Discharge from the urethra in women and men: treatment, causes, symptoms

The main symptom that reflects irregularities in the urinary tract due to genital infections, and other factors are discharge from the urethra. The secret is released from the external opening of the urethra and can have a variety of shades, consistency and transparency. It is observed in people of any age and gender.

Physiological and abnormal discharge

The physiological secret of women and men

The secret of transparent color coming out of the urethra — the normal physiological state, does not require therapy. Transparent and thick highlighting women often start a few days before ovulation and lasts about 3 days. Due to such allocation when urinating changes in the hormonal background. Sometimes similar mucus can be released from the vagina, and after a couple of days the process is terminated. Scanty, transparent allocation from the urethra both women and men can be observed after sex, which in this case indicates a strong excitation. To explain it can release a large number of hormones, which is normal physiological phenomenon.

Abnormal discharge and their causes


If we talk about pathological discharge from the urethra, it is important to not only notice them, but not to ignore, try to cure as soon as possible. So, the pus from the urethra in women during urination indicates development of inflammation in the pelvic area. A secret can have a different color— from yellow-green to grey, the texture will be thick. In addition, patients feel burning and itching in urethra, pain in the lower abdomen. Because purulent discharge provokes not a single disease, the cause of the reveal after the patient visit a specialist and pass the necessary tests.

Infection and tumors

If there are diseases caused by infections of the genital tract, a woman feels a burning sensation in the vagina, the man in the urethra. There is discomfort when urinating, there is a secret white. In the urine often fall cereal and it changes your smell. The women in this case there are failures in the menstrual cycle, in men — problems with erection. When observed spotting from the urethra and brown discharge is often a symptom of the development of tumors in the kidney disease, injury to the bladder. With the smell of urine, which changed, are also associated with many diseases, so it is important not to delay visiting the doctor for such symptoms.

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Other provocateurs

Mucus when urinating diagnosed with urethritis (inflammation of the mucous wall of the urethra, which often confused with inflammatory processes in the bladder). They are often transparent and non-viscous, but is sometimes observed and cheesy discharge you’ll be transparent pathological secret from physiological meager amounts in the first time. It does not disappear without the use of special drugs, and the amount of discharge of liquid gradually increases. Also mucous secretions from the urethra as female and male means frequent sexual contact, the so-called «honeymoon disease». This treatment is not necessary, enough only for a certain period of time to stop intimate contacts and to observe rules of personal hygiene.

What color is the secret?

The secret is composed of fluid, mucus and a variety of cells. Take a closer look at what color it can be:

  1. Yellow discharge with a greenish tint during urination, for example, in prostatitis, and also at the beginning of a variety of infections that got in the urogenital system. If they have an unpleasant smell with a slight hint of rot, it says gonorrhoea. In gonorrheal urethritis patients develop profuse discharge, pain when urinating, kidney pain, and itching.
  2. White discharge thick in women are formed for thrush, the male patients — with candidiasis.
  3. Transparent, lean and rather stringy secrets stands out in the male sex at different sexually transmitted diseases. With the course of the disease they can change the color to a more white, yellow with admixture of pus. Sometimes and burning sensation in the urethra without discharge.
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Symptoms of pathology

Discharge from urethral canal often have additional symptoms, however, sometimes experience the following symptoms:

  • frequent urination;
  • itching and burning sensation when urinating;
  • the feeling in the morning, as if the urethral canal is glued;
  • the presence of blood in the urine;
  • severe pain at end of urination;
  • sore kidneys;
  • sore pubic area;
  • discomfort in the bladder;
  • discharge from the vagina.

Especially during pregnancy

It often happens that the discharge from the urethra in women during pregnancy provoke urethritis, which can not only have a negative impact on the entire course of pregnancy, but also lead to the development of abnormalities in the fetus. Extremely dangerous types of this disease are chlamydia and urethritis ureaplasmosis, they cause the greatest harm to the future child. No less dangerous is and gonococcal urethritis, since gonorrhea often get to the fruit and is able to kill him or cause an early labor. Most safe during pregnancy are considered urethritis not caused by infections, however, even in such situations often there are all sorts of complications if the disease is not treated properly. That is why it is important to visit a doctor, to follow all his orders, not to self-medicate.

The allocation of the child

Abnormal discharge, the child urination are expressed in different ways, depending on gender. Boys this is accompanied by burning and sharp pains when emptying, the presence in the urine admixture of blood, itching of the penis. In girls, the symptoms were slightly different: there are pain in the abdomen, increased urinary urgency, spotting, and pain during voiding. There are also allocation of white color with purulent admixtures.

Diagnosis of discharge from the urethra

To begin with, the specialist shall conduct a survey of the patient, which explains the accompanying symptoms and how long the problems began. Then follows the examination of the urethra by cystoscopy (urethroscopy), which makes it possible to identify the presence of disease. After that, patients will need to undergo a laboratory test in which a swab is taken of material from the urethra. This method allows you to identify the cause of the secret and the concentration of white blood cells.

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In cases where the appearance of the secret was provoked by bacteria, the specialist prescribes therapy drugs. For example, if the causative agent is Trichomonas, prescribed «Metronidazole» if the gonococcus is «Doxycycline». In addition to prescriptions for getting rid of the disease, doctors often prescribe additional medicines that enhance immunity and have a positive effect on the microflora of the genital organs (in women).

Treatment of discharge in women who’re expecting a baby, it is important to particularly gently. Expectant mothers prescribed therapy, which will have minimal impact on child health. Often resort to ointments and gels that have antibacterial action. In addition, do not forget about healthy eating, which will contain as many beneficial vitamins and minerals. You will need to quit Smoking and not to drink alcoholic beverages and to minimize the consumption of coffee. Doctors recommend to abstain from sex until the discharge is not to be cured, so as not to infect their partner. To support the body during treatment, it is important to stick to the sleep mode and often in the fresh air.