Diuretic if it does not take calcium from the body

The use of diuretics for edema and other abnormalities in the body ― a common procedure today. With their help quickly eliminate excess fluid from body tissues. With all the positive qualities, diuretics have a number of negative traits. One of them is the withdrawal of calcium from the human body.

General information

Distinguish 4 types of diuretics: thiazide and tiazidopodobnye, loop, potassium-sparing, and osmotic. They are able, depending on the dose, with different rates to withdraw excess fluid. Most considered sparing diuretic which does not take calcium out of the body. Observing all the rules prescribed by the attending doctor, these types of diuretics will have a beneficial effect on the mechanism of edema. Failure to comply with regulations or properly selected dosage leads to negative consequences, due to which there is a rapid dehydration in the body and accelerated allocation of urination of the vital elements.

Purpose of diuretics

The main purpose of diuretics in relieving generalized edema syndrome that accompanies severe heart, renal, ocular disorders and pathology of the respiratory system. However, as the main treatment, such drugs are ineffective, they only include in the complex therapy for relieving painful symptoms.

Diuretic use is not always treatment of diseases. Common is the adoption of diuretic medicines when trying to lose weight. Regular use of such drugs really contributes to the rapid loss of pounds. The danger of using such a method is the conclusion of numerous trace elements for normal functioning of internal body systems, and do fat cells remain. Therefore, after the course of treatment with diuretics weight quickly come to the same numbers.

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Diuretic drugs often used by women in the period of waiting for a baby. Excessive swelling in the female body during pregnancy is a common problem. Expectant mothers in particular rigour should follow all instructions in the use of these drugs and to conduct the course under the strict control of the attending physician.

Diuretics that do not leach calcium from the body

And tiazidopodobnye thiazide group of diuretics, if it does not take calcium from the body ― medicine, endowed with a low level of toxicity and providing lean diuretic effect. They are widely used in Pediatrics, in the treatment of the elderly and all who have revealed hypocalcemia. The use of diuretic therapy in this group reduces the risks of elderly patients in the development of osteoporosis. Thiazide diuretic and tiazidopodobnye group do not adversely impact the metabolic process in the body.


Means, not outputting the calcium from the body domestic manufacturer, is indicated for hypertension, a variety of swelling, with diabetes (diabetes insipidus) and high intraocular pressure (glaucoma). The contraindications specified hepatic insufficiency, infectious and inflammatory renal diseases, severe impairment of functionality.


«Hydrochlorothiazide» do not leech calcium from the human body, made in Hungary, the main component ― gidrokhlorisiazit. All the indications and contraindications are identical to same domestic a diuretic medication. Feature of drug ― use as a preventive measure kidney disease in susceptible individuals.

Means «Arifon»

Drug from France, the main ingredient is indapamide. Promotes stable lower blood pressure when relaxed diuretic effect. The advantage of it in the provision of lean action on the heart organ which is manifested in the reduction of left ventricular hypertrophy. Contraindications of the medication indicate acute hepatic and renal failure, with a decrease of potassium ions in blood and people with swervedriver to sulfonamides.

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Diuretic domestic manufacturers hlortalidona in its composition. Appointed in a variety of pathologies, namely: chronic heart failure, hypertension, nephrosis, nephritis, diabetes, swelling of unknown type obesity. During therapy, taking steps to control the amount of electrolytes in the blood plasma.


The country of manufacture of this diuretic medicines, Switzerland, the Foundation is gidrokhlorisiazit, sulfate and reserpine digidralazin and amplifies the result of antihypertensive components. With the help of reserpine decreases blood pressure due to the relaxation of tonus in the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. Digidralazin in the composition contributes to the vasodilation and diuretic effect on the body is provided with gidrohlortiazidom.