Caffeine and the kidney: effect of coffee can I drink in diseases

The drink, giving vigor and energy coffee can both positively affect the body and harm him. It affects the cardiovascular, digestive system, excretory, including the kidneys. The caffeine in the drink that can stimulate the body to work to increase metabolic process, but at the same time it has a diuretic effect.

Effects of caffeine on kidneys

Drinking a Cup of fragrant strong drink, then the person often does not notice the feeling of thirst. Drink dulls the sense of deficiency of water in the body, and as a consequence dehydration. A tenth of the caffeine is excreted in the urine in perfectstorm composition. Coffee leaches the body of calcium and sodium, which causes the occurrence of kidney stones.

Scientists also noticed that long term and excessive drinking can have a negative impact on the tissues of the body and cause tumors in the kidney. The saddest thing is that only 6-8% of the neoplasm is benign. But cancer of the kidney damage is extremely difficult to cure, and very frequent relapses. Therefore, starting the morning with a Cup of fragrant drink and drinking it throughout the day, are you ready for a moment of pleasure to donate a kidney. But still the uncomfortable symptoms of intake of tea may reduce, while continuing its use. You need to stop drinking coffee, because caffeine content in it is significantly higher than in the natural.

Can I drink in diseases?

Because coffee affects the occurrence of fluid deficit, it automatically becomes a cause of urolithiasis. It occurs due to lack of water in the body. Caffeine helps to reduce the level of calcium and potassium, the sensation of thirst, so the body loses fluid. While it affects the kidneys most unfavorable way of harmful substances in the body stagnate, kristallizuetsya and turn into stones. Back pain, feeling of heaviness, fever, change in urine color to dark yellow or orange — all these symptoms can speak about appearing kidney stone disease or other kidney diseases.A few cups of coffee in a row, provoke the pain? This means that the body does not have time to process the caffeine, and too overloaded.

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What if kidneys hurt after coffee?

In order to avoid kidney stone disease in the first place it is necessary to restrict or completely stop drinking this drink. If you have followed one after drinking a Cup of coffee begin to hurt the kidneys, immediately consult your doctor and increase your water intake. You also need to beware of hypothermia and do regular exercise. Those who are already diagnosed with «kidney stones», you should stop drinking coffee, and it does not matter it is natural or instant.