Can urine stained from beet: causes

Does the phenomenon of red urine after beet? Ideally, the urine has a yellow color and peculiar odor, but in some cases the shade can change. The color of urine is affected by the consumed food and drinks, but can also give her unusual color and different ailments in the body. To know the true cause of deviation from the norm is possible only by passing the biological material for analysis in the lab.

Urine can be colored from beets?

Colors this bright root vegetable the urine of a child and an adult? If it was noticed that the urinary fluid is red or pink after eating beets, it is likely that the painting provoked exactly this product, as it is a side effect of how time is considered a change of color of urine. However, changing the shade of urine is not always due to the concentrated vegetables, so you need to watch how long and how often you receive red urine.

Causes of urine color

Why urinary red liquid after a meal, which was attended by beets? It is believed that this vegetable can change the color of urine in adults, children, men and women, as it has the strongest pigment, which is excretion by the kidneys with urine. The opinions of doctors differ and if some think that is bad, when the urine turns red after taking the beets, but others say that change the color of urine when the cause of the transformation of colouring food, is the norm and the threat to human life no.

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Doctors believe that might urine be red from the beets, if the person who ate it, was diagnosed with goiter. Say, in a healthy person urine will not change its shade after the use of bright vegetable. Reddish or pink urine can be a symptom of a serious disease, and is caused by the ingress of blood in hemorrhage of genitourinary system. But the opinion that is red urine from beets, has a right to exist, and not always the cause of uric colored liquid — pathological changes within the body. Besides beets, the urine in women and men are able to paint the rhubarb, carrots and other foods, which are pigments that change the tone of the urinary fluid.

Causes red hue

In some cases after eating salad, the recipe of which the main ingredient is beets, the urine changes its color and becomes not usual yellow, and red. Based on this, many are wondering why she gets such a shade? Transformation of uric liquid in the crimson color because of the presence in the root group betacyanins in which the function of saturation of colouring performs betanin. It is even used as a natural food dye to make foods bright red or blue-purple color.

In acidic medium pigment sensitive to oxidative damage, so the color of urine depends on the time required for the processing of roots, and the acidity of the stomach. So red urine after eating beets is a normal phenomenon, because betacyanin not everyone rots in the digestive system. After this, compounds are absorbed in the colon through the intestinal wall and then enter the bloodstream, pass filter by the kidneys and enter the urine. It is not excluded that the decomposition of betacyanins influenced by environmental and genetic factors. But there are other conditions under which the beets dye the urinary liquid:

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  • the volume of urine output, affect the concentration of colorants:
  • medications that alter gastric acidity.
  • other foods that contain in a large number of coloring components;
  • the presence in food oxalic acid.


As you know, the beets would stain the bladder fluid in people who do not have health problems. But sometimes unusual shade of urine still indicates pathological changes in the body, so it is useful to pass tests to exclude possible causes of changes color. Along with redness of urine, may experience the following symptoms:

  • frequent stools;
  • stomach discomfort;
  • painful bloating;
  • hematuria with a negative result for the presence of blood in urine.

Cause for concern

In most cases, the change in color of the urinary fluid is absolutely harmless to the body, but sometimes this phenomenon indicates a deficiency of iron. If this pathology is present, parallel to manifest such symptoms:

  • the depressed state;
  • fatigue;
  • difficulty in concentration;
  • pale skin.

Urgently sent to the clinic, if there is a change of urine color to purple or pink, but bright root vegetable was not used. In this case, it affects the shade of the presence of erythrocytes in the urine and evidence of such ailments:

  • kidney stones;
  • disorders of the liver and kidneys;
  • toxicity of mercury or lead in pairs a chronic degree;
  • infection of the organs for the formation and excretion of urine.

Including diet this useful product, you should not worry that turns the urinary fluid. Often this is a natural process and does not entail any negative consequences. But if the red color persists for a long time and is accompanied by additional symptoms, consult a doctor and take the material to the laboratory for analysis.