Diuretic foods: list of properties

Swelling medicines have a quick result. However, in addition, they wash and nutrients. Diuretic foods possess the ability to remove excess fluid and not to upset the balance of minerals in the body. Daily application helps to prevent puffiness and remove existing ones. Also diuretics are drinks that can improve all body systems. Before accepting funds should go consult a doctor.

General information

Diuretic foods are natural diuretic drugs. On the list of advantages include:

  • the lack of negative side effects on the body;
  • the minimum calorie that allows you regularly use diuretic food;
  • high levels of vitamins and minerals that positively affect the body.

Unlike synthetic medicines with a diuretic effect, natural diuretics are expressing mild action. They gradually excrete the excess moisture, while not affecting levels of beneficial micronutrients. In addition, the use of diuretics foods has beneficial effects on human health, including the appearance.

Indications for use

Start applying products diuretic action is necessary at the first sign of swelling. If we assume the aggravation of the situation, the use of plant ingredients will be useless. Indications for use of foods with a diuretic effect are diseases of the heart and kidneys, diabetes, bloating, excess weight and cellulite. For women it is useful to take diuretics during the premenstrual period. Edema, which were the result of high temperature or large load on the body, products with a diuretic effect, it will be a good substitute for drugs.

Recommended use

To achieve the maximum result of diuretic foods should be present in the diet daily. This can be achieved thanks to the variety of diuretic products, regardless of the time of year. After the beginning of their use, you should refrain from salty, spicy and sour dishes. This food prevents the excretion of excess fluid from the body and blocks the diuretic effect. In addition to fresh, permitted use and frozen products. Pronounced diuretic effect can be achieved by taking daily fresh juices.

List diuretics foods

The property to remove accumulated fluid from tissues and not to violate the water-salt balance, inherent in many products. In the case of short-term swelling that is not associated with the disease, they can replace expensive chemical agents and show a similar result. Diuretics are present in vegetables and fruits, spices and beverages. So everyone can choose the appropriate means.

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Diuretic properties of vegetables with edema

Diuretic vegetables have the property to remove excess fluid, together with salts of sodium. Potassium, however, remains intact, thereby not upsetting the balance. A strong diuretic effect have:

  • Tomatoes. The diuretic effect is achieved due to the high level of potassium in them. Tomatoes are diuretic, useful in diseases of the urinary system and when overweight.
  • Cucumbers. Almost entirely composed of water, and thus a diuretic result. Recommended for use in the presence of kidney stones and diabetes.
  • Celery. The composition comprising minerals and amino acids, gives the vegetable a diuretic effect, despite the presence of the salt in it.
  • Beet. A large amount of potassium and magnesium explain diuretic vegetable. But with kidney stones to consume beets and its juice is impossible.
  • Pumpkin is not only diuretic, but also anti-inflammatory vegetable. The safety of the product allows its use in pregnancy and other diseases.
  • Eggplant. Able to quickly clear the biliary passages and eliminate toxins through urine.
  • Bow expresses a mild diuretic effect and stimulates the kidneys.
  • Carrots. Use as a standalone diuretic, and in combination with synthetic drugs, as the high level of potassium in the composition of the vegetable prevents the imbalance.

Fruits with a diuretic effect

A large number of fruits and juices based on them have the properties to withdraw moisture from the body. The fruits, expressing the maximum effect, are:

  • Apples. Contained in a large amount of potassium has a mild diuretic effect on the body. Apple cider vinegar as a diuretic, is much more effective due to the content of acetic acid.
  • Plum has a unique composition, resulting in a laxative outcome. Is draining diuretic? Yes, but it has a weak ability to remove excess moisture.
  • Cherry. Cherry is a diuretic? Yes, this fruit has strong diuretic properties.
  • Strawberries. Lowers blood pressure and removes from an organism uric acid.
  • Citrus. The result is achieved due to the large amount of vitamin C in the fruit.
  • Bananas. Exotic diuretic, can lower blood pressure and get rid of excess weight.
  • Ive shown people with diseases of the cardiovascular system as a natural diuretic.

