stage of the disease their use should be limited as they reduce the antibacterial properties of urine. If you have chronic cystitis, a diuretic is possible to use cycles. It should be remembered that along with a urine output of not only infection and metabolic products, but also useful minerals.

Treatment of cystitis folk remedies

Medications in their composition contain 1-2 active substances in plants and their dozens. Many have not yet been studied, they can not be synthesized artificially. But this does not prevent the herbs to operate successfully and to cure diseases. This confirms the experience of folk medicine. However, their action is milder than pharmaceutical chemistry. Diuretic herbs cystitis is indispensable. Particularly popular herbal medicine in the chronic form, which often happens to women. In herbal medicine using herbal teas. There are potent herbs that are taken by themselves.

Diuretic decoctions and infusions cystitis

In the treatment of cystitis, use herbal teas or infusions. Decoctions are prepared in a water bath. Infusions prepared in a thermos. Store the prepared solution in the refrigerator better. To consume it warm. As a rule, decoctions should be brought to the desired volume, as the water during cooking evaporates. You can add a cold solution of the desired portion of warm boiled water, thereby making the drink warm. Infusion does not evaporate during cooking. Its concentration is slightly weaker than the broth. Therefore, the volume of the water that you can add less. Drink infusions and decoctions need 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

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The most famous natural diuretic is UVA URSI (antibacterial properties). Good therapeutic effect is gender-Pala, knotweed, horsetail, corn silk (a diuretic with a mild choleretic property). Common aspen is used as a diuretic antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties. A mild effect has cranberry and fruit drinks from it. It also is a natural antibiotic that is important in the treatment of: an inflammatory process is able to join infection. Eat it 1-2 tablespoon 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Cranberries a bit weaker. But bilberry leaf is included in the fitosborov.

Herbal and teas

There are many teas that you can drink in cystitis. Their therapeutic effect is different. It depends on the proportions and types of plants that are included in the collection. It is an effective diuretic in cystitis with concomitant diseases. In addition to the above plants, the blend consists of: birch leaves, goldenrod, chamomile (anti-inflammatory antispasmodic), len (restores the mucous membrane), St. John’s wort, Heather, thyme, rosemary (antibiotic), juniper, alder, oak bark, ginger, licorice, plantain, etc. Each herb has a specific therapeutic effect, which gives additional properties to the collection. Still using diuretic teas. They are packaged and brewed like regular tea. Their concentration is lower than that of decoctions, infusions and herbs. Take oseltamivir.

Aroma oils and soda in the treatment of cystitis

Soda and citrate minerals calcium and magnesium zaslujivayut urine. Cystitis the acidity of the urine increases, which leads to inflammation and sharp pains. The adoption of baking soda helps to cope with burning in the urethra. It is best to drink in acute cystitis in the first days of the disease. If you have any discomfort, discontinue use, as there are a number of contraindications. But in combination with potassium permanganate, in the form of douches, it’s fine. Women take baths with baking soda and essential oil of rosemary, lavender, juniper. The molecules of the oils are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis), where it flows directly into the blood. Overheat in the first days of acute illness, as it will provoke the ascent of infection. Bath is better for chronic forms of cystitis.

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Pills cystitis

Reception of antibiotics is accompanied by the adoption of diuretic tablets. The most effective antibacterial drugs today — is «MONORAL», «Furagin» and «Furadonin». If you experience fever, pills can be replaced with injections. There is a well-established medical diuretics. This pill Tsiston, «Urolesan», «Monural» — on natural raw materials; «Furosemide» — synthetic medium, is designated absolutely necessary. What drugs to prescribe to tell the doctor.