What to drink for colds, what pills, how to drink cycloferon that drinking pregnant

The word «cold», many people have associations with the distant cloudless childhood, when the child caught cold were exempted by their parents from attending school, and caring grandmother bandaged throat warm woolen scarf and drink hot tea with a delicious raspberry jam. During the treatment of the common cold could even read books and watch favorite shows on TV.

The only thing I could not prevent older relatives, so as not to aggravate the patient’s condition is a fun winter outdoor activities. And had to swallow a medication in the form of pills. Well, really can not do without them…

What is called a cold

The common cold is an unhealthy condition of the body, in which the ill person has fever, sore throat, chills. Health workers such as the body called ARI or acute respiratory disease.

Cold can be caused by a loss of body heat, which is most pronounced in loose or peruuttaminen the body. Also, «catch» colds may be a result of the abrupt change in temperature. For example, if sweaty people run out of draught or frost, it’s guaranteed to catch a cold. No wonder that all aspiring athletes is recommended after training to change into dry clothes, wait in a warm place for about half an hour and only after this time out on the frosty air.

Cold disease-causing microorganisms, which in small concentrations are present in the bronchi, nose, and throat of each, even a completely healthy person. They did not manifest itself in a healthy body.

In certain situations caused by external factors, the human immune system weakens, the body is not able to prevent the multiplication of pathogens of the common cold, causing the disease begins to develop.

How to treat a cold?

As some healers, «if the cold treat, she’ll back off after 14 days, and if not treated, it will take 2 weeks». It would seem, is not in the cold, nothing terrible, but we should not forget that improper treatment may lead to more serious complications, so it is better to treat the disease timely and correctly.

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Many «hot heads» who don’t consider the flu a serious cause for visiting the doctor, watching television advertisements, in mild discomfort with the signs of a cold rush to the pharmacy, where buying all the advertised tools. Arriving home, they begin to swallow bought drugs in a row, without any dosage, and ignoring the principle of compatibility of medicines. They completely disregard the fact that there are tools that make the common cold is not recommended.

Many people wonder: «What antibiotics to drink for colds?» Answer: «No!» The fact that the common cold is strictly prohibited the use of antibiotics and alcohol. Opinion about this «effective» pill, as a shot of vodka with pepper is not only wrong, but dangerous!

Antibiotics and alcohol are not only treated as weaken the immune system, turning the common cold to chronic. In addition to these funds, the common cold should not eat very hot drinks, as they cause tissue irritation of the throat and intensifies the cough.

The most effective remedies for colds

Postupivshaya person with the presence of elevated temperature should be used antipyretic drugs, which consists of vitamin C and paracetamol. Will not be more than the use of cycloferon, as this drug stimulates the immune system strengthening. The pharmacy employees will tell you the frequency and dosage in the use of these medicines.

However, the use of only tablets of cycloferon and antipyretics will not lead to the desired healing. In case of illness with a cold should drink plenty of fluids. Drinking plenty of fluids such as warm milk with dissolved in it with honey and butter is able to soften the tissues of the throat and reduce body temperature.

In addition to this drink is recommended to take an infusion of chamomile, lemon tea and other warm beverages on the basis of a dogrose, raspberry, lemon balm, mint, currants, sea buckthorn, Rowan and other berries. All these liquids are powerful tools in the fight against colds. At the same time, it must be remembered that a sick person should drink at least 2 litres of warm fluids for one day. By the way, this treatment won’t harm pregnant women.

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If you are not a supporter of synthetic medicines, tablets of cycloferon can be replaced with foods that contain onions and garlic – natural products that increase the level of immunity in the body. And even better to inhale the vapors of garlic and onions. Also, it is possible to do inhalations with potato broth, lemon, ginger, sage, chamomile.

It is very important to organize proper nutrition in the cold. The diet of a sick person must be rich with foods containing necessary for the rehabilitation of the immunity amount of minerals and vitamins.

In case of high temperature instead of taking pills it is better to RUB the body with vinegar water or alcohol. If the patient has a strong cough, give him to drink the onion juice with dissolved honey. This folk medicine is recommended to use every two hours for one tablespoon.

In the treatment of colds should not get involved with one of the folk medicines and cycloferon, it is very important to take a holistic treatment. Among other things, the diseased person needs to keep their feet warm. To do this, use mustard, covered in socks. A significant effect in the fight against colds provide foot baths with the use of mustard.

In the treatment of colds it is necessary to limit contact with the sick person with a healthy. It is no secret that many have a reduced immune system, for preventing colds they do not have to use cycloferon, they need rarely communicate with the ill person.

How to treat a cold pregnant women?

We should also talk about how to treat a cold pregnant women. The fact that many tablets, such as cycloferon and others like him have many contraindications, which indicated pregnancy. That is why medications that may take all the family members, in any case are not suitable for pregnant woman if it is cold. Of cycloferon and other tablets forget! By the way, this applies to most herbs.

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Ginseng, licorice, and other plants taken for colds, can cause high blood pressure women that will have a negative impact on the heart of the unborn baby. The only tool that replaces the pregnant woman cycloferon, it is hell. Best fuck to RUB on a small grater, then mix with sugar. This tool must be taken three times a day, one teaspoon.

Pregnant women should only use medications to reduce fever, on the package indicated that they are suitable for children under the age of three years.

Good medicine is iodine. Mesh use allows a pregnant woman to reduce the severity of the disease and lead to a speedy recovery. Iodine can be used as a preventive measure. To do this in the tank with the water you need to add a few drops of iodine and to place the vessels in the different rooms. Disinfectant evaporation will lead to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.

For the treatment postupivshaya pregnant women can use milk, honey and butter in small quantities. As the honey belongs to the category of allergens, it would be better if the baby’s body will be less subject to the influence of drugs.

There is a belief that a cold is a signal to the human body that it needs rest. Therefore, with the purpose of prevention, pay attention to your daily routine, and give him more time to rest.

Eat only natural foods with a high content of vitamins and minerals. Exercise and quenched body. If you will regularly follow these recommendations, cycloferon you do not need, because there is no the cold will not overcome.

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