Diuretic fruits: tangerines, apples, lemons and oranges

Natural diuretics — this is not a myth but a reality. Wondering which fruits are diuretic, should not forget about benefits for the body. Any fruits and berries with the ability to rid the body of excess fluid along with toxins will certainly contribute to and improve the General condition of the person, giving the opportunity to improve their health without harm.

Apple: a diuretic, isn’t it?

The answer to the question, apples diuretic or not, of course, Yes! Based on the fact that in their composition the sodium concentration more than 10 times more than potassium, it can be argued that, with their help, we can change the daily volume of urine and reduce swelling. Apples for mild diuretic effects should be consumed only in its raw form, due to the fact that under the influence of heat treatment there is a disintegration of the essential substances.

The last time many use instead of apples, Apple cider vinegar, endowed with a stronger diuretic effect due to high concentration and to the presence of acetic component. Its drawback — the lack of a complete set of vitamins and minerals, typical of a ripe Apple. Often Apple cider vinegar becomes part of diets for weight loss, but don’t get my hopes up, the effect is short-lived and unsustainable.

Any pear will work as a diuretic?

Pear — natural remedy that have diuretic property. But not all varieties are supplied with the necessary useful for this purpose components. Such components have a variety of wild, rare and may be replaced with a garden. The main feature of these fruit — low calorie, so they are used as a remedy for swelling and to reduce the pressure in patients with:

  • diseases of the heart;
  • obesity;
  • poisoning dangerous chemicals or metals;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • high cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • high fever;
  • prostatitis.

Properties of pomegranate as a diuretic

Pomegranate is a source of valuable food and medicinal properties. It has long been used to treat various diseases such as fevers, nervous disorders, painful sensations in the stomach and other. Its diuretic property helps to increase the blood viscosity, which leads to its use in prolonged uterine blood loss, but does not allow the use of:

  • clots and high density of blood;
  • a high level of acidity in the stomach;
  • gastritis and pancreatitis.

Natural pomegranate juice is a diuretic to reduce edema, without prompting from the human body potassium, and saturating them in sufficient quantity. Because of this, it is recommended to eat high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women. The use of this fruit and juice, in addition to the above goals is welcome to replenish the body and systems of nutrients and trace elements.

Citrus is diuretic pills

Citrus fruits boast a high content of useful minerals, which contribute to the conclusion from the body of excess sodium ions. They are fertile soil for water retention and the formation of edema. On this basis, they recognized natural remedies that have diuretic property. The most famous among this group are listed below fruit.

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Orange — a true companion health

Oranges, juice, peel and pulp have the ability to provide on the human body choleretic and diuretic effect, used for patients with flatulence, high degrees of obesity, atherosclerosis, colds, acute respiratory infections, poor liver and bone. Their use in diets welcomed in cases where there is Allergy to citrus and contraindications from the doctor.

Lemon is a reliable assistant for edema

Since ancient times, lemon is a diuretic used to combat poisoning, or a fever, due to the possibility of elimination of toxins from the infected organism. The pulp, juice and rind will help to get rid of swelling, to remove from the walls of blood vessels cholesterol, kidney clean of stones and sand, to lower blood pressure, lose weight. Being diuretic, lemon can replace synthetic diuretics, while providing gentle effect and protecting the liver from the irreversible processes.

Lemon is a component of many diets due to its ability to free the body from dangerous toxins and fluids. It is possible to brew tea, to use in its original form or in juice form, as a dressing to salads, which were baking. But because of the possibility of allergic reactions, before use, you should consult with your doctor.


Mandarin is a favorite fruit, the aroma and the taste is familiar from childhood. They are a source of vitamins, nutrients and has a diuretic effect, improves the functioning of the bladder and kidneys. Due to natural origin and the presence of special substances, these citrus fruits are used in the prevention of cancer and functional disorders of the liver.

These fruits are included in the menus of popular diets due to its ability to reduce weight not only by the withdrawal of excess fluid, but also by speeding up fat metabolism in parallel with the normalization of metabolic processes. But don’t go to extremes and bring food to eat only them, it can cause allergic and pseudoallergic reactions.

Pomelo: what’s in it

Its beneficial effects on human health the most effective thanks to its unique composition. Based on vitamins a and C, essential oils, ascorbic acid, numerous enzymes, limonoids, potassium. Each of these components has an impact on the body, here are some of them:

  • cardiovascular system;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • cancer prevention;
  • toned body;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • treatment of colds, viral infections and flu.

With a sufficient content of potassium pomelo is used for weight loss, withdrawal of excess fluid from the body and relieve swelling. The enzymes break down proteins and fats, removing them from the human body. Diuretic properties of this fruit is proven and skillfully used by dietitians and patients. Introducing it into the diet, it’s easy to stay beautiful, slim and healthy.

