Chlamydial urethritis in women and men: the treatment

There are many inflammatory processes that occur in the urethra. One of these is chlamydial urethritis or chlamydia. Provoke this pathology of chlamydia, which is most often sexually transmitted. When the disease the patient complains of problems with urination that occurs due to swelling and inflammation in the urethra. And sometimes the disease is asymptomatic and goes into a chronic phase, which is more difficult to treat.

Overview and types

Chlamydia is capable of hitting not only the urogenital system, but also other nearby internal organs and also harmful to eyesight, digestion and breathing. The basic way of infection — unprotected sex, in which chlamydia share and spread from the patient’s body in a healthy.

Chlamydia often occurs together with other infectious diseases, which are caused by gonococci, Trichomonas and fungi.

Upon detection of several infectious diseases, symptomatology increases, and treatment becomes more complicated. The incubation period depends on the degree of infection in average it takes 1-4 weeks. If time does not cure urethritis, there is a chronic form of the disease, preceded by acute and subacute forms. In the acute phase the symptoms are more pronounced: there are frequent urination, pain, purulent discharge from the urethra.

The variety of chlamydial urethritis

Different type of chlamydial urethritis is of particular clinical manifestations that are distinct. The acute form of disease resembles the infection with gonococci. In the case of chronic forms, the symptoms are non-existent or is of diverse nature, which is constantly changing. Different types of chlamydial urethritis have different symptoms and are sometimes diagnosed with other diseases. It is for this reason that the symptoms are many and they are all similar to the manifestations of other diseases. For each type there are different methods and therapeutic drugs.

Chlamydia has many types which depend on the location and extent of injury. So, there are torpid urethritis, located in the front, total urethritis, which happens to be a complication in the prostate. Anterior urethritis becomes chronic, and is total. In severe cases, it is accompanied by prostatitis.

Causes of chlamydia

More common cause of the pathology is considered unprotected sex. Bacteria can switch from partner and from the partner. In men, chlamydia delayed in the mucosa of the penis and sometimes fall through the rectum. These bacteria can die, but most often aktiviziruyutsya and infect the body.

Chlamydia are deposited in the epithelium or in the immune system, penetrating into their cells.

If the immune system is weakened, then at the first opportunity is an infection of the urogenital system. Chlamydia multiply in the epithelium of the urethra and cause inflammation. Bacteria produce harmful toxins, which adversely affect subepithelial structure of the urethra. Infection can be a long time to make itself felt, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences. So, is not carried out timely treatment and the disease is aggravated.

Manifestation of chlamydia

Symptoms in men

Chlamydial urethritis in men often has no specific symptoms and the first time was not accompanied by any symptoms. Discomfort occur only after several weeks. At first the patient finds problems with urination, which are associated with inflammation. At pathology following symptom:

  • soreness and burning in the allocation of urine;
  • swelling and redness on the head of the penis;
  • yellow discharge from the penis;
  • the pain and swelling of the testicles.

If urethritis this type the person has an uncomfortable feeling around the penis, and only in the area of the urethra. Difficult urination, but urine comes in small quantity. Such symptoms are often confused with gonorrhea. These two diseases often occur together and occur the same. Because diseases are difficult to differentiate, men prescribed drugs for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Symptoms in women

The first time chlamydial urethritis in women is not manifested or it is confused with other diseases of the genitourinary system. In the beginning, the woman feels discomfort in the genital area. Noticed mucus from the urethra, which are the first and main symptom of the disease. A woman complains of such symptoms:

  • painful urination;
  • burning and itching in the urethra;
  • bloody or purulent discharge;
  • an unpleasant odor from the genitals;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse.

If untreated, the pathology is rapidly spreading to the cervix. In the acute form of chlamydia symptoms that resemble an infection with gonococci. First, affected only the anterior wall of the urethra, then the symptoms recede and after a while appear with a new force. This indicates the spread of the inflammatory process.

Complications and consequences

When complications of chlamydial urethritis diseases occur in urinary system and genitals of different nature. In severe cases, there is hemorrhagic cystitis, epididymitis (inflammation of epididymis). Doctors diagnose stricture of the urethra and infection of the seminal vesicles. If late or incorrect treat the pathology, it raises a number of complications that are difficult to treat. Men when running chlamydia complain of prostatitis in the chronic form, there is often impotence. The female body is suffering from cervical erosion, there are ectopic pregnancy. Often a woman is hard to conceive and bear a healthy child at chlamidia urethritis, causing a miscarriage.


First the doctor is interested in overall health status of the patient, learns about the sexual life of the patient. The doctor finds out details about your current symptoms and when they made themselves felt. Then assigned by a gynecologist (women) and urologist (men). Specialist sends a swab from the urethra for analysis that will determine the type of urethritis. Assigned urethroscopy and urethrography, if the disease is in the chronic form.

The patient passes a common analysis of urine in which bacteria will be noticed when available. Bacterial seeding urine is appointed to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen pathology to antibiotics. Additionally appointed ultrasound examination of the genitourinary system to determine the condition of internal organs. Complex diagnostics can not only detect disease, but to determine its cause and pathogenesis. It allows you to accurately select the therapy and medicines.


Because the disease is caused by bacteria, and should affect the antibacterial agents. The doctor prescribes «Rulid», «Ofloxacin», «Doxycycline», and other tools. Pregnant best not to take or use with caution because of possible side effects. Therapy or oral drugs are introduced into the urethra. In chronic chlamydial urethritis additionally appointed physiotherapy. At the time of treatment is contraindicated sex. If the patient has a permanent partner, then mandatory treatment are both, that there was no secondary infection.

The use of traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is used as adjuvant in antibiotic therapy. As a standalone treatment it is unlikely to bring tangible benefits and fully acts on the hearth. It is recommended to take cranberry juice, which affects the infection. Infusion and decoction of black currant reduces inflammation. When inflammation of the urinary system well-proven decoction of parsley, cooked in milk. Used in chlamidia urethritis marshmallow root, blue poppy and hemp seeds. Before the use of folk remedies should consult with your doctor, so as not to harm the health and not to aggravate the situation.

Preventive measures

To prevent chlamydial urethritis and not to harm your health, should seriously treat sexual contacts, use of protective equipment. Female and male contraceptives reduce the likelihood of infection with chlamydia. Do not neglect regular inspections at the venereologist, to be assured in the absence of venereal diseases. For women it is important to monitor the intimate hygiene. Noticed pathology increases the chances of a speedy and prosperous recovery.

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