Diuretic diet pills names how to drink

A dream to reduce weight. In search of easy ways to use diuretics for weight loss. However, we must understand that such preparations remove excess water from the body, and with it the other and not very useful substances. But fat does not diminish. But in the first few days the figures on the scales will indeed be reduced. This is because the fluid that accumulates in the cells of the body, is displayed. On the other hand, this can have a motivating action for further activities to reduce stress on the body, and of becoming the path of harmony.

What happens in the body?

Often in diet contains many foods high in sugar and salt. And these ingredients contribute to the fact that it remains in the body of excess water. In the future, such «reserves» are difficult to remove. Later their number will increase and may cause edema, weight gain. The fluid contained in adipose tissue. Based on this, you can use diuretics for weight loss to obtain a rapid effect. It is important to remember that such results are not long term, and in a short time the liquid will come back together with the extra weight. However, if excess fluid creates great discomfort and a few pounds it is urgent to remove such tools — what you need.

The rules of taking the drugs

If you decided to do this, you can lose weight with diuretic tablets. However, before to enter in the application of diuretics is to get expert advice. Because these medications can be dangerous and it so happens that their use leads to adverse consequences. The use of these drugs will definitely affect the water balance of the body. This is a consequence plays an important role for people suffering from diabetes, abnormalities in the kidneys, skin tuberculosis, gout. Besides, if the person is undergoing a course of drug therapy, it is necessary to determine whether her diuretics. Because they may be incompatible with certain drugs. There are rules of administration of diuretics. Adhering to them will be easier to guard against possible side effects. This will require:

  • exclude from the diet salt — it contributes to the accumulation of fluid in cells;
  • drinking during the day 2-3 liters of water — this will help to avoid the effect of dehydration;
  • to eat foods that promote the excretion of fluid, these are green tea, watermelon, parsley, melon, coffee, etc.;
  • to monitor changes of weight every day, there are even special machines that help to know the ratio of fat and muscle mass — so-called analyzers fat.
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In addition, diuretics are safer to use on prescription. You may have to undergo weight loss will need additional drugs. For example, those that will help restore the useful minerals in the body. To get rid of excess weight with the help of delivering water tablets, you must strictly follow the instructions, and in any case not to increase the number of drug — it can be dangerous to health. But for people suffering from heart ailments, diseases of the genitourinary system or hormonal dysfunction, this method of weight loss is contraindicated.

What is the negative impact?

Deciding to use a diuretic as a means for weight loss, you need to be careful. Diuretics can contribute to malfunctions in the excretory and endocrine body systems. After receiving expert advice, the use of diuretics will be the system. The doctor will explain which tablet to choose how to take them correctly in each individual case and how you can lose weight from the diuretic pills. In General cases, in violation of the recommendations or under-medicating, there may be dehydration, loss of essential body minerals such as magnesium and calcium. In addition, the effect of weight loss will be short-lived hateful pounds are able to go back a couple of weeks. This is due to the lack of muscle mass and excess body fat. After taking the pills can result in such side effects as cramps in the muscles, headaches etc.

How to drink and when?

Despite the contradictions and conflicting results, wanting to lose weight the easy way every day is not decreasing. However, we must remember that diuretics are primarily drug. Their main function — help with health problems. Therefore, any drug will give the desired effect if applied as directed. Many tablets are recommended for the emergency assistance for complex swelling or when blood thinners, hormonal failures. Therefore, to not be afraid of negative consequences, it is necessary to communicate with a specialist. Such behavior will bring subsequently a greater effect and is less dangerous to health.

Any drug with a diuretic action is created for the excretion of water from the cells and tissues. They are shown in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and edema, to decrease pressure, etc. Weight loss — a secondary effect. To reduce the weight by using diuretics that will need minimal dosage. Their action starts immediately — within one day, and lasting several hours. So you need to consider this time in the plans for the day, because frequent urination will not leave the house. Passing the course of taking diuretic pills for weight loss, it is advisable to carefully monitor the results: overall health and lost pounds. It is useful to maintain a list of changes.

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Names of diuretics pills for weight loss

  1. «Asparkam» — good pills, they are made on the basis of potassium and magnesium compounds. The drug is prescribed to patients suffering from disorders of the cardiovascular system. One of the few who helps to stimulate blood circulation, improves metabolic processes in the body. Thanks to this characteristic, to reduce weight it is more safe than other medications. For weight loss enough to drink one tablet three times daily after meals. Do not use this tool for people with renal insufficiency, heart block, post-traumatic condition, after undergoing surgery, anemia and muscle weakness.
  2. «Indapamide» — this has a mild diuretic effect on the body. So many nutrients are stored in the body, such as sodium or potassium. This diuretic can be used for a long time. In addition, it stimulates the reduction of fatty tissue and will not cause addiction. However, feeling side effects of the drug, such as increased sweating, nausea, tachycardia symptoms — it is better to stop to drink tablets and to be examined by a doctor.

  1. «Verospiron» — he, like «Indapamide», retains useful elements, particularly potassium. For the purpose of weight loss is the safest way. To drink enough a day, for a period up to one month. However, it stimulates the production of urea and thus increases its concentration in the blood.
  2. «Furosemide» is a strong diuretic, it is inexpensive, and the effect is quick. But use it at home not worth it. This type of diuretics suitable for active withdrawal of fluids from the body. Stimulating the outflow of moisture it removes from the cells of the beneficial compounds and salts. Has a «Furosemide» within half an hour after taking. Except in emergency cases, the drug is not recommended because of its beneficial effect is much less than caused them harm. «Furosemide» take with pills, which saturate the body with necessary substances. Therefore, in the process of losing weight it is better not to use this tool.
  3. The herbal pills. The most safe drugs are based on natural ingredients. They are dietary Supplements and homeopathic remedies. They are composed of sets of medicinal plants, so they can be used at home. They are good because the impact continues for some time after the course. Moreover, side-effects, they have almost no respectively, and they do not harm the body. One such product is called «Turboslim.» Is it acceptable, it is easy to buy (without a prescription in any pharmacy). In contain plants that provide the effect of fluid removal. For example: rose hips, bearberry, cherry, etc. For proper completion of the course, weight loss would be superfluous to discuss this with your doctor. The amount of the used substance should be minimal. In addition, you will need full control over health and reduce weight.
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What to replace?

No matter how wanted to get rid of extra pounds, diuretics are not the best tool to use at home. Even with a small swelling it is better not to use delivering water drugs. Water balance is important for the body and its normal functioning. If water with excess deposited in the body, it speaks to the high glucose content and density of blood. To solve this problem, it is more efficient not to withdraw, but rather to fill the body with clean water. However, tea, coffee, fruit drinks, soups, juice is not water.

Thus, it is necessary to adjust the diet to reduce the consumption of sweets, limit your alcohol, eat less salt and fatty foods. Highly recommended daily consumption of more greens, root crops, vegetables, then you need to saturate the body with clean water. The effect of such action is much more safer than therapeutic medicines. To increase the amount of burned fats will help regular exercise: walking, dancing, Jogging etc. you Can enjoy your favourite loads in the home. This not only removes excess weight, but also strengthen the body without injury.