Chlorhexidine in the urethra: how to wash contraindications

Many patients are interested in how to use «Chlorhexidine» with urethritis? This drug is used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes locally and externally. For therapy of the inflammatory process in the urethra of men to use «Chlorhexidine» should be prescribed by a doctor, strictly adhering to the user with the specified sequence of actions in order to prevent burns of the mucosa.

Description of the drug

Medical drug «Chlorhexidine» refers to the group of antiseptic agents and is a colorless liquid for external use that has no smell. Available solution in vials, each containing:

  • chlorhexidine digluconate;
  • purified water.

In case of individual intolerance to the drugs may taste disturbance, burn the urethra. Improper use if urethritis is threatened by bleaching, burning and irritation of the skin. Long-term treatment of the oral cavity changes the color of the tooth enamel and leads to the formation of Tartar on the teeth. Apply Chlorhexidine, for the treatment of medical instruments. Hlorgeksidinom solution to wash purulent wounds, burns, infectious and bacterial lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. They carry out lavage of the urethra and the genital tract prior to surgery. Use a solution for applications, irrigation and rinses.

Properties of the drug

Pharmaceutical solution «Chlorhexidine» plays in the fight against pathogenic microbes of various etiologies, relieves inflammation and has an antiseptic effect. The drug causes death of infectious diseases, reducing the number of microorganisms to an acceptable level. In addition, this antiseptic effective against fungal pathogens.

How to flush the urethra with Chlorhexidine?

Antiseptic «Chlorhexidine» is recommended to flush the urethra men. This procedure allows us to derive discharge from the mucous unpaired tubular body of the genitourinary system to conduct biological seeding. Process the urethra and in front of a laboratory test to identify malignant tumors. But in most cases, pour the solution into the urethra to remove the infectious foci, with its mucus layer.

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Men valid treatment for both the front and rear Department of the urethra. To perform the procedure, you need to prepare 20 CC special syringe with a rubber tip to expose the head of the male reproductive organ. The man must put the tip of the syringe to the channel, and slowly introduce the solution in a volume of 3-5 ml. When washed the urethra, should be removed with a rubber tip, and to wait until there is an independent fluid flow from the urethra. You may need to repeat the procedure several times.

After washing the anterior urethra is possible to start processing the rear. Will need 5-10-ti CC syringe with a rubber nozzle. Carry out the procedure can only be a subject matter expert with experience. The patient lies on the back, lift the back and flexes the foot, and the medic pulls the head of the male organ and introduces the solution into the urethra.

Contraindications urethritis

Despite the high efficiency in the treatment of urethritis of the solution «Chlorhexidine», it is allowed to use not all. To prevent side effects, you should not handle urine data antiseptic persons with rashes on the skin. Should abandon the use of the solution to patients who suffer from various allergic diseases. If after using «Chlorhexidine» observed burning, itching and the skin is dry, it is necessary to prematurely stop the treatment and then the adverse symptoms will disappear by itself.