Antibiotics for infections of the urinary system: treatment women, men

Diseases of the urinary tract are frequent companions of mankind. For their treatment using special drugs. Antibiotics for diseases of the genitourinary system prescribed by the attending physician, can be taken at home and in the hospital. Therapeutic course is accompanied by periodic urine and blood.

In what diseases using Antibacterials?

Antibiotics are prescribed when the detection of the inflammatory process in the kidneys. This is due to several factors. First, because the antibiotics are for diseases of the genitourinary system to help reduce inflammation and pain caused by the process. These drugs can prevent the spread of infection through the bloodstream to surrounding organs of the urinary system and other systems.

Modern urologists use the generic term jade to refer to inflammation of the kidneys. It includes diseases such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, Pioneros kidney, renal tuberculosis. The efficiency of impact on the cause of the inflammation is determined by the degree of development of the disease. The sooner people seek medical attention, the faster I recover.

Important! Antibiotics are considered an effective treatment of all types of diseases of kidney, bladder and urinary tract.

Antibacterial treatment: types of drugs

Modern pharmaceutical market segment has a large number of different drugs. Doctor’s consultation is needed in order to find out what is the cause and to choose the appropriate medications for treatment of problems in the genitourinary system. Specialists use in the practice of beta-lactams and some other antibiotics for the treatment of the genitourinary system.


Are drugs from inflammation, has a strong effect to a wide range of bacteria. Drugs in this group are assigned in tandem with other drugs that enhance the action of the drug. Antibiotics to treat infections in the urinary organs have a detrimental effect on gram-negative and gram-positive organisms and kill staphylococci that are resistant to many drugs. These include aminopenicillin, enticingly penicillin.

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This includes cephalosporins — a group of pills designed for the treatment of urinary tract infection and caused by different pathogens. The drug comes in 4 types or generations, each of which has a specific circle of influence and can help to eliminate many serious kidney disease. The group has established itself on the positive side, especially 4th generation.

Other antibiotics in the treatment of infections of the urogenital system

This is a pill that is as effective for inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, in particular, antibiotics ftorhinolonov group. These tablets are shown in cases where the patient’s life in danger. They are used for the treatment of chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation. In this group include the aminoglycosides, used in urogenital dysfunction. But the urethritis is treated microlite. Tetracycline used to treat nephritis caused by atypical flora.

In addition, urologists recommend broad-spectrum antibiotics. These drugs are way out of different situations and allow you to remove the causes of kidney disease and urinary tract. To choose the most effective antibiotic used in urinary tract infection, you need to consult with a doctor to identify the true pathogen.

The most efficient medicines for urinary tract

It is important to know that to date there is no universal remedies against all types of nephritis. Any type of treatment should be individualized according to the results of research and analysis.

The specialist must make an accurate diagnosis and then prescribe medication. Popular remedies for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system are:

  • Classical antibiotics «Furadonin», «Furagin», «Furazolidone», «Palin», «Azithromycin».
  • Drugs of the second phase of the antibiotics prescribed in the hospital. These include aminoglycosides. These agents have potent antimicrobial effects, and some of them have a large list of contraindications. Often, doctors recommend «Amikacin».
  • Herbs and tools of them are used along with antibiotics and other pills. They are called uroantiseptiki of plant origin. Better to take them in order to prevent development of exacerbations and possible periods of ill health.
  • Vitamins and immunomodulators, which are included in the list of drugs for the treatment of genitourinary system in women and men. They improve and accelerate the action of the main drugs for urogenital infections.
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The principles of choice of antibiotics in the treatment of women and men

In men and in women, infections of the genitourinary system are treated almost equally. With the exception of the disease on the background of pregnancy and lactation. In this case, doctors prescribe «Amoxicillin» and herbal medicine to enhance the action of antibiotics. In the treatment of cystitis recommend uroseptic «Vitalizing» or «Kanefron». In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe «Levofloxacin», «Ofloxacin». Pyelonephritis used «Pefloxacin», «Ciprofloxacin», «5 NOK».

Unpleasant symptoms are removed with the help of phytotherapy and copious drinking. Antibacterially therapy for kidney disease be performed using the means described and tablets at home. Physicians often recommend non-toxic popular tools and rare cases of exacerbations and antibiotic therapy performed in a hospital. Thus, today, offers several ways to restore the urinary system by treating various complex diseases of the kidneys and bladder. The doctor tries to assign the appropriate scheme of antibiotic therapy and will reinforce herbal medicine that will speed up the recovery.