A diuretic for edema of the eye: herbs, drugs

What are diuretics edema eyes? The issue in most cases, people who are faced with the morning swelling of eyelids or «bags» under the eyes. A list of the names of drugs that are able to cope with this problem are enormous, however, taking them without the advice of the relevant specialist is not recommended, as there is a risk of adverse effects and complications.

Is it always necessary diuretics if edema of the eyelids?

When a person wakes up in the morning with swelling around the eyes, he must understand that his body has excess interstitial fluid. Cause this pathology can the various ailments, in most cases, it kidney disease, heart and disease of the endocrine system. Each of these diseases has a specific localization of the edema. Thus, puffy eyes, also called «bags» indicate problems with the kidneys, endocrine system, and can testify to drinking large quantities of fluid and excessive eating of salt.

Often when the «bags» under the eyes and swelling on eyelids to apply drugs that have a diuretic effect (diuretic), not necessarily as a swelling in most cases is a symptom of various pathologies, after which therapy takes place all the characteristic disease symptoms, in particular, and swelling. However, if the «bags» under the eyes significantly increased in size, eye gap narrowed dramatically and the swelling has spread further, then it’s dangerous displacement of the eyeball and without diuretics are indispensable. They quickly withdraw with urine the excess fluid from the body.

The use of synthetic drugs

Pharmacy network offer a variety of drugs that are efficiently exported from the body excess liquid. Popular strong diuretic from edema under the eyes — «Furosemide». This tool belongs to a class of diuretics, which quickly cope with the task. However, this should be made only in cases of emergency because the «Furosemid», in addition to excess fluid displays the body of many micronutrients, which can lead to dehydration.

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To get rid of the «bags» you can use the drug «Verospiron». This pharmaceutical mid-action and is recommended for relieving slight puffiness. After penetration into the organism active components «Verospiron» do not act immediately, but retain potassium, which is an advantage of the described drug. To cope with the swelling on the eyelids able pills «Torasemid». This medicine is safe as it does not removes from the body calcium, potassium and trace elements, but does not lose its effectiveness.

Natural diuretics

In addition to tablets, the proposed pharmacy networks to cope with «bags» under the eyes and swelling of the eyelids can diuretics of alternative medicine. They make use of a variety of plants that promote the excretion of excessive fluid from the body. Using traditional recipes, it is important to be safe, as plants are also able to provoke side effects.

Herbal teas

To eliminate the swollen eyelids and «bags» under the eyes of alternative medicine commonly used following teas:

  • Tea from bearberry. This diuretic herb for edema of the eye can be used individually and in Assembly. For cooking should be brewed a little spoon of chopped herbs in a glass of boiling water and apply 50 ml three times a day 15 minutes before meal.
  • Cranberry herbal tea from leaf. It is necessary before each use, pour 1 tsp. leaves a glass of boiling water, drink a day 4 cups.

Diuretics charges

Copes with swelling of the eyelids, the collection of nettle, yarrow, chicory, mint and dill. To prepare the collection immediately before the reception, pouring 1 tsp. minced collection 200 ml boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes and, if desired, add honey. Effective diuretic is the collection of nettle, rose hips, St. John’s wort, UVA URSI and psyllium. For its preparation you need to pour a tablespoon of collecting 0.5 liters of boiling water, to insist, strain and drink three times a day a glass.

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Herbal lotions

To remove puffiness around eyes, recommended soda lotions. You need to pour 1 teaspoon of baking soda half Cup of strong black tea, mix thoroughly and moisten in the resulting liquid on a cotton pad. Then apply it to the eye area on 18 minutes. For lotions, in addition to soda, use an infusion of birch leaves, tea of sage, a sauce to their dried chamomile blossoms and dill and parsley.