Chicory is a diuretic or not: useful properties

To cleanse the body and kidneys use a lot of remedies in folk medicine. So, the question arises whether chicory is a diuretic? The roots and flowers have medicinal properties. It can be used to treat urolithiasis, the kidneys, improve digestive function. Chicory is able to exert a diuretic effect, strengthen blood flow, and the exchange of substances in the liver.

Harm and benefits of chicory as a diuretic

So far doctors have not come to a consensus about the usefulness or harm of plants. Some equate it to coffee and believe that it is harmful for the health. Others wave it, and equate almost to «miracle» drink. It is indisputable that in chicory has many useful components and vitamins. But not all and not always they can be useful and are recommended.

Useful properties

The plant is used in folk medicine for the treatment of many diseases, including kidney problems. It can have a diuretic effect and cleanse the kidneys and the entire body. If you eat constantly, it can improve the function of intestines, stomach and pancreas. With its help eliminate the inflammation and microflora imbalance. The plant has a positive effect on the skin, nervous system, hair, immune system.

The benefits of instant chicory insignificant.

The answer to the question, is whether chicory is diuretic, unequivocally, Yes. The plant is able to purge and rid the liver and kidneys of accumulated toxins. With its help it is excreted from the body bile. The plant is used for weight loss, because it consists of inulin, the enzyme that reduces the amount of sugar in the blood.

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Harmful effects

Do not abuse chicory when abnormalities of the heart. If you drink in large quantities, it can bring no benefit and the opposite effect will occur a drop in pressure and arrhythmia. This drink is contraindicated in people who have varicose veins. Should be wary to accept, so as not to cause damage to the liver and intestines. I do not advise doctors and women during lactation, as the drug causes increased arousal in children. It is possible to reduce the amount of milk. It is important to observe the necessary portion of the plant and then the chances of harmful effects are minimal.

Vitamin composition

Useful is the chicory root, it holds the most amount of nutrients and vitamins. This drug without any apprehension apply with diabetes because it consists of inulin (a polysaccharide that serves as a sugar substitute). Chicory-filled organic acids, pectin, carotene, protein components. Macro — and micronutrients make up a large part of the drug: calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is rich in vitamins A, b, C. Such a set of useful substances can not exert positive effects on the body.


Do not forget about the dosage of this product, excessive use causes side effects. It is not necessary to replace it in your diet completely. An overabundance of vitamins and minerals harmful as a shortage of them. Especially serious to the use of chicory is to treat people who have hemorrhoids, varicose or vascular disease.

The use of chicory

Used plant for many ailments, nervous breakdowns, migraines. Often used in diseases of the kidney and urogenital system, since it has a diuretic effect. Consumed as infusions, decoctions, teas, make poultices and lotions. Use this plant as a tonic drug.

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To get results, you must use the roots of chicory. To procure this plant, first the roots are washed and dried. Then slightly fry until to evaporate the moisture from the roots. Roasted roots are ready to eat. From them prepare decoctions, teas, infusions are used as lotions and compresses. When drinking tea from chicory may experience a constant urge to go to the toilet, because the roots are a strong diuretic.

Tea take a teaspoon of roasted roots and cover with cold water (250 ml), and then put to boil. After the boil to boil, then strain and drink. Can be added to tea, honey or milk. Beneficial effects on the body, and a decoction of chicory. You need 400 ml of water, take a tablespoon of product to boil and let it brew broth for 2 hours. Once cooked, strain and drink ½ Cup three times a day.

Recommendations when storing

Chicory should be stored in a dark place, where not hot. You must put it in the package, to be able to get air, the most suitable for these purposes — cloth pouch. Roasted chicory is stored in a sealed form. The spoon should be dry, it is impossible to prevent the ingress of moisture. It can ruin the finished product, which then will not be so useful. More than three years can not be stored.