Cloudy urine during pregnancy: causes, treatment

Many people wonder what causes cloudy urine during pregnancy, and what danger this phenomenon for the health of the expectant mother and her unborn baby? Normal urine is light and has a yellowish color without impurities. But if the urine is opaque, then the expectant mother to safety, your baby and your personal, you should inform the doctor. After all, even if not always, but still blurred uric fluid can indicate abnormalities in the body that require immediate diagnosis and proper treatment.

What affects the condition of the urine?

Probably few people know that the first sign of pregnancy is cloudy urine. The symptom appears when increases in the quantity of salts occurring on the background of hormonal adjustments. Change the color of urine can occur when the wrong diet when used primarily salty, spicy and protein foods. In this regard, in the urinary fluid are formed in a large amount of urate, oxalate and phosphate, which make the urine cloudy. Dangerous stones do not change the color of urine, and the fact that they are the main reason to the development of inflammatory diseases of the kidney.

Changes in urine may occur if the expectant mother has feasted on grapes or ate the beets, then the urine will take on a reddish hue or even white in color. Cloudy urine in pregnant women is quite often observed when there is insufficient fluid intake. Per day each person, including the woman in the position should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, this includes fruit drinks, teas, herbal teas and fruit drinks. The urine undergoes changes during pregnancy and resulting from the ingestion of pharmaceuticals and vitamins. Sediment in the urine of women in the position often indicates various diseases. Therefore, if turbidity persists for 2-3 days, avoid serious pathologies should be referred to the health facility.

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The restructuring of the body during the period of gestation

If pregnancy occurs at an early time in the expectant mother, there are significant changes. Strong transformation undergoes hormonal background, but also considerably increase the size of the kidney and the ureters dilate. To thoroughly filter the toxins from entering the body food or medications, the kidneys begin to function doubly. It is not surprising that this is reflected in the indicators of urine.

Sterile urinary fluid should be transparent, and if it is sediment or flakes, pregnant women should worry about. If the urine is white sucks, this indicates protein or penetration into biological material vaginal secretions. To avoid impurities, it is necessary to use the 2nd portion of urine, and the vagina hole to close with a cotton swab.

For early and late-term gestation cloudy urine may indicate the presence of the body foci of inflammation. Turbidity excrement secreted by the kidneys, can be observed in the presence of lymph. To facilitate the course of childbirth and to prevent pathology in intrauterine development of the fetus, it is important not to self-medicate, and without delay, to consult specialists and undergo all necessary laboratory studies.

The causes of in the early stages

May appear cloudy urine during pregnancy in the first trimester as a result of significant changes in the diet. When toxicosis expectant mother does not wish to eat food in the usual quantities, the portions are getting smaller and changing taste preferences, the woman drinks less fluid. The result — the urine becomes concentrated hue, and loses its transparency.

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The causes of turbid urine are hidden in foods, excessive consumption of dairy products, chocolate, cocoa and strong tea can affect its transparency. Getting large quantities of alkali in the body, also leads to the clouding of biological material. Give turbidity and urate occurring in women who are lean on meat dishes. In the early stages the urine may be cloudy, if the future mother incorrectly collected, namely, not held toilet the genital area and capacity has released the 1st batch of urine.

What is the composition of turbid urine during pregnancy?

The fluid secreted by the kidneys, which in pregnant clouded for various reasons, primarily includes a large amount of phosphates. The result of phosphaturia can be such serious consequences:

  • frequent urge for evacuation;
  • the discomfort, itching and irritating sensation of heat when going to the toilet to pee;
  • the formation of stones in the kidneys;
  • inflammatory lesions;
  • dysfunction of the urinary system.

Components of turbid urine are crystals of calcium oxalate (oxalates). In pregnancy they occur often, lovers chocolates, cocoa drinks, coffee, and other foods that contain oxalic acid. When oxalates pregnant may complain of pain during defecation, and pains in the lower abdomen. Urinary fluid becomes opaque during pregnancy and wrath, which are formed by improper diet. In addition, the composition of turbid urine often diagnosed with bacteria, lymph, gases, and the high content of white blood cells.

Treatment and preventive measures

Before you return the urine clarity, patient will need to be tested. If urinary fluid was turbid as a result of taken vitamins or eaten food, then you should re-collect biological material for analysis and to exclude provoking factors. If during pregnancy, the urine became turbid for other reasons, then you need to pass doctor prescribed a course of treatment, which often involves taking the allowed medicines and folk remedies. Prevention is the unquestioning adherence to doctor appointments, diet, personal hygiene and avoidance of stressful situations.

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