Before passing urine: what not to eat, what to drink

When collecting the test material for tests on the precision of the result, adhere to certain rules, so many are interested in whether you can smoke before passing urine? It is important to deal with them, and periodically monitor blood counts and urine in your body, you also need laboratory monitoring of blood plasma and urine to confirm kidney stones, abnormalities of the bladder, pyelonephritis and the presence of inflammatory process in the genital organs. However, the results were accurate before tests revise your diet and eliminate from it all that affects the response of the study.

Is it possible to take drugs?

Before donating blood or urine, you need to learn the recommendations that can improve physical and chemical characteristics of urine in terms of their reliability. Thus, it is impossible to provide a urine sample if the patient previously prescribed pharmaceuticals, which could affect the results. However, not all medications and not every diagnostic method distort the answers. So, when the necessity of passing urine on the establishment of a level of hormones of the adrenal gland, is strictly contraindicated to take the medications, after which increases the level of neurotransmitters, as well as in the composition of which contains:

  • caffeine;
  • rauwolfia;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • trinitrate glycerin.

Upon delivery of the clinical analysis of urine it is better not to take diuretic medicines, as they increase urination, which reduces the tissue volume of the liquid. In addition, diuretics alter the rate of sodium due to the ability to enhance its elimination from the body through urine. Before laboratory examination of urine for detection of protein it is necessary to abandon the use of such drugs:

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  • «Aminoglycoside»;
  • «Nafcillin»;
  • «Acetazolamide»;
  • «Methicillin»;
  • «Colistin»;
  • «Cephalosporin»;
  • «Oxacillin»;
  • «Tolbutamide»;
  • «Griseofulvin»;
  • «Amphotericin».

To change the biochemical composition of urine capable of vitamins, antipyretic medicines, and pharmaceuticals that are aimed at relief of pain symptoms. To know what before the urine test do not take the medicines, it is possible to consult with a medical professional.

What you can drink before you change?

Important limitations in the drink there, but should not be consumed in excessive quantities of bottled water, which affects the acidity of the urine. You can drink water before testing, which contains chemical dyes as they are able to change the color of urine. Contraindicated for 24 hours before providing a urine sample for hormone use grains of coffee tree, black tea and any drinks sedation. And, of course, the main prohibition is alcohol. Many people wonder, how much can you drink alcohol in order for the results of laboratory studies were accurate? However, the profile does doctors recommend to limit consumption of alcohol beverages 2-3 days before the diagnosis.

What can I eat?

Can you eat before a urine test almost everything, so if you plan to complete the analysis, you should not limit yourself in eating food which is not capable to color the urine a different color or give it a specific «flavor.» There is a perception that if before the procedure, eat a lemon or pomegranate, the composition of urine becomes normal, even if you have previously eaten spicy, fatty, salty and sweet foods. However, doctors this fact is not confirmed.

What not to eat before a urine sample?

To the results of laboratory studies were correct, you cannot eat sweets as they can increase the level of glucose, also different products that turn liquid. In this regard, it is not recommended before eating the beets and strawberries. In addition, note that the urine smell will change, if before long to eat such food:

  • carrots;
  • rhubarb;
  • bow;
  • Bay leaf;
  • garlic;
  • spices;
  • fuck.
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Can’t eat before laboratory examination of urine watermelon as after its use in the fluid secreted by the kidneys, can diagnose the nitrates. Should abandon the excessive consumption of salty, for example, can not eat pickles, otherwise, the results of the analysis show phosphates. The analysis to be accurate, in addition to food limitations during laboratory studies should be limited to emotional stress and high fiznagruzki, as they are able to increase the level of protein in the sample of the test material. Should not do the analysis after inspection of the inner surface of the bladder, carried out by the endoscope.

Are there special restrictions for pregnant?

When registering for the entire pregnancy, women need to donate blood and urine tests to see the progress of their condition and the fetus. Mothers-in position, as well as all of those who pass the tests should not consume food that change the color and smell of urine. For the correct definition of indicators of the investigated material is not recommended before diagnosis to take a multivitamin. Special limitations of the material in pregnancy.

Rules collection material

To the results of the urinalysis turned out true, you need to take care of the correct collection of urine. To do this, adhere to the basic recommendations:

  • Carried out in the first toilet of the genitals, washing them with boiled water and a solution of soap, and sometimes use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina. This is to avoid impurities, mucus and leukocytes in the material.
  • Note that for the General analysis of urine requires the liquid accumulated in the bladder overnight, so collect it should be in the morning.
  • For a full laboratory tests will need 100 ml of urine from the second portion, conceding first. Collect the liquid secreted by the kidney in a sterile container, which is purchased in the pharmacy, and if not there, then take the means at hand, such as a Bank, it is carefully washed from the abrasive detergents and pour over boiling water.
  • The urine container tightly closed and complement the direction of a doctor. To deliver the analysis required no later than 2 hours after its collection.
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Can I smoke?

Another quite frequent issue of concern to smokers is permissible before taking the urine test to smoke? Doctors strongly recommend to refrain from Smoking a minimum of 60 minutes prior to delivery of the material. This will make the results more precise urine and the patient will not require re-analysis.