Yellow discharge in women, yellowish discharge with odor

Absolutely all women for life accompanied by vaginal discharge is a natural process which regulates and purifies the internal environment of the reproductive organs. They can be different consistencies, colors, vary more or less profusion. It all depends on the individual hormonal women, but under the influence of any factor allocation can be modified. In some cases, these changes indicate the presence of an inflammatory process.

That should be alerted

Yellow vaginal discharge – this view of Beli periodically many women face. If this is the norm or talking about disabilities? The reasons for the color change can be many, the main ones are:

  • pregnancy and the postnatal period;
  • breast-feeding;
  • a few days before menstruation;
  • ovulation;
  • the use of hormonal drugs;
  • the first few days after monthly;
  • stress.

Under the influence of these factors may help the appearance of white-yellow color discharge. If in addition to color changes, the woman does not bother other discomfort, it usually indicates the normal. But if yellow discharge in women are accompanied by additional symptoms not associated with the monthly, it most likely indicates the presence of pathology. Such symptoms include:

  • burning;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • the unpleasant smell emitted secret, including before menstruation;
  • itching;
  • pain during and after intercourse or urination;
  • the absence or delay of menstruation.

If you feel such changes, without delay, visit your gynecologist, only after laboratory testing, the doctor can confirm the disease or to disprove it. Self-medication may lead to aggravation of the situation.

What pathologies show Beli

Yellowish leucorrhoea may occur after or before menstruation, during pregnancy and after they have no smell, itching, and do not bother the woman. Most other causes of abnormal discharge yellowish colors become infectious diseases.

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The main ones:

  • bacterial vaginitis, accompanied by pain during sexual intercourse and copious amounts of leukorrhea, itching;
  • adnexitis is an inflammation in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, appear purulent, slimy, unpleasant smell discharge with itching and pain in the abdomen, it is possible to delay period;
  • obesity is an inflammatory process in the external genitals, with swelling, itching and burning appear abundant selection of color is described.

Also itchy yellow-green highlight in women can indicate sexually transmitted diseases:

  • gonorrhea;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • chlamydia.

The symptoms of these pathologies are similar, and together with altered secretions are accompanied by the unpleasant, characteristic odor, itching, burning and pain during urination, change in the nature of menstruation, they fail.

If along with white yellow underwear, there was spotting in between periods, or before them in 3-4 days, this may indicate the existence of cervical erosion or even a tumor.

Also cause similar changes and irregularities in monthly cycle may be an allergic reaction accompanied by itching and swelling of the genitals to take medicines and cosmetic and hygiene products.

In any case, to determine exact cause can only be a doctor.


When informed mucous, clear or white discharge has dramatically changed and has acquired a bright yellow color, and even more if started accompanied by itching, unpleasant odor or other symptoms — is a call to action.

Before treatment it is necessary to pass medical examination and tests. To carry out all the procedures better before menstruation.

To determine what exactly caused such changes can help simple study:

  • inspection using mirrors;
  • bacterial inoculation;
  • micropose stroke;
  • PCR diagnostics.
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Only after determining the causative agent of the inflammatory process, its sensitivity to certain drugs, and also identifying the prevalence of the process, the doctor may prescribe adequate therapy.

If the doctor suspect on inflammatory processes in the uterus or appendages, as well as the presence of tumors, therapy may need an ultrasound. The study also carried out in the absence of menstruation.

Fixing the problem

Since abnormal discharge may indicate a variety of pathologies that require their own, individual treatment, to take any banned drugs. First, improvements so you will not achieve, but only exacerbate the progress of the disease and break the cycle of menstruation, and second, the self is able to partially eliminate the existing symptoms without addressing the cause of disease and thus confuse the doctor.

Before treatment and during it should be:

  • wear only cotton underwear;
  • stop wearing thongs;
  • to use only proven means of hygiene, before using to test for an allergic reaction, only then to put on the genitals;
  • carefully follow the personal hygiene, especially during menstruation;
  • to use protection during sexual intercourse. To refrain from him before menstruation and during the cycle, as the uterus during this period is the most sensitive and susceptible to infection.

The vagina has its own ecosystem that you can easily break the wrong therapy and self-treatment, and to recover after the years. Therefore it is not necessary to endanger your health by yourself and to guess what has failed in the body and should go for professional medical help immediately!

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