Berries with a strong diuretic effect

The berries are diuretic perfect for use both fresh and frozen. To diureticum include:

  • Cranberries. Can be used as berries and infusions, teas from the leaves.
  • Cranberry. Has a mild effect in allergies or in the background of beriberi.
  • Currants. Contains sufficient amount of vitamin C and potassium, which causes urine formation.
  • Rose. Equally fruits and leaves are diuretic. Besides, the berries are expressing choleretic effect.
  • Kalina. In addition to a diuretic, has anti-viral effect.
  • Grapes. The result is visible after the use of fresh berries and raisins.
  • Sea-buckthorn berries. The result is visible with daily use of a Cup of berry infusion.
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Cereals as a natural diuretic

The products are diureticum and cereals. The beneficial properties of cereal yields with proper preparation without the use of sauces. The most famous is the buckwheat contains rutin. In addition, it contains trace elements, which makes it a diuretic and useful for the entire body. Oatmeal is composed of substances that contribute to increased uropoiesis. Other diuretic cereals include barley and barley.


If you daily drink a diuretic drinks, the result will not keep itself waiting. The most effective is yogurt, especially in the morning swelling. Reception drink at night eliminates manifestations of excess fluid in the morning. In addition, dairy products with diuretic action have a positive effect on the digestive process. Products-diuretics in the form of juices and fruit drinks useful drink swelling. In addition, use green tea, juice and herbal teas. Drinks containing caffeine (coffee, strong tea), refers to a diuretic. In addition, the use of mineral water, still, able to cleanse the body and bring out the accumulated toxins.

Diuretic spices

Many spices have diuretic properties. These include ginger, is able to rid the body of excess moisture, toxins and wastes. Cumin has a strong output of fluid and is used in diseases of the kidneys. After diseases of the genitourinary system healthy spinach. Its included in the diet. Pepper sweet and spicy has a diuretic effect and promotes vasodilation. Turmeric is useful as a stimulating urine formation means. Spicing up meals with turmeric, you can achieve the elimination of toxins from the body. Cocoa is not only a depressant, but a mild diuretic. Other herbs that contain diuretic substances is cinnamon, mustard, parsley and garlic.

Diuretic herbs

Herbs that have an action for the withdrawal of excess fluid, is used both independently and as a complement to medical treatment. Based on medicinal plants made decoctions and infusions, teas. The list of herbs which are considered a diuretic, extensive. The most used are horsetail, milk Thistle, birch, lemongrass, rosehips, chicory, mint, chamomile and so on. Each of them contains useful vitamins and microelements. For maximum results it is necessary to consult at the doctor.

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How to use diuretic products?

Many products are diuretics, but to use them without consulting the doctor is dangerous, it is fraught with allergic reactions. In addition, depending on the purpose of admission, dosage and recipe preparation of broths and infusions are changed. Children with caution should give sweets that can cause increased urine formation.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, accompanied by swelling. Reasons may be health problems or a high temperature and fatigue. The use of diuretic components of food — the healthy alternative to chemical drugs. So effective are watermelon and cantaloupe. Drinks from the berries, such as fruit drinks, juices, teas and broths will give the desired result in a short time. However, before taking any diuretic products should consult a doctor.


Before beginning treatment it is important to identify the root cause of edema. If it’s in the wrong organs or systems of the body, eating some diuretic foods will not solve the problem. If the swelling appears after physical exertion or overwork, the products are diuretic action helps to remove excess fluid from the body. However, to self-medicate and diagnosis impossible. To determine the cause of the swelling can specialist. On his appointment the patient enters into the diet of related ingredients.

For quick weight loss

Products with a pronounced diuretic effect help to get rid of excess fluid in the body and lose up to 2 kg per day. However, if you don’t change the way of life and diet then the weight will return. For weight loss used fasting days on watermelon, cucumber or other products-diuretico. Popular weight loss with fresh juices and presev. To maintain the achieved results requires exercise, eating right and avoiding harmful habits.