Blue, green urine the child and the adult: causes

The color of the urine is an important indicator of the human body. Green urine says about failure in the body, as in the normal functioning of all systems urine is yellow, has a specific, but not a sharp smell, does not contain impurities and sediment. Wondering why the color of urine becomes unnatural, you can have 2 causes: the first is the influence of factors that do not affect General health, the second is the development of the disease.

Pathological causes of blue and green urine

Pathological causes of urine color to a bright green or light blue color should speak when there are additional symptoms. These include headache, elevated body temperature, weakness, pain in the abdomen or lower back, dizziness, nausea. These can be symptoms of the following diseases:

  • A urinary tract infection. In addition to changes in color, which in this case tells about the pus are pain in the lower back, burning sensation in the genital area, frequent urge to the toilet, General weakness.
  • Diarrhoea can also affect the color of urine. In addition, there are flatulence, bloating and pain in the abdomen.
  • Problems with the gall bladder.
  • Diseases of the liver.

Urine staining in an unnatural color in combination with the above-mentioned symptoms should alert. When these symptoms should seek immediate medical advice and further research, as early initiation of treatment will help to recover promptly.

When the harmless color change in a child and an adult?

Not being a symptom of the disease, the shade of urine is changing for both women and men. For non-threatening reasons for changing the normal color of urine to blue or green will include the presence in the diet products, which are strong natural dyes, or medications, vitamins, and mineral complexes. Among food coloring urine green or blue, emit:

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  • Asparagus. This plant with thin, scaly leaves, thick and white shoots of which are eaten. This plant is an example of a strong natural pigment and is one of the most common causes of urine color to an unnatural color. In this case, not to worry, and to take any action, as after one or more trips to the toilet a shade of normal urine.
  • Food colorings. Synthetic substances can give the urine a blue or greenish color. In this case, to take any action not necessary, but should continue to abstain from eating such products.
  • Green beer. This low-alcohol drink can stain the urine a shade of blue or green color due to the presence in the composition of the coloring ingredients.
  • Licorice. After consumption of foods or dietary supplements, including licorice, reveals a green urine color.

Urine green color may appear due to intake of medicines like adult and child. Some medications contain dyes that affect the shade of the urine. Also staining can be a side effect. For example, the use of «Cycloferon» often gives urine a blue (sometimes purple) color. After completing the course taking the drug, the urine will become a natural of yellow-straw hue.


The first stage of diagnosis in cases of suspected pathological reason for the change of color — the General analysis of urine. This study allows to evaluate the physico-chemical characteristics of urine and microscopy of sediment. This gives you the opportunity to identify possible deviations in the results, to assign the further analysis to apply the correct therapy.

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Treatment for morbid reasons

In the event of a change in color of urine due to food dye or medication treatment is not required. This means that the body itself will dye after a certain time, and human urine will have a natural yellow color. If you have symptoms, an examination. After the doctor analyzes the results and prescribes treatment depending on the indicators.