Chamomile diuretic or not: how to prepare a decoction

Many people wonder, chamomile diuretic or not? Popular plant is due to the fact that perfectly cleanses the body of toxins. It is also a strong antioxidant. Despite the fact that there are now a variety of therapeutic practices, most of the people inclined to the old, proven methods of treating genitourinary system.

When chamomile is used as a diuretic?

Chamomile as a diuretic is used:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • if you have problems with the genitourinary system;
  • at a delay of urine;
  • during menstrual irregularities or delayed menses;
  • when kidney disease.

It is so versatile medicinal herb that it is widely used in various problems, namely, during colds, flu, sore throat, improper robot nervous system, inflammatory diseases of the eye, itching, burns, eczema, it cleans the kidneys. Chamomile is so useful that it almost has no contraindications to the use. Contraindicated only if there is an individual intolerance.

How to cook a diuretic decoction?

This will take a dry chamomile flowers and a Cup of boiling water. Hold on low heat for 15 minutes, then leave to infuse. But remember that to make the broth in a water bath. Take 3 times a day. Now it has become «fashionable» to play sports, watch her figure. But what if you can not get to «throw off» excess weight? Here again comes to the rescue Daisy is a diuretic. If you decided to lose weight this way, it is worth remembering that the flower must be pharmacy. Diuretic herbs help to prevent obesity and completeness, and that is why so popular. They allow you to remove excess toxins from the body by promoting urination. There are many recipes for such, but the most effective is the collection of different plants (rosehip, cranberry, chamomile, dill, motherwort, yarrow, calendula, peppermint), which you need to take as a tea three times a day.

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Chamomile is known for its medicinal properties for many years and every time you use gives a stunning effect. It is available for everyone and is in almost every home. If you want to cleanse your body of all the «extra» and lose weight without harm to health, then you can safely buy the pharmacy the flower. But don’t forget: if there are any serious problems, you should consult a specialist. Drink chamomile tea at least once a week and soon the body will be improved.