Conventional diuretics: mechanism of action

Is the drug «Bonnet» diuretic or not? People who are trying to get rid of edema, are taking a variety of drugs, even those that absolutely do not belong to a diuretic. By doing so, you can seriously harm your health. Often confused with diuretic drugs and the «Bonnet». But this medication is an antihypertensive agent which is prescribed for high blood pressure and increased urination are irrelevant.

What is that?

A pharmaceutical «Treatment» refers to the group of ACE inhibitors, which have anti-hypertensive effects. In the composition of the drug as the active ingredient is captopril. Intake «Bonnet» only in tablet form, each package is for 1 to 4 of the blister. Use this medication for such ailments:

  • heart attack;
  • high blood pressure;
  • heart failure;
  • the complication of diabetes of kidney disease.

It is not recommended to use the «Bonnet» in the following cases:

  • dysfunction of kidneys or liver;
  • violations of the outflow of blood;
  • angioedema;
  • elevated blood level of potassium;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • the age of 18 years.

Mechanism of action

In the process described the impact of medication on the body is an obstacle production of angiotensin 2, which is responsible for the narrowing of the arterial lumen and venous vessels. The kidneys produce the enzyme angiotensin, which raises blood pressure, and medicine «Bonnet» blocks this enzyme, extends the lumen of blood vessels and clears the body of excess fluid. Drunk tablet 75% is rapidly absorbed by the digestive tract, and the action of the active ingredient can be felt after only 10 minutes. The maximum effect can be noticed after half an hour, after drinking a dose of medicine. The duration of the therapeutic effect lasts up to 6 hours.

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Capoten diuretic or not?

Most people believe that the drug «Bonnet» — a diuretic, which can reduce swelling. However, it is not this medication with diuretics has nothing to do. He is in a group of medications that are aimed at normalization of HELL. But why do many believe the «Bonnet» diuretic? Perhaps this misconception has arisen due to a weak diuretic effect, which is observed after administration of antihypertensive tablets. Urination becomes frequent because of expansion of blood vessels and improving blood circulation. Make the described anti-hypertensive medication should be solely on the testimony and the doctor.

Why is combined with diuretics, and with what?

In some cases, described the drug is recommended to drink together with diuretics. Is assigned to this combination if necessary, to enhance the effect of medications aimed at increasing the production of urine. In this context combine the «Bonnet» with a loop diuretic medicines as they have a mild diuretic effect.

How to combine with diuretics?

Make combinations of pharmaceutical agents have misused the profile of the physician in the above named dosages. Elevated blood pressure the pill «Capoten» 50 mg three times a day, but if a proper result from the healing did not come in for 7-14 days and if there is no previously assigned diuretics, should Supplement treatment with a diuretic, for example, «Gidrohlortiazidom» 25 mg per day. Taking the «Bonnet» with diuretics, the dosage of the latter can be increased every 1-2 weeks and as long as the dose of antihypertensive agents reaches its maximum. If at the time of appointment «Capoten» patients are already being taken diuretics, the intake of medication should be conducted under strict medical supervision.

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