Blood in the urine during pregnancy in women: causes, treatment

What does blood in urine during pregnancy? Finding spotting after urination, you should not attempt to seek the cause of this phenomenon and to take any curative measures. To give a precise answer to this question can only professionals on the basis of examination of the expectant mother and the results of its analyses. To prevent the appearance of blood while urinating, it is important to observed measures of prevention, but it is not SuperCool, eat less greasy, spicy food, and most importantly — to support and strengthen the immune system, maintain genital hygiene.


Causes of blood in urine in women during pregnancy

In medicine is called the presence of blood in urine is hematuria, which is a symptom of various pathological changes in the body or indicate a malfunction of the internal organs. The changing colors of the urine of pregnant women depends on various factors, also affect her can eaten food. Observed brown discharge, pinkish or purple-red.


Hematuria in pregnant women is not always indicative of serious disease, in most cases it is physiological in nature, which very safe for the health of the expectant mother and her unborn baby. Causes blood after urination during pregnancy because of the pressure of the fetus or the growing uterus on mocevic. In addition, pregnant women can be observed in urine red blood corpuscles in the blood vessel rupture due to high intra-abdominal pressure and hormonal changes in the body, which arose with the onset of pregnancy. However, the presence in urine, blood splashes safely and in some cases may obscure a dangerous disease. To determine the severity of hematuria during pregnancy only special doctors, so the first step is to go to the clinic.

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Hazardous to health

Bloody specks in urine during pregnancy can indicate following diseases:

  • The improper functioning of the genitourinary system caused by inflammation, infectious lesions in the urogenital tract. Often during pregnancy there is an exacerbation of cystitis, which usually accompany frequent urination and sharp pain. The appearance of blood after urination in pregnant women and possibly in glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Urolithiasis, which is characterized by damage to the wall of the bladder with urinary fluid and ureters due to the movement of sand and stones. As a result, the blood enters the urine and its presence can be detected when urinating. The promotion of kamneobrazovaniu accompanied by a sharp pain, and the urine takes on a pinkish or red hue.
  • Pathology in the kidneys and blood vessels, requiring surgical intervention. In this case, refers to the anatomical features that should be corrected surgically.
  • Bladder cancer, which is found in urine, blood clots, changing its color. This pathology is not accompanied by pain and the cause of its occurrence — damage to malignant neoplasms of blood vessels.

Hematuria occurs in pregnancy, diabetes, anemia, injuries, and tuberculosis of the skin with ulcers and nodules. Dangerous the presence of blood in the urine women in the situation of a premature birth, developmental disorders of the fetus, a weak labor and complications after childbirth. In this regard, the pregnant at the first sign of distress, you should go for a consultation with a physician or nephrologist.

What should be alerted?

During pregnancy the expectant mother should immediately contact the doctor if the red blood corpuscles in the urine are visible with the naked eye, the urine becomes unclear pink, in some cases, even brown. Should alert the appearance of women in the urinary fluid of blood clots. In addition, if in the urine of pregnant women is present the blood, and in addition to her hurts in the lower abdomen, the back, the lumbar or groin, you should immediately go to the doctor. You should not delay a visit to a nephrologist if there is a strong burning sensation during voiding through the urethra, increased body temperature, nausea, retching and degraded communication state.

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To determine the presence of blood in urine in women in a position, conduct laboratory and instrumental examination, which includes:

  • clinical analysis of blood and urine;
  • ultrasound examination of the reproductive and urinary systems;
  • CT.

Features of treatment

Therapeutic course is chosen individually and depends on the diagnosis. If the blood in urine when pregnancy is the result of cystitis, antibiotics are appointed «Ceftriaxone», «Norfloxacin». Prescribed antispasmodics, diuretics that improve urinary outflow fluid. When vaginitis is recommended to use antibacterial solutions. For the treatment of kidney stones resort to crushing or removal of stones, and injuries of the genitourinary system use styptic medicines.