Antibiotic with vitamins: the most effective treatment

It must be remembered that antibiotics for urethritis is the main treatment method. You should not try to treat the disease only in folk medicine. Full recovery in such a way not to achieve, and the time spent in vain. The disease will worsen and become chronic. This article describes an effective and common types of antibiotics. It should be noted that when the first signs of the disease, it is recommended contact. A doctor will diagnose and will prescribe the tests, the results of which will determine the effective antibiotics. The factor that triggered the onset of the disease, directly determines the appropriate kind of antibiotic.

Principal used antibacterial agents

In the modern pharmaceutical world is a large choice of antibiotics, and each of them endowed with specific properties. Some types of bacteria are sensitive solely to a particular drug, other types of exposed to multiple. Selection of the correct antibiotic is very important. By taking a pill of the antibiotics are inappropriate to treat a particular case, there is a risk not only to cure, but to aggravate the situation. Offered drugs are broad-spectrum, the so-called universal tools, but with them it is important to be extremely cautious, you need to know the dosage and duration of treatment. For treatment of urethritis is usually prescribed following broad spectrum antibiotics:

  • «Doxycycline» if urethritis is often prescribed. Feature madridsta is that regardless of the stage of the disease, it is effective impact on bacteria. It is proved that the treatment «Doxycycline» is one of the most effective.
  • «Azithromycin» if urethritis is used because of its ability as much as possible in a short time to stop the growth of bacteria and kill existing ones.
  • «Sumamed» if urethritis is acting like the same «Azithromycin». Assigned often, as it is considered not only effective but also safe for the human body.
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Female urethritis

There is a perception that urethritis due to anatomical features of the urethra, is an exclusively male disease, but it is not. Unfortunately, this disease affects women, the only difference is that the symptoms they are less. The female urethra, and infections of the lower genital tract are rarely isolated. You can catch sexually or downward, that is, the presence of foci of infection in the body. There is an unique route of infection peculiar only to women ascending the path, that is, the infection can enter the body after the non-sterile pelvic examination.

The most effective antibiotics for the treatment of urethritis in women

  • «Cephalosporin»;
  • «Spectinomycin» and «Cefaclor»;
  • «Metronidazole», «Benzydamine», «Yodovidon» (candles);
  • «Levorin and Nystatin»;
  • «Tetracycline» (pill);
  • «Acyclovir».

Male urethritis

The male half of humanity, as mentioned above, the more prone to urethritis because of the physiology of the body. This disease in men is accompanied by the same symptoms as in women, but in a more vivid form. The urethra strike the same agents of the inflammatory process. The reasons can be as unprotected sexual acts, infectious diseases and abuse of spicy food, hypothermia. Men not to delay treatment, it is necessary to address to the urologist, who will diagnose and prescribe antibiotics.

Antibacterials for men

  • «Doxycycline»;
  • «Azithromycin (Sumamed»);
  • «Gentamicin»;
  • «Clarithromycin»;
  • «Ofloxacin»;
  • «Erythromycin»;
  • «Levofloxacin»;
  • «Doxycycline»;
  • «Acyclovir»;
  • «Ribavirin»;
  • «Famciclovir»;
  • «Gerpevir».

Whether antibiotics in chronic disease?

If the disease has progressed to chronic, then the treatment becomes much more complicated and not without broad-spectrum antibiotics. In such cases, more often prescribed «Doxycycline» and «Levomitsetin». The result after taking antibiotics is achieved quickly. Properly selected drugs can ease symptoms, relieve pain, to start urinating, allow the tests to normal. However, it is recommended to drink a course of antibiotics until full recovery.

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