Diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide: method of application

Quite often experts are appointed by the diuretic pill «Hydrochlorothiazide». This is because they not only help to eliminate excess fluid from the body, but also help to prevent the development of stone disease. Furthermore, the drug eliminates swelling caused by different malfunctions in the organism.

Pharmaceutical form and packaging

«Hydrochlorothiazide» is available in the tablet form. In color they are either pure white, or beige. On one side of the tablet is necessarily present, engraved «N» and on the other the line in the form of a recess which passes through the center. There are two kinds of release — 0.025 and 0.1 grams of active substance. Sold for 20 tablets in a carton.

The composition of a diuretic «Hydrochlorothiazide»

The main action has substance hydrochlorothiazide. Its content in 1 tablet 25 or 1 milligram. Also in the present preparation of additional substances. First of all, the magnesium stearate, which acts as a food additive based on fatty acids. Talc and starch provide the sliding. Gelatin has a binding effect. To sweeten use lactose monohydrate.


This tool has a diuretic effect. This effect is achieved due to elimination from the kidney of sodium and chlorine. The effect of tablets begins within 1-2 hours after ingestion. In addition, it is prescribed to reduce blood pressure. Gynecologists are sometimes given a diuretic «Hydrochlorothiazide» for pregnant women with severe toxicosis. A diuretic effect on the body is not reduced from the long use.


The main indications include high blood pressure. And you can use it in combination with other drugs. Also a «Hydrochlorothiazide» is used for edema, which are caused by different diseases. It is effective in an increased uropoiesis and in the prevention of urolithiasis. Less often it is prescribed for cirrhosis of the liver and chronic kidney diseases.

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«Hydrochlorothiazide» diuretic has a number of contraindications. First of all, it is the individual sensitivity to components of the drug. Also will not prescribe a remedy for violations of receipt of urine. Severe forms of renal and liver failure are the reason for the cancellation of diuretic effectively delivered. In addition, when a high level of potassium, sodium and magnesium in the body the drug is contraindicated. The same applies to patients with disease Adisson.

Side effects

Incorrect method of use «Gipotiazid» or use with existing contraindications can cause a number of side effects. So, the gastro-intestinal tract it can be diarrhea, constipation or the development of pancreatitis. Heart possible arrhythmias. Other side effects include dizziness, nausea, which passes into vomiting, a feeling of dryness in the mouth, hives and muscle cramps.


Improper dosage or mode of application leads to profuse excretion from the body. This could lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure and tachycardia; absence of urine formation or irregularities in the process; vomiting, which entails thirst. Means for deducing from the body hydrochlorothiazide not. Therefore, one can help gastric lavage in conjunction with the administration of activated charcoal or other sorbent.

Method of application and doses

To use tablet after eating, drinking moderate amounts of liquid. The following is the average dosage for adults:

  1. In the case of high pressure attribute on 25-50 mg of active substance per single dose. Daily dose — not more than 100 mg. the Duration of the course is 3 weeks.
  2. In the case of the swelling dose of 25-100 mg of material. Consume 1 every day or 2 days.
  3. In diabetes insipidus the origin in the day, take 50-150 mg.

In appointing the drug to children the pediatrician calculates the dose based on 1-2 mg per kilogram of body weight of the child.

Special instructions

In the use of «Gipotiazid» for a long time the doctor needs to carefully monitor fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. Symptoms of disturbed balance are weakness, dry mouth, nausea and others. There may also be disorders of the parathyroid glands. Need to carefully make the tool for people who are sensitive to lactose. Otherwise, the possible disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. In the beginning of the reception should be very cautious when driving.


Precautions should be taken with drugs to lower the pressure and heart medicines. Together with the means to normalize blood sugar levels undesirable because the efficiency drops sharply. The same is true of barbiturates. Laboratory tests may show a decrease in the level of iodine in the body or an increase of bilirubin in the blood. For accuracy studies, the drug should be discontinued.

Storage and shelf life

Keep the preparation you need in a dark place inaccessible to children at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. The expiry date indicated on the packaging and is 5 years from manufacturing date. After the expiry date the drug can be dangerous for health. Let go of the tool in the pharmacy by prescription only.