Dietary supplements, homeopathy, vitamins for urinary system

Urogenital diseases can be caused by infections, chemical or physical aspects. Now doctors are increasingly resorting to drugs herbal composition, which are considered a good alternative to chemical origin. A great place is taken various supplements, vitamins and homeopathy, which are used in combination with other therapies and are directed to the maintenance of normal functioning of the urinary tract.

Unlike dietary Supplements and homeopathy

The main difference between homeopathy and Bud is the way of cooking. In fact, homeopathy is the sugar cereal with the liquid. Solution of medicinal plants many times is diluted with water, reducing the concentration to a minimum, considering that the water «remembers» at the molecular level of matter. Many experts believe this treatment is a placebo effect. In any case, doubts about the safety of homeopathy no one else. With regard to dietary Supplements, for preparing a drug take a specific extract or the juice of the plant, without diluting, and as they are filling dietary Supplement.

The feasibility of using nutritional Supplements and vitamins for urinary system

Biologically active additives (BAA) of medicine are not. These include vitamins, fiber, yeast. Use them to maintain the normal functioning of the body. Unfortunately, very often dietary Supplements are marketed and sold as remedies against disease, but it can be just a complex of vitamins in large doses like vitamin of group B.

To normalize the function of the urogenital area it is important to pay attention to the part of the Bada. There must enter the components that can provide such properties:

  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • immunotropic;
  • decongestant and diuretic.
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Will homeopathy?

Homeopathy differs from the dietary Supplements specific actions. It works on the principle of «like with like». It is believed that if a person suffering from a cold, to enter a minimum dose of a substance that causes the runny nose, the body will start to fight the virus than most will develop a way to cope with this disease in the future. Centuries ago according to this principle the body is accustomed to the poison than was thought to prevent possible poisoning.

Diseases of the urogenital system arise from the exposure of infections of viruses, bacteria or parasites from the outside. Early medicine was often used antibiotics, but over time, the pathogens have become resistant to such type of drugs, and the toxicity of such treatment is obvious. Urogenital system contaminated with toxins of the body is easier to inflammatory processes, because it provides a good breeding ground for bacteria and feeds them. It is believed that with homeopathy for the genitourinary system and proper nutrition can improve protective properties of the organism, change the soil, to adjust the intestines. An additional advantage is the absence of toxic effects on the body.

A list of famous dietary Supplements and homeopathic remedies

On the pharmaceutical market the most popular drugs:

  • «Urethral,» warns education of stones in kidneys, eliminates toxins and salts;
  • «Prosta-strong» — suspend the development of adenoma and prostatitis in men;
  • «Bioperine» — facilitates the excretion of urine, has anti-fungal properties;
  • «Kanefron» — prevention of kidney stones, also used in chronic cystitis and pyelonephritis;
  • «ATmega» — for the treatment uchennyh urination;
  • «Decreased in the accounting» — in benign prostate hyperplasia stage I and II.
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The effectiveness of dietary Supplements and homeopathy in a scientific way is not proven because the medical tests they still did not pass. However, these drugs along with vitamins used a considerable quantity of people to maintain normal health. Importantly, before deciding on their use, consult a doctor.