Cigarettes and kidneys: does the refusal functionality on

Nicotine destroys the tissues of many organs. Smoking negatively affects the heart, lungs, stomach, including the kidneys. This body is a kind of filter. He skips through the liquid, eliminating and removing from the body with urine harmful substances, toxins. The person Smoking the kidneys are burdened not only by the processing of foods, drugs, toxic resins, which are contained in cigarette smoke. They increase the load on the body, which leads to premature aging and tissue damage.

Cigarettes and its effect on renal function

The kidneys have a great ability to regenerate itself, but long-term effects of alcohol, toxins, including cigarettes, they function over time, is violated. The body is engaged in the cleansing of the blood in 60 seconds is able to filter more than a liter. Clean then circulates through the body, but the «waste» go in the bladder and urine leave the body. Like any filter, on living tissues are deposited the remains of the dirt, which then formed the stones. Cigarette consumption is several times stronger provokes the deposition of harmful substances.

Nicotine lowers the immune system, in which the kidney in order to counter inflammatory processes, so the kidneys have to operate at full power. The body of the smoker is in constant tension, and over time, Smoking can lead to renal failure. And cure it is possible only by following long-term treatment or else through an organ transplant.

Aggravates diseases in which damaged kidneys

Doctors have proved that patients with diseases that cause including kidney damage, a common condition when Smoking is much worse. Dependent of nicotine available in most cases quickly there were nephropathy, is several times increased risk of release of protein into the urine. And over time the buds were beginning to lose their filtration function. Smokers with diabetes of the first type, there is a rapid risk of developing the disease the second type. Studies have also shown that the rejection of bad habits has a positive impact on diabetics: allows to suspend the process of rapid destruction of the kidneys. Cigarette is an agent provocateur of organ in hypertension, lupus erythematosus, burns.

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Smoking, as a cause of development of kidney disease

Smoking becomes a catalyst for many processes in the body, and in most cases, pathogens. Smoking strikes primarily in the respiratory and digestive systems. But the kidneys as part of the urinary tract and become an easy target for nicotine. Vulnerable tissue on is simply soaked with carcinogens in cigarette smoke that causes many kidney diseases. American scientists have proved that the risk of cancer of the kidney and bladder smokers are 2 times higher than in people without this bad habit. Nicotine can cause kidney failure and pyelonephritis.

Nicotine negatively affects the condition of a kidney transplant

If the authority so amazed that to cure it medically impossible, the only solution is a kidney transplant. Smoking in this case prevents the normal healing of a new body. In the tissues of the graft decreased the amount of a substance that is responsible for immunity level, and the body just was not adjusting to his new body, and his tissue started to die. This threatens the health and life of man. Patients who underwent surgery for organ transplant, Smoking — it means to put your life in danger. Scientists have found that the 10-th part of the transplant patients continued to smoke, and they increase the risk of cancer 2.5 times more than people who stopped using cigarettes after surgery. Nicotine may also cause these patients of heart disease.

Patients living with transplanted organs should throughout life to take drugs that reduce the immune system. Otherwise, the new element of the body is perceived as a foreign object and reject it. Because of these drugs, people with a transplanted kidney are at risk for the occurrence of cancer, infectious and cardiovascular diseases. That is why Smoking is even more detrimental to their health. Doctors warn for six months before a transplant the patient needs to say goodbye to addiction, to not smoke and after surgery.

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Does the refusal functionality on?

A person suffering from kidney disease or diabetes, you need to give up Smoking, otherwise, tobacco will continue to destroy tissue. Scientists have conducted studies and found that smokers get rid of nicotine addiction, after 24 months the results of the analyses were able to regenerate buds. Quitting in the very first week will have a positive impact on the work of the body: the body will get less and less toxins, the load on the kidneys will decrease, and the body gradually begins to recover.