About the urination in men, women

Healthy people a day 6-7 is experiencing urinary urgency. The cases when the patient has a false urge to urinate, talking about inflammation or infection of the genitourinary system. Most often, the number of impulses increases several times, and the patient not to empty the bladder.

The mechanism of development and causes a false urge to urinate

Urination in the body control the neural connections between the walls of the bladder cavity and brain. When in the urinary cavity gathers a large volume of urine, which causes pressure on the walls, the nervous system receives impulses, but the man feels the urge to urinate. Failures are observed at different stages and can be caused by various factors.

Cause false urinary urgency can:

  • disease, provoking inflammatory processes in the urogenital system (urethritis, cystitis);
  • diseases that are transmitted sexually;
  • powerful stress;
  • excessive consumption of foods that irritate the lining of the bladder cavity (spicy foods, sweeteners);
  • the abuse of alcoholic drinks and coffee;
  • stones in the urinary cavity;
  • violations of the chair, accompanied by constipation;
  • prostatitis;
  • cancer;
  • the period of pregnancy.

Features of the disease in women

Female gender may have frequent urination in such cases:

  • a large amount of fluids;
  • the use of drugs with diuretic effect.

In the above cases, the increase in the number of urination is normal, as physically conditioned. If urinary urgency is normalized after the settlement of the volume of liquid and the cessation of the use of medicines, treatment is not assigned. In cases where the feeling of false urgency appears during pregnancy or critical days, the patient is also no need to worry, because in these conditions the uterus increases and puts pressure on the bladder cavity. If the patient is experiencing pain and pain in bladder when emptying, this may indicate such diseases:

  • kidney stones;
  • cystitis;
  • fibroids reproductive organ;
  • inflammatory processes in the kidneys;
  • inflammation of the urethra;
  • prolapse of the uterus.
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When a patient is diagnosed with kidney stones, frequent urination will not be the only symptom. Will be added to change the consistency of urine, which is sticky and viscous, can not exclude the leakage of urine. Inflammatory processes in the kidney have the same symptoms, and kidney stones. Women experience pain and burning when emptying. In cystitis, the patient feels too burning, discoloration and odor of urine increased about urinary urgency and nausea. Each of these diseases requires special treatment, assign to which can only be a specialist.

Especially in men

Male, like women, may experience nausea due to the ingestion of large volumes of liquid and excessive alcohol abuse. If not observed leakage of urine and pain in the urogenital system. In cases where urination is accompanied by pain, sharp pains and a burning sensation, the patient may have the following disease:

  • BPH;
  • prostatitis.

BPH is the most common disease that occurs in men, whose age has reached 40 years. About and increased urinary urgency begin to bother the patient due to the fact that the prostate grows in size and begins to put pressure on the bladder cavity. In addition, patients observed a weak pressure of urine, impurities in it, and frequent urinary urges. Prostatitis, which is a inflammation in the prostate, is also a common disease. Men with prostatitis experience not only about urination, and pain when emptying and weak stream.

Why and when should I see a doctor?

To see a specialist is important if:

  • Urination have strong character, but little urine during emptying or there is no selection at all.
  • Urination accompanied by pain, sharp pains and a burning sensation.
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Diagnosis and treatment

Treatment of diseases that are characterized by abnormalities in urination, undertaken by an urologist. After the patient seeks help, the doctor is conducting a survey, and learns about the symptoms and course of the disease, and then assigns the tests for which you need to pass urine and blood for General analysis. After the tests the patient would need to undergo ultrasonography of the urinary organs and the kidney and x-ray examination.

If the patient is male, he needs to undergo a prostate exam, after which specialist prescribes treatment, aimed at combating the symptoms of disease. The doctor prescribes the use of antibiotics to help get rid of inflammation. In addition, men do prostate massage.

When kidney stones patients need to take drugs that affect the metabolism of oxalates and urates in the urine. To monitor patient need and diet, which will appoint the expert. Often the patient can assign a surgery to remove kidney stones. The operation is carried out to remove men of BPH and other diseases characterized by neoplasms.

In situations where a false urge to urinate due to nervous feelings, the patient will need to visit a therapist for a course of treatment and the appointment of sedative drugs to relieve stress. To the patient it is important to remember that the disease, when the body does not removes urine, it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages and coffee and also to eat salty and spicy foods.