Blood in urine in children: causes, treatment, diagnosis

Why is blood in the urine in a child? In the language of the physicians presence in the urine of the red blood of bulls is called hematuria. The reasons for the emergence of this phenomenon are numerous, they can be both serious and safe for the baby’s life. To determine the severity of the pathology can only be a subject matter expert, so if you have found the first signs of hematuria that the boy that girls should go to the clinic and undergo the necessary diagnostic tests.

Causes of blood in the urine

If there are traces of blood in the urine of the child, it is likely that he has problems with his kidneys, but in some cases to provoke this phenomenon is capable of other reasons. Thus, can be detected in urine blood in young children in the following cases:

  • renal dysfunction;
  • pathology of the urinary tract, transmitted by heredity;
  • the defeat of the glomeruli of the kidney;
  • infection in the urinary system;
  • malignancy;
  • damage to the urinary tract;
  • stone and salt in mocovice, the kidneys;
  • of blood clotting;
  • thrombosis of the renal veins;
  • lowering of immune system due to colds and viral infections.

The newborn

If the young mother saw a change in tone of urinary fluid from his crumbs, you should not immediately panic, it is possible that the redness is normal and indicates a high content of urate. However, this reaction of urine into salts it is not a pathology if it arose in the first days of baby’s life. Call this condition uric acid heart attack and not attribute it to illness. But, in addition, urination with blood in newborn boys and girls happens when infection of the urinary tract of the baby, congenital renal disease and injury caused during childbirth. In this case, it requires additional examination and treatment.

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In infants

Can talk about blood in urine in infants? Children up to years, the vessels are still quite fragile and therefore all sorts of health disorders can provoke damage. Hematuria in children the first year of life can occur even when cold, which is accompanied by increased body temperature, and in strong physical activity. Often when urinating have a one year old child appears in urine in the blood due to improper care. Then develops a urinary tract infection and there is a urethritis and cystitis. In addition, hematuria in infancy may indicate a congenital pathological changes, kidney disease characterized by lesions of the glomeruli.

In the older child

What does change urine from older children, and the norm is it? In most cases, the impurity of blood in urine in adults children talking about diseases of majevica and kidneys. Blood in the urine, the teenager is often a symptom of kidney stones when the stones hurt the mucous membrane of the bladder and cause bleeding. The older children hematuria possible and from the injured urinary tract.

Additional symptoms

Changing color of urine is a symptom of various pathologies, which in addition to hematuria are accompanied by still these symptoms:

  • For inflammation of the bladder (cystitis), except red blood of bulls in the urinary fluid, the baby can feel the pain a sharp pain when emptying through the urethra.
  • When infectious-inflammatory diseases of the kidney (pyelonephritis) in a young patient possible severe fever, pain in the lumbar spine and the presence in the urinary fluid of leukocytes.
  • If the baby was diagnosed with kidney stones, in addition to blood in the urine, severe pain occurs in the lumbar region.
  • In pathology of the kidney, characterized by lesions of the glomeruli, hematuria accompanied by edema, and high blood pressure.
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When not to worry?

Urinary fluid from the blood secretions is considered normal in the following cases:

  • If a kid is into the urethra the PICC, the traces of blood still valid for 2-3 days after extraction.
  • If the child before taking biological material for laboratory study were engaged in high physical activity.
  • During diagnostic examination using the endoscope, bleeding is possible from the day of the procedure and after a couple of days after it.
  • If the child spent crushing stones or remove them from the kidneys.


If redness the urinary fluid visible, then such a phenomenon is called gross hematuria, which appears due to the large number caught in the urine red blood cells, contributing to the change in its color. Gross hematuria is defined without special laboratory techniques and when it appears should immediately seek medical help. If the presence of blood in the urine unnoticed, this condition is called microhematuria, then to detect this problem is possible only by passing the biological material to the laboratory for study.

If you suspect the presence in the urinary fluid of the blood, first and foremost, a clinical urine sample, the sample Nechiporenko, as well as Kakhovskogo-Addisa. To identify the causes of hematuria baby will need an ultrasound examination of the kidneys and laboratory blood. At the discretion of the attending doctor may need to undergo CT, x-ray and a cystoscopy.

It is believed that the blood that emerges at the moment of urination, evidence of abnormalities of the urethra, and if blood cells are observed at the end of the evacuation, it is likely that the baby damaged mocevic. If urinary fluid blood clots, then it could be renal pathology, and hemorrhage of other organs of the urinary system. In modern medicine, a comprehensive survey of possible further treatment of the genitourinary system, regardless of how many patient years.

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Treatment of pathology

After the diagnosis and diagnosis little patients are prescribed the appropriate therapeutic course. If hematuria is caused by high sports, the child does not require special treatment, is sufficient to reduce the intensity of training and the blood from the urinary fluid of a child will disappear on their own after 3-4 days. If during examination, the baby has discovered the infection, to remove them you will need an antibiotic. In the case of hematuria in a child, resulting from kamneobrazovaniu, to reduce the number of red blood cells in the urine of the baby will require removal of stones by an experienced technician. After their removal, the child’s condition will quickly return to normal. For the treatment blood in urine encountered in young patients with glomerulonephritis, hormonal medication and therapeutic diet that eliminates the consumption of oily, fried, salty and spicy food.