The smell of unpleasant vaginal, discharge with an unpleasant smell, sour smelling discharge in women

The presence of infection in women often gives an unpleasant smell from the vagina. If the microflora in the norm, and the smell is very weak, almost imperceptible. Often the infection it gives it. Why do I get the smell? This is the result of the activity of small living organisms, caught in the sex organs and multiply there. Therefore, every woman should pay attention to this problem.


Of course, an unpleasant smell from the vagina is not the only sign of infection. Can be itchy, suspicious discharge or burning sensation of the genitals. The smell is not always a symptom of inflammation. In women there are disorders in metabolic processes and increased secretions of the glands. Consider the main causes of odor from the vagina.

  1. Vaginal dysbiosis – reducing the number of beneficial bacteria and increase harmful leads to the fact that you receive the aroma of spoiled fish from the vagina.
  2. The metabolic disorders can also manifest itself by the smell of fish.
  3. Gardnerellosis – occurs on the grounds of violation of the normal composition of the vaginal flora. For him the characteristic flavor of the fish.
  4. Bacterial vaginosis is another condition in which starts to smell of fish.
  5. Trichomoniasis – the disease caused by a small parasite Trichomonas. The activity of this bacteria in the vagina causes a foamy discharge with a strong odor.
  6. Thrush – a fungal infection causing discomfort in the area of the genitals and in addition white discharge with a sour smell of onions.
  7. Inflammatory disease passing in women’s reproductive organs (salpingitis, vaginitis, oophoritis, adnexitis) can be accompanied by foul-smelling discharge from the vagina.
  8. STDs, for example gonorrhea, can cause bad aromas.
  9. Hormonal disruptions, depression or age-related changes in some women, affect selection, and they start to smell like onions.
  10. Increased intake of onion, too, can sometimes be the cause.
  11. Urinary incontinence contributes to the appearance of the smell. It happens in women of Mature age, when the sphincter is weakened.
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When the smell from the vagina occurs for unclear reasons, the urgent need to seek the advice of a gynecologist.

Sometimes after a month gets a bad smell from the vagina. Why is this happening? The reason may be the bacteria developing on the thick spotting. Failure to replace women strips provides a good ground for pathogens. Such neglect can result in serious treatment.

After childbirth women occur the selection, similar to menstruation. Gradually, they become lighter and disappear. If the released mass is starting to smell like rot, thickens and becomes dark in color, possible inflammation of the endometrium. This occurs when the birth took place with complications. In such circumstances, emergency treatment is necessary.

Happen inflammatory processes in the area of the genitals in children. Then appeared an unpleasant smell from the vagina indicates skidding of infectious, foreign body, or a helminth infection.

In some women, problems occur during pregnancy. Why would that happen? Just in this period, the immunity weakens and the bacteria becoming active. The variant with the worsening of chronic pathologies. It is better to consult the doctor and he will prescribe a safe treatment with minimal consequences to the fetus.


To remove unpleasant odor, sometimes it is enough to observe daily hygiene, eat less onions and spicy dishes. If urinary incontinence from age-related changes, may help the everyday hygiene products for women.

For each of the diseases need its own treatment plan. The doctor will determine the nature of the infection by smear and blood women.

So under suspicious frothy discharge and itching of the genitals may prescribe antimicrobial treatment. Diseases arising from the ingestion of parasitic fungi are treated with antifungal drugs. In case of serious genital infections, the doctor will prescribe antiviral medications.

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If you have unpleasant smell from the vagina, it self-treatment is unacceptable. It often leads to a transition process in the chronic stage. Besides the further development of inflammation may lead to irreversible consequences.

In the period of intensive treatment necessary to strictly adhere to the rules of hygiene, to use an increased amount of fluid, wear underwear made from natural material.