Corn for kidneys: how to brew a diuretic

Corn fiber is often used in herbalism. But how to prepare corn silk for the kidneys don’t know everything. Corn as a diuretic is. Due to these qualities its composition. It contains selenium, vitamins, flavonoids, oils. Typically, this herbal preparation is used in case of problems with bile. Herbal medicine is also successfully used it as a diuretic for various diseases.

Diuretic of corn hair

Studies have shown that the extract of corn hair capable of dissolving kidney stones.

Use of fiber plants as a natural diuretic. The most useful part are the hairs (corn silk) on the cob. The greatest concentration of useful properties of corn has, during the milky stage. It is composed of a number of substances (including penicillin compounds) that are beneficial to the urinary system. Corn silk as with other diuretic herbs administered in the presence of:

  • stones in the bladder (urolithiasis);
  • prostatitis;
  • edema caused by heart disease and violation of water-salt metabolism.

How to brew a remedy for the kidneys from fibers of corn?

Herbs traditionally used as infusions, decoctions and herbal teas. Pharmacy medicine produces tinctures and liquid extracts. Effective diuretic — is the collection of bearberry, corn stigmas and wing beans. Herbs are mixed with the same amount of raw materials. To 1 liter of water take 40 grams of the mixture and boil for 15 minutes. Then the solution needs to be strain. Drinking tool you need for the day in 6 receptions. In the treatment of diuretic to limit salt intake. Shown milk diet. You can put a heating pad on the kidneys, take a hot bath. Strong diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent is a mixture of agrimony, immortelle, corn centaury and hair. 1 tablespoon mixture poured two glasses of water. Method of preparation — 15 minutes in a water bath. Strain, add water up to half a liter. Drink diuretic should be after a meal of 50 ml three times a day.

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Diuretic infusion is prepared as follows: 10 grams of fiber corn pour 500 ml of boiling water. The solution needs to insist 2 hours (preferably in a thermos). Drink the potion 2-3 times a day for 100 ml. With long-term use in addition to the diuretic effect of dissolve small stones in the bladder. Prescribed diuretic in cystitis. Liquid extract (extract) from corn silk (pharmaceutical preparation) drink 40-50 drops before meals. In the preventive purposes it is possible to drink herbal tea. It is prepared by mixing leaves of currant, mint and corn silk. This tool is used as normal tea, without complying with the dosage.

Contraindications to the use of

Herbal treatment should be supervised by specialists. So consult with your doctor in choosing the herbs and observance of dosage. Corn fiber contain a lot of vitamin K, which is known as a means of boosting blood clotting. Therefore, people with varicose veins and an increased prothrombin in the blood, corn silk can not be accepted. Pregnancy and Allergy medication are also contraindications to its use.

When a decreased appetite, low body weight corn silk can not drink. This drug is used for obesity, as it has a sedative effect, inhibits «appetite centre». You cannot use a diuretic, if the body is deficient in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. Any diuretics gently used when there are large stones, so as not to provoke the blockage of the ureter.