Difficulty urinating in men: causes, treatment, symptoms

What is the «difficulty in urination in men» (or strangury) and how it affects the body? After all, patients are increasingly faced with this diagnosis, not knowing the reasons for the development of the disease. The disease appears as the syndrome accompanying other pathologies of the organism, and is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations. Weak urination are diagnosed in men of different ages. If the disease is observed a weak urine stream, which can change direction. In disorders of the urogenital system in men can be different signs. Due to the fact that there is intermittent urination in small portions, the act of separation of urine takes longer, there has been intermittent stream and its razdvajanje, spatter, difficult and sluggish for. With the development of the disease the patient must seek help from a doctor, because self-treatment can only do harm. Complex therapy aimed at addressing the root causes and symptoms.

The reasons for the development of the disease

Pathological factors

Why urination in patients difficult? The boy’s or men difficulty urinating appear due to different factors. In most cases, the reason intermittent urination acts as a serious illness, resulting in complicated process of examination of the patient, because the physician needs to make an accurate diagnosis. The main pathological factors in the development of complicated urinary of the act include:

  • Prostate adenoma, in which there is a curvature and narrowing of the urethra. This is due to pressure on the prostate region of the urethra, which is the transition to the area of the bladder. As a result, the patient very anxious in the process of urination.
  • Kidney stone disease that appears due to the formation of stones, resulting in urinary tract are clogged by debris, and the men appear pain.
  • Malignant neoplasms of the prostate, which are dangerous for human life. When the disease is the overgrowth of the prostate gland changing its shape and structure. Due to the fact that patients confuse cancer with adenoma, they begin to be treated independently, it leads to serious complications.

Other pathological causes

  • Stricture of channels of the urinary system, which constricts the walls of the paths. Often the disease develops due to inflammation of the reproductive system, and is diagnosed more in men than in women. This is due to the structure of the urethra.
  • Urethritis, in which the inflammatory processes of the urethra leads to narrowing of the urethra, resulting in urine does not exit the body. While in men there is pain.
  • Prostatitis, which is characterized by the appearance of inflammatory processes in the prostate. For the development of the disease is characterized by infection of the reproductive system germs, which is when the prostate the urethra becomes inflamed and swells. This leads to problems when visiting the toilet.

Non-pathological causes

Not always a problem with urination in men is associated with serious diseases. Different mechanical factors also lead to the development of the disease. These include narrowing of the lumen of the urinary canal, the appearance of foreign objects into the cavity of the bladder (mucous membranes or blood clots), a pinched urethra. Other non-pathological factors include:

  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • long use of diuretics and means for initiating;
  • stretching the bladder after sexual intercourse;
  • severe injury of the spine;
  • the earlier operations.

What are the symptoms?

When the disease in men a desire to produce the act of urine excretion, due to the overcrowding of the bladder. But despite the urge, there is difficulty in urination in which the urine in small portions, not the jets. The stream can be double and thin. Slow, heavy, irregular urination in men is manifested as in the morning and in the afternoon and evening. Difficult urination increased time for using the toilet.

Due to the presence of urination the patient must strain the abdominal muscles, and then he urinates. It’s hard to urinate due to the fact that lethargic bad jet is quickly interrupted and the bladder remains insufficiently drained. To cause the first drop of urine a man gets tired of the abdominal muscles and the perineum. But after that the stream is still split apart and sprayed. When blockage of the urethra in humans appear painful sensations, increased body temperature, blood appears in the urine. If the patient is not timely appealed to the doctor, difficulties arise when selecting a medical complex.

Diagnostic measures

To investigate difficulty urinating, men need to undergo a series of studies, which will determine the causes of the disease, symptoms and select appropriate treatment. First of all, the doctor communicates with the patient, which describes the appearing of the symptoms of difficult urination. Then the man sent for MRI and CT. With the help of puncture in the lumbar area to determine the clinico-neurological symptoms. During the ultrasound examination shows the phase currents of an underlying disease.

With urography measured the extent of disruption of the functioning of internal organs. For finding the causes in which urination is interrupted, the doctor takes a swab. The procedure of uroflowmetry involves the study of urine volume, urine flow rate and duration of the act of urine excretion. To explore the condition of the bladder as a whole carried out a cystoscopy. Using the cystoscope, the doctor revealed the reasons due to which bad men to interrupt urination. Examination of the patient is impossible without General and bacteriological analysis of blood to determine the factors in the development of the disease. Based on the results of the tests the urologist could find the right treatment that will match individual factors.

What is included in the treatment?


The treatment of difficult urination in men is selected depending on individual performance and is directed to the elimination of the causes which appeared the illness. The necessary preparations of directed action are summarized in the table below:

Drugs Destination
Anticholinergic drugs Prescribed to relieve spasms in the urethra and bladder
Antibiotic therapy In the presence of inflammatory processes. Antibiotics are eliminating harmful microorganisms
Diuretic pills Treat difficulty urinating in men

Depending upon what symptoms, prescribe antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs. To increase the level of protective forces of the patient prescribe a complex of vitamins and minerals, which will reinforce the action of the main drugs and enhance the immunity. If medical therapy fails to interrupt the course of the disease, the doctors resort to surgery. This is especially true when the reason for separation of urine is a malignant tumor or adenoma.

Treatment of folk remedies

Interrupted, slow urination in men heal and herbal medicine. But that such a treatment of folk remedies was not harmful to the body and does not cause complications, before applying required to consult with the doctor. To improve the condition of the patient and to remove the violation of urination, use of folk medicine with the fruits of juniper, which are able to decontaminate. Infusion of rosehip has diuretic properties, causing the man will disappear difficult urination. This mixture of crushed fruits and vodka, insist 7 days, while the mixture was occasionally shaken to obtain a uniform light brown color. If the patient is difficult to produce the act of urination, apply tincture of walnut or birch leaves.

Prevention of difficult urination in men

That the disease did not appear among men, it is necessary to remember about prevention. It includes maintaining an active lifestyle and regular sex life, rejection of bad habits, lack of overcooling and stressful situations. Recommended time to pass inspection at the urologist, during which can detect the diseases. If diseases of the urinary and reproductive systems time to heal, it will not difficult to urinate in the future. Thus it is necessary to consider two aspects: medication and folk remedies, as a result, the treatment will be comprehensive, not piecemeal. As a result of basic ailments can be quickly cured, and have difficulty with urination.

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