Candles Betadine cystitis: properties, uses

For inflammation of the bladder is recommended to include in the treatment regimen of a candle. The drug «Betadine», cystitis is the most effective, he quickly copes with painful urination and other symptoms characteristic of this disease. Use the medicine after consultation with the relevant specialist who will recommend the necessary dosage and prescribed duration of the therapeutic course. Improper treatment of cystitis suppositories «Betadine» patient threatens serious negative consequences.

Candles «Betadine» and the necessity of cystitis

To speed up the healing process doctors can be assigned to vaginal treatment of cystitis. The use of candles «Betadine» for inflammation of the bladder helps to reduce pain during defecation, and also in the abdomen. In addition, their use is recommended to protect the mucous membrane and to prevent the spread of infection. Components in the composition of the described medication to destroy the inflammation, and improve the patient’s condition.

To get suppositories maximum benefit, you must treat with respect some rules:

  • enter the candles is recommended before bedtime;
  • need to comply with bed rest;
  • administering medication must be in the supine position, after which hour it is impossible to get out of bed.

Properties of the drug

Pharmaceutical tool «Betadine», produced in the form of suppositories, a drug, a new generation of pharmaceuticals, which acts against all kinds of infections. The main disadvantage of this medication are a number of contraindications, the primary one being the inability to use «Betadine» persons with disorders of the thyroid gland due to its contained iodine. However, you can use it for inflammation of the bladder and when properly applied can be seen a positive result already after 2 days.

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Vaginal suppositories «Betadine», recommended for the treatment of cystitis, have the following properties:

  • antispasmodic;
  • antiseptic;
  • antifungal;
  • antibacterial;
  • disinfectant;
  • antiviral.

Release form and composition

Available describe the drug not only in the form of suppositories, to buy medicine at the pharmacy in the form of solution and ointment. «Betadine» solution is a yellowish liquid that is poured into bottles made of green plastic for 30, 120 and 1000 ml. of Medicine, presented in the form of ointment, has a color and a weak odor of iodine. A homogeneous substance is packaged in tubes of 20 g. Candles are also painted in a yellowish color and placed in a strip-package of 14 pieces each.

In a drug «Betadine» in various forms of production contains the following components:

  • povidone-iodine;
  • distilled water;
  • nonoxynol 9;
  • food antiflaming Е917;
  • caustic soda;
  • glycerin;
  • citric acid;
  • the hydrogen phosphate of sodium;
  • macrogol 1000.

Method of ingestion and dosage

Suppositories «Betadine» is intended for intravaginal use. Before use it is necessary to moisten the candle with water and introduced into the vagina as deeply as possible. Allowed to use even during menstruation for 2 pieces per day. The therapeutic course is 7 days, and at the discretion of the relevant specialist may be extended to 3 weeks.


Despite the high efficiency of the described pharmaceuticals to apply it is allowed not to everyone. Should abandon medication «Betadine» persons who have hypersensitivity to iodine or other components of the medication. Is absolutely contraindicated of the drug in the syndrome, which is caused by the increased hormonal activity of the thyroid gland, and dysfunction. It is not recommended to treat cystitis drug «Betadine» in renal failure, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Is not assigned medication for the treatment of urinary tract infections children under 1 year of life. If the patient has chronic illnesses of the skin, which differ by the presence of polymorphic rash and severe itching, to treat cystitis medication «Betadine» they are contraindicated.

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Side effects

When using the drug «Betadine» in the course of therapy of cystitis may occur following negative effects:

  • lowering blood pressure;
  • redness;
  • anaphylactic reactions such as choking;
  • the rash and itching on the skin;
  • malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • burning;
  • pain;
  • swelling.

Some analogues

If for some reason the drug «Betadine» cannot be used in cystitis, relevant experts can be appointed in the same composition of medicines, namely:

  • «Vukadin»;
  • «Aquasan»;
  • «Politin»;
  • «Yodovidon»;
  • «Povidone-iodine»;
  • «Braunton»;
  • «Iodasept»;
  • «Idocid».

Application features

The active ingredient in the composition of the described medications possesses oxidizing properties and, therefore, it can influence the results of laboratory studies of urine, blood and scintigraphy. It is not recommended to use suppositories regularly «Betadine» in parallel with the lithium drugs. In addition, women during pregnancy planning, should take into account that this medicine can destroy the sperm.

Conditions of sale and storage

Pharmaceutical tool «Betadine» can be purchased in drugstores without a doctor’s prescription. Keep the medication you need at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees, out of reach of small children. The shelf life of medications with proper storage is 3 years and after this period its use is contraindicated.