Diuretic drinks: juice, water, jelly and compotes

If necessary, to withdraw excess water from the body, in addition to medications, physicians recommend adding a diuretic diet drinks and products. Natural substances are natural and harmless, so they give special preference to. Moreover, some foods boost the metabolism, but even so, to use them immensely still not worth it.

What drinks have a diuretic effect?

The appearance of puffiness on the face, which often occurs upon awakening, indicates an excess of fluid in the body. To normalize the water-salt balance, it is recommended to use diuretics, but it is not necessary to drink drugs. Remove puffiness with the help of natural diuretic drinks, which are actively involved in cleansing the body of toxins and eliminate fat. The use of natural diuretics is not dangerous as it does not entail any side effects.

Mineral water

Edema good remedy is considered water from biologically active components derived from groundwater. It should not contain gases that contribute to water retention and salts in the body. Diuretic mineral water is useful for inflammation of the bladder with bile, the stones in the bladder, but under condition of its proper use. Otherwise, the diuretic properties of mineral water can result in a person’s undesirable consequences and lead to the development of kidney stones. To take medicinal water is recommended in the form of heat, dividing the daily dose into 3-4 doses.

Fresh juices

Diuretic effect has fruit juice, which improves the body’s metabolism. To get rid of swelling with juices, you need to know what it improves the circular motion of fluids in the tissues of the kidneys. Bring more benefits juices of apples, raspberries, beets, currants, grapes, apricot and plum. In the fight against inflammatory processes in the kidney is useful to drink fresh juices from lingonberry and cranberry. Excellent job with swelling diuretic freshly squeezed juices from vegetables.

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Juices from fruits and berries

A slight diuretic effect have pineapple, apples, citrus and grapes. From the berries as a diuretic use the rose hips, viburnum, cranberries and lingonberries. They are often recommends alternative medicine for the treatment and prevention of renal disease and urinary tract as they not only contribute to exports of the excess fluid from the body, but also relieve inflammation. The grapes are often used in the fight against excess weight. Traditional healers offer an effective diuretic drink, which is prepared from the juice of mountain ash, cranberry and lemon. Fresh viburnum and Rowan juice mixed with lemon, 0.5 tsp. of honey and drink throughout the day.

Vegetable juices

For deducing from an organism of harmful substances by increasing the volume of urine, drink vegetable juices with diuretic action. Some of the products are not only fighting against liquid in the body, but also to eliminate bloating, decrease flatulence. Popular decongestant drink is carrot juice. Use it in ½ Cup on empty stomach morning. You should not drink carrot juice before a long journey. Prepare fresh juices from the following vegetables:

  • asparagus;
  • tomatoes;
  • garlic;
  • parsley;
  • dill.

Kvas and fruit drinks

A popular drink made from bread — kvass has many useful properties, but few people know that it is also an excellent diuretic. However, the diuretic effect has not the whole kvass, and only made from beets. It improves the metabolic processes in the body and lowers blood pressure. For removing excess liquid using fruit drinks, made from lingonberry and cranberry. It is worth considering that these fruit drinks are too acidic, so to make them less acidic, dilute it with filtered water.

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Compote and kissel

Has a beneficial effect on the kidneys jellies, which have laxative and diuretic action. Effective is jelly from Rowan berries, which is also used in the treatment of liver diseases. Many benefits contains a diuretic compote of dried fruits. It gently removes salt and water, improves the metabolism in the body and nourishes it useful chemical elements. For dried fruits, use:

  • prunes;
  • dried seedless grapes;
  • Fig;
  • dry apricot;
  • apples.

Coffee and various teas

Diuretic properties of coffee depend directly on the concentration in the beverage of caffeine and addiction man to him. There is an increased effect from caffeine if you use it after a long time period. Diuretic qualities of coffee do not manifest in people who use it 2-3 times a day, so to make them, take 1 Cup a day.

Effective diuretic is green tea, which contains fragrant oils, micro — and macronutrients, vitamins. With green tea cleanse the body of toxins and remove excess fluid. These same properties, herbal teas, for example, «Monastery», used in hypertensive disease. Use herbal tea for therapy and prevention of pathologies due to the ability to exert a mild diuretic action, reduce swelling and restore function of the urinary system.

Drinks with cocoa

In the composition of cocoa powder contains many antioxidants, which lead to normal pressure, and improve blood flow to the brain. Available in cocoa, theobromine gives the finished drink a mild diuretic properties due to which this powder is used for removing excess water. In addition, cocoa has a positive effect on the entire body, as it is a storehouse of nutrients and include: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, tannic and coloring components, etc.

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Milk drinks

Can we consider dairy products a diuretic? It was revealed that the diuretic properties of milk, whey and yogurt depend on the percentage of their fat content. If milk fat is not accumulated in cream and is fully distributed over the entire surface of the container, this milk has a mild diuretic quality. Kefir, like all fermented milk products, contributes to the export from the body of excess fluid, he removes the end products of metabolism, treating diseases of the kidney and leads to normal functioning of the urinary system. With the help of yogurt clean swelling if you drink it throughout the day in combination with buckwheat. Diuretic properties and serum, but, in addition, it normalizes water-salt balance, the serum also stimulates renal work, stabilize intestinal function and rids the body of toxic substances.