The separation of white women during pregnancy, before menstruation

Causes of vaginal discharge can be like this:

  • thick;
  • liquid;
  • mucous membranes;
  • watery;
  • stretching;
  • cereals;
  • clots.

Do not forget that there is a selection of the girls is natural, not causing a concern, and there are those that need to pay attention to, especially before menstruation, and be sure to be examined by a doctor.

Shades selections and there are several of their colors:

  • white;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • reddish.

The most common white discharge in women.

What can be discharge in women

The cause of the discharge was varied. They can be in time:

  • puberty;
  • ovulation;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • hormonal failure;
  • the occurrence of any disease;
  • the development of infection;
  • before menstruation;
  • hormonal medications.

They have certain colors. They also come in unscented or with him.

Due to the lack of a regular sexual partner are formed of mucous, cereal or as a result of negligent attitude to the antibiotics. Selection of girls can be after a stressful situations that negatively tell on women’s health.


Before puberty girls should not be discharge. If they appeared with 10 to 12 years of age and have the color, smell, this indicates a malfunction of the hormonal glands or organs of the digestive tract, urogenital tract.

A year before the appearance of menstruation can be liquid vaginal discharge of white color. They represent a transition of the body to another hormonal condition. Sometimes they become yellow and slimy. Some notice the presence of a sour odor. This discharge before menstrual period is able to protect the vagina from various pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Also at this time noticed pain in the breast. They are accompanied by discharge and no smell of them in moderation. This should not be burning sensation, itching in the vagina that lead to inflammation of its walls.

If the discharge is not white and green, you should immediately seek the advice of a doctor. Work hormonal glands broken.

Menstrual cycle

Once the period of menstruation, special allocations will not be. They appear in the middle of the cycle and can be translucent and slimy. Their number is moderate. Before menstruation, they become liquid, but their tint does not change. This indicates normal functioning of hormonal glands in women. The volume of secretion per day should not exceed 2 ml. Wet spot on the underwear appears at the end of the day and dries dark.

If girls miss a period and white discharge from the vagina and breast, then it may indicate hormonal failure or the presence of infection.

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Before treatment should consult doctor for full examination.


Some women try to determine the ovulation period the easy way is to monitor the discharge. Absolute guarantee he does not. It is better to consult a doctor.

The ovulation period begins immediately after menses and ends about the middle of the cycle. At this time there are mucous white discharge from the vagina. Sometimes there are pain in the abdomen. This is due to the release of an egg.

If instead during ovulation appeared yellow or any other color, it indicates different pathologies the birth canal or cervix. In this case, are examined, after which the doctor prescribes treatment. Allocation in the form of blood clots before or after menstruation should be of concern. Sometimes it is a sign of developing cancer.

After ovulation there should be no discharge. It is especially necessary to watch for this for women planning pregnancy.

Who already had menopause, ovulation period, there was a slight yellow discharge or white shade. They come in the form of clots or cheesy with a strong unpleasant odor. There are nagging pain in region of ovaries. The body is not yet fully adjusted to the new hormones. Usually doctors prescribe the medication with the use of adjuvant drugs.

If during the period of ovulation, when women have menopause, there is a standard white natural secretions yellow or pink, it could be a sign of the presence of hormone dependent cancer.

Also during ovulation observed pain in the breast gland.


Some girls concerned about a thick white discharge during pregnancy. They begin in the early stages. Most often, their causes are based on hormonal changes and restructuring of the body. But do not forget that a white discharge in women, especially during pregnancy, can indicate the development of candidiasis (thrush).

If in the first case, with time allocation to acquire a green tint, and the woman feels discomfort (burning and itching), the second is a simple cheesy discharge during pregnancy.

You must visit a gynecologist who will prescribe a suitable treatment.

Early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy with her first days there are vaginal discharge is white and thick. Sometimes they come in the form of mucus or clots. This indicates normal operation of hormonal glands in the process of restructuring of the body. They can be:

  • abundant;
  • moderate.
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It all depends on how much increased amount of the hormone progesterone. He is responsible for the safety of the fetus, especially in the early stages. These white discharge create a mucous plug which protects the fetus and placenta from the penetration of germs and infections. Natural «alert» about the beginning of labor – the output of this tube.

If it came out in the early stages of pregnancy, it is a sign of disease and early preterm birth. The normal term of pregnancy 38-39 weeks. In some cases, it reaches 41 weeks.

These highlight the white color will be visible during the entire first trimester. After that, they become watery. Virtually transparent. The main thing that they have not changed its color and had no smell.

Allowed white discharge during pregnancy in a limited number. If they have acquired a completely different character and changed the color, then you need to visit a doctor. Not turning in time for help, you can harm the health of the unborn child.

Spotting during pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy can be not only in the early stages. Quite often they are observed in the second trimester. This testifies to the low attachment of the fetus. It is located on the wall of the uterine fundus. The placenta at this time is located near the entrance to the cervix and partially or completely covers the cervical canal. As a result, the children’s place can’t stretch. At the beginning of the allocation spotting. Over time, they become rich.

Even if the placenta during pregnancy is correctly highlighting the red hue may be, they appear as a result of its regional detachment.

At this time, forbidden any physical activity. You need to get an ultrasound. This kind of photo of fetus. The doctor assigned medication and bed rest.

Brown discharge

Highlight brown during pregnancy can appear in the early stages, and on the second, third trimester. After the body began to realign your hormones can be minor infractions.

Do not worry in that case, if allocation commences on the day when they should start menstruating. Their normally takes 1-2 daily strip. Also at this time, there are nagging pains in the abdomen and discharge from the breast.

If the discharge is abundant and there is red blood, you should consult a doctor who will do appropriate tests and prescribe treatment. Especially in the early stages. All this is fraught with negative consequences.

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Pink discharge in pregnancy

Quite often women who before pregnancy diagnosed with cervical erosion poppies, in the early stages and after examination the gynecologist can appear vaginal discharge pink hue. Treatment in such cases is not assigned. They pass themselves.

If they are rich and already began to acquire a red tint, then you should immediately visit a gynecologist.

Infectious diseases in pregnancy

In this case, the allocation can be in the early stages, and in any subsequent trimesters. They vary in color:

  • white;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • brown.


  • watery;
  • mucous membranes.

Accompanied by an unpleasant odor and pain in the abdomen. There is white patches in the vagina. These are signs of purulent infection, which is formed after the wrong hormonal drugs, poor personal hygiene or transmitted due to intercourse.

Appear cheesy white discharge from the vagina. Then they become yellow. After that, green or brown. But it is only when timely treatment. Especially dangerous infections for a period of approximately 20 weeks, when the fetus is developing effectively. Sometimes they are accompanied by secretions from the breast greenish color.

If white discharge during pregnancy appeared in the early stages of pregnancy, that prompt treatment can save the fetus from infection. Start of disease is not necessary. In some cases, the woman then can no longer have children.


The allocation, which indicate the presence of infection, can be not only during pregnancy, ovulation, but in any other period of life. Instead of white appear green or yellow. It shows:

  • about a venereal disease;
  • about yeast infections (candidiasis) and other things.

Their color they do not change, but are characterized by the presence of an unpleasant smell:

  • sour;
  • fish;
  • rotten.

Is a white coating in the vagina, which leads to:

  • itching;
  • burning;
  • pain in region of ovaries;
  • redness of the external genitalia.

You should immediately consult a doctor for examination.