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Answering the question of what kind of fruit are diuretic, grapefruit is unlikely to occupy the first position, because has a mild effect than synthetic drugs. But its undeniable advantage over them is the ability not only to liberate the body from excess fluid, but also to replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals, to get rid of dangerous harmful toxins and salt deposits. This citrus is found in most systems of proper nutrition.

Exotic fruits with diuretic effects

A diuretic fruit from exotic countries will be an alternative for those who want to get rid of the swelling and to replenish beneficial microorganisms and vitamins that cannot be found in other fruits. Of course, their use is not always available, most of the population, but the benefits cannot be overstated. Consider the popular types.

Bananas: delicious use

Banana due to the content in its composition a large quantity of potassium can boast a strong diuretic and laxative effect. Although he is not familiar and approachable as apples, but it is popular among tropical fruits. The banana diet is a way:

  • to lose weight;
  • to reduce blood pressure;
  • to reduce the swelling.

Exotic coconut

The beneficial effects of coconut provides in several aspects, the main of which are:

  • he’s the perfect component of the diet because of the sugar content;
  • helps to maintain the balance of body fluids to prevent dehydration;
  • improving the functions of the excretory and digestive systems;
  • has an antibacterial effect.

He is known as a diuretic, is able to normalize the output of excess fluid and eliminate edema. Thus, the General condition improves, normalizes blood vessels, blood quality and its indicators. As a result, the vessels saturate the blood with enough oxygen, contributing to the normal function of internal organs. The undisputed benefits of eating coconut water in disorders of the genitourinary system. And here diuretic effect of coconut helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the human body, maintaining healthy organs.

Kiwi — green miracle

As a diuretic kiwi is used for output of toxins and harmful substances when the kidneys are unsatisfactory or there are signs of hypertension. This process is possible thanks to the substances contained in the composition of exotic fruit that assist the kidneys in filtering urine and increase the daily amount.

In addition, the fruit has a hypotonic effect, promotes weight loss, to relieve swelling, to prevent problems with the organs of vision by:

  • increase urine output;
  • reducing the amount of cholesterol;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • low calorie;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve the elasticity;
  • the prevention of thrombosis and atherosclerosis;
  • to reduce blood sugar.

Juicy pineapple

Pineapples, despite the «exotic», popular and recommended to people who suffer from hypertension due to heart failure, lack of vitamin C and a pronounced Allergy to citrus. Their diuretic property is not the only advantage, which should be prichest:

  1. the stimulation of digestion due to the presence of proteins;
  2. pineapple copes with the withdrawal of excess fluid, toxins and harmful substances due to its diuretic abilities and availability of roughage in the composition;
  3. getting rid of swelling;
  4. saturate the body beneficial trace elements, vitamins.
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Mysterious maracuja

Natural passion fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, phytofermentans identical to the enzymes of the digestive tract, fiber, and has incredible taste. Its use is invaluable for:

  • normalization of digestion;
  • prevent constipation and intestinal infections;
  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • the shortage of vitamins and mineral elements.

Passion fruit helps to normalize the work of the kidneys, liver and the genitourinary system, exerting anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and diuretic effects. Its use will help to gently cope with infections of the urinary tract, without overwhelming the body with synthetic drugs.

Dried apricots and dried fruits

Dried apricots and dried fruits can boast a diuretic effect, which reaches its maximum by eating this fruit raw, in teas and tinctures with great concentration. The minimum number to achieve the desired effects is 100 grams, the use of over this figure can lead to negative consequences for digestion.

Along with the diuretic abilities, this fruit is used for:

  • relieve congestion;
  • the normalization of the kidneys and urinary system;
  • increasing the amount of urine output;
  • stimulation of increasing the number of blood cells, without increasing the density of blood;
  • getting rid of edema in people with anemia;
  • purification of lymph and blood from cholesterol and toxins.

Harm fruit as a diuretic

Before using fruit as a natural diuretic, you should be aware of certain contraindications and side effects from the use of:

  1. A large number of unacceptable fruit during pregnancy, all strictly in moderation.
  2. Some slow down the action of medicines or minimize their impact. Rarely there may be side reactions that can lead to serious consequences.
  3. May decrease the effectiveness of birth control medications.
  4. The appearance of diarrhea and nausea, increased gas formation.
  5. Allergic reactions are possible.
  6. There are cases of thickening of blood due to excessive consumption of these fruits.
  7. Due to the high acidity can cause stomach problems and other digestive tract.

Before the course of regular intake of a fruit or its pulp, juice or the peel, you should consult a doctor who will clearly define the opportunity use with concomitant diseases. Despite the naturalness of each of them individual causes has not been canceled. So to stay healthy we need!