Cranberry diuretic: properties, Morse during pregnancy

The most rich in vitamins berry — the cranberry. People from ancient times use its healing power. Without a doubt, the cranberries a diuretic. It is used as whole berries and made jam from it, making tea. Cranberries have an acidic taste, it speaks to its richness in vitamin C. It will become an assistant in viral diseases.

Diuretic properties

Cranberry juice cures cystitis and urinary disorders, is an excellent prevention of kidney stones. Since olden times people made herbal teas from leaves collected in advance and dried fruits. Despite the fact that the fruit perfectly stand the cold and can survive all winter under the snow, for the best effect it is necessary to collect it in the fall. This needs to be done to berries not lost therapeutic effect. In order to prevent urinary tract infections drink a daily glass of natural cranberry juice. The method of storage depends on whether the fruit is diuretic. It is strictly forbidden to pluck unripe berries and leave it to Mature.

How to use cranberry as a diuretic?

Oxalic acid in the berry is able to lay the stones in the urinary tract. Doctors recommend not to abuse the berry, apply adequate serving of cranberry juice to maintain normal urine output. The diuretic effect of the cranberry, and the cranberries are soft. The main advantage are the fact that with effective mochegonno effect, the reserves of magnesium and potassium from the body are washed away. The tea prepared from the leaves of cranberry or cranberries, has a weak diuretic effect, strengthens the heart and normalizes its work.

It is important to know that cranberries, lingonberries and other berries are able to absorb harmful substances from the environment, so you need to be attentive to the place of collection or sale of the berries.

Cranberry fruit drinks during pregnancy

Cranberry juice is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains group of vitamins B and C, H, PP. Cranberry juice consumed during pregnancy that can remove the swelling, to remove excess fluid from the body, meanwhile, saturating it with vitamins. Berry prevents nausea, reduces high fever, strengthens the immune system. If the expectant mother suffers from strong migraines, Morse will reduce the pain, reduce pressure and help to get rid of a cold. Due to the large amount of vitamin C the consumption of the berries on the first pregnancy may be unsafe. Ascorbic acid in high dose can cause miscarriage, so with a seriousness to eat berries.

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Recipe a vitamin drink for pregnant women

500 g of clean and peeled fruits cranberry crush, puree in a deep dish. Using the gauze to squeeze the juice, obtained the porridge pour 1.4 liters of water, bring to a boil, add 150 grams of sugar. Once the juice has cooled add the remaining juice. For effective result you should drink 1 Cup a day. Healing drink was ready for use!


In addition to utility, the cranberry has contraindications:

  • Use undesirable for people with ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer, high acidity.
  • In pregnant women may cause allergic reactions.
  • You should not eat with heartburn and the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.
  • Do not use as food the fruit of those people who suffer from chronic or acute hepatitis.

Healing properties of cranberries and cranberry known for centuries, since ancient times, this fruit was used in folk medicine. It not only nourishes but improves health and treats diseases. Cranberry is a diuretic? Of course, cranberries — the national diuretic of the fast action. In addition, acts as an antibacterial agent, cures bladder infections, like cranberries, supports the health of the kidneys, saturating the body with useful elements and preventing the exit of potassium.

The peculiarity of this berry is its antipyretic effect, it cures cough, sore throat and toxins that appear during a cold.

Storage methods

The berry is harvested 3 times a year, in spring, in September and November. To save the cranberries for a long time, it is possible to freeze or dry. With regard to useful qualities, they will not be lost. Berry can survive in the freezer until the next collection. In the event that in the freezer there’s no place you can fill the fruit with water and store in a dark cold room. In the berries are the essential organic acids, they act as preservatives, extending the shelf life. Making such stocks, you provide the family with vitamins for the whole winter.